What Kind of Love Do You Want?

Aries kind of love - the kind that sweeps you off your feet by the sheer speed of it, the kind that will transform nighttime from a time of sleep to a time of adventures, the kind that will leave you breathless from the aggressiveness, from the unabashed, unfiltered desire and passion it brings, the kind that feels like nobody can ever touch you two

Taurus kind of love - the kind of love full of sensuality, gifts, and romance; where touch is worship and devotion is daily, where you’ll never have to doubt your royalty for there is an unconditionally loyal knight at your feet, the kind of love that is so velvety and soft, like climbing into a king bed, lying on silk sheets in a warm robe, the kind of love that is classic and idolized

Gemini kind of love - the kind of love full of laughter and wit, the kind of laughter where tomorrow has no promise except for one another, where every part of you is matched by your partner, the kind of love with eyes staring at you in endless fascination, the kind of love where you create your very own languages of inside jokes and references; the love that will never suffocate you

Cancer kind of love - the kind of love that is coming home on a long day, the kind of love that’s nuzzling your face into your lovers neck, the kind that is so warm and forgiving and nurturing, the kind that will never turn you away, the kind that soothes all your ailments, that will answer your call at 3 in the morning, a love that you will be grateful your entire lifetime

Leo kind of love - the kind of love that brings the entire sun into your life, the kind of love that makes your heart more full than you could ever imagine that you want to weep from happiness, ‘you and me against the world’ and you believe it, the find-sticky-notes-everywhere kind of love, love that is so encompassing your grandchildren will pray for one of the same

Virgo kind of love - the kind of love of devotion to the tiniest details, the kind where they buy you the gift you mentioned offhandedly eight months ago, the kind of love that brings breakfast in bed without question, the kind that will memorize your favorite way to be stroked on the back, the kind of love that will know you down to the deepest layers of your self

Libra kind of love - the kind of love that they write about in romance novels, the kind of love you don’t think is true until it happens to you, the kind of love that has you dancing in their arms around your kitchen, designer kind of love - high quality, luxurious, and the envy of everyone else, a fair kind of love, interested in preserving harmony of your soul above all

Scorpio kind of love -  the kind of love that brings forth unconscious desires and fulfills them; love that has turned your world upside down since day one, love worth drowning for, worth all the pain in the world for a chance of tomorrow, love that will push you to do what you have never done for anyone else, and will never do again; love you can never escape

Sagittarius kind of love - the kind of love where you never have to be alone in your head again, the do some silly pose in front of the cameras of a rollercoaster kind of love, the kind of love where they would shoot down a star for you, the kind of love that must have some element of mystical, the kind of love that began when the stars were born and will last until they die

Capricorn kind of love - the kind of love that would build you a home with their own hands just so every single one of your dreams was fulfilled, the kind of love that will stand besides you through hell and brimstone, the kind of love that will promise you everything and give it all, the love that is so empowering that even if it ends you never forget how they uplifted you

Aquarius kind of love - the kind of love that makes you believe the entire cosmos can fit in a person, the kind of love where exploration never ends, the kind of love that will force you out of complacency, love that touches you so deeply their imprint lasts for thousands of reincarnations, the kind of love that has no pretenses, that will understand you again and again

Pisces kind of love - the kind of love that will make it impossible for anyone after to follow up, the kind of love that drowns you in honey and kisses, the kind of love you write poetry for and seal the paper with a kiss, love that must have been made by the gods themselves for nothing mortal could have made something so ethereal and encompassing

the signs as philosophical movements

Aries: Machiaviellanism - the denial of the relevance of morality, holding the view that any means can be used if it is necessary to maintain power.
Taurus: Epicureanism - the pursuit of pleasure, above all. 
Gemini: Existentialism - the belief that there is no universal “meaning of life”, the individual is free to create his own meaning and build his character from his actions. 
Cancer: Idealism  - the idea that the material world and reality merely is a product of consciousness, sensation, imagination and perception.
Leo: Solipsism - the belief that the self is all there is, that everything else just is a product of their perception.
Virgo: Skepticism -  a way of life devoted to inquiry, investigation and doubt: always questioning the certainity of things.
Libra: Dualism - the belief that everything is made up of polarity and can be sorted into two categories (such as body and mind, good and evil) which cannot exist without one another.
Scorpio: Nihilism - denial of the existence of any “truths”, holding the belief that life is ultimately meaningless.
Sagittarius: Empiricism - the belief that true wisdom comes from experience.
Capricorn: Stoicism -  emphasizes the discipline and mastery of the emotions in order to reach a wiser, rational, and peaceful mindset.
Aquarius: Surrealism - the rejection of the rational, the negation of the normal; celebrating contradiction, the imagination and the bizzare.
Pisces: Romanticism - emphasis on strong emotion and receptiveness, celebrating the imagination, the transcendental and the supreme value of art.

Aries: You need to learn to accept things as they are. The glory days may have been golden, but we’re still here. There are still good times to be had. You just need to focus on the now. Focus on what could be.

Taurus: You will find recovery again. You will get better. This darkness has to end at some point, right? The sadness will fade like it always does. There will be better tomorrows, we just have to get through the bad today’s.

Gemini: You’re more than the sum of your past. More than people who made you. More than the people who gave you those scars. You have every right to be angry and hurt. But you also have every right to grow beyond this.

Cancer: The hard memories will pass. The bad times will pass. Things will recover again. Things will level back to normal again. We will find calm. You just have to breath through this. You can survive anything 5 minutes at a time

Leo: Where’s your back bone? Where’s your fire? I need to see that fight in your eyes so I know we can survive this. I need you right now so please. Don’t give up. You are a true warrior my dear.

Virgo: Stop circling backwards. Stop opening up doors to your past every time you get lonely. Stop going back to something that never brought you any good to begin with. Stop returning to the scene of your greatest crime.

Libra: You’re not a dead body stop acting like it. Stop laying there and just letting shit happen around you. Stop just accepting the way things are. You’ve become complacent. Don’t let them take the one thing you always had. Don’t let them take your will.

Scorpio: lay down your weapons. No ones trying to hurt you. Maybe lower your walls a little and let someone else slip in. We just want to take care of you. We just want to make sure you’re good. We’re not the enemy here love. Never were.

Sagittarius: be careful, sometimes reputations are well deserved. Sometimes someone warning of bruises is just trying to avoid you getting hurt. Be careful who you listen to and trust, not everyone is as they seem.

Capricorn: let go of your pride and stubbornness for once. Stop hiding behind excuses and step up. I know it’s scary. I know it’s hard. I know the darkness is swallowing you whole. But it’s time to step up. Time to stand.

Aquarius: You can’t grab on to something new if you keep clinging to your past babe. You keep looking behind you as if there’s some secret to life back there. I promise you you’ve learned every lesson. I’m sorry they aren’t here to still teach you. But you will pull through. Eyes forward

Pisces: are the ghosts to much for you to? It’s okay to admit. You’ve got a lot of skeletons in your closet. A lot of friends and family in graveyards ya know? It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to miss them. We’ll sit in the darkness till you’re okay to come home

Is your sign a toughie or a softie?

Acts like a toughie, is a toughie: Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Acts like a toughie, is a softie: Leo, Gemini, Scorpio

Acts like a softie, is a toughie: Virgo, Aquarius, Libra

Acts like a softie, is a softie: Taurus, Pisces, Cancer

Love in 2019.

Aries: in 2019, someone is going to become your muse. you’re going to realize that you could not spend your life without this person. they’ve been in your life for a long time, though. you just haven’t seen it. you’re going to have this hit you very hard and fast, but soon it’s going to blossom into something beautiful.

Taurus: in 2019, you have to let go of what is holding you back in order to find love. let go of the person that keeps giving you false hope so that you can finally have what you’ve been waiting for. you’re deserving of it. stop convincing yourself that someone is perfect for you if they don’t want to put in the same amount of effort as you do. learn to only give love to people who are deserving of your energy.

Gemini: in 2019, you are going to meet someone completely new. at first, you might actually hate them for some psychological reason that you can’t conceptualize. but, you’ll find that this person has the same humor and thoughts as you. you’ll end up being mesmerized by them and soon you’ll be spending every waking moment thinking about them or being with them.

Cancer: in 2019, at first you may have many questions when it comes to love. you might have a few flings or you might be embracing the single life. but, towards the middle of this year someone will come and brighten up your world. you are going to fall in love, deeper than you ever have. romance will ignite a fire within you and you’ll find your heart dancing to the song that it brings.

Leo: in 2019, your love life is going to become stable. whether you’re in a relationship now or not, by the end of this year you will have something consistent. this might seem surprising, because maybe you were always scared of the thought of commitment or you think maybe you’ll always get bored, but that’s not the case. the person coming along this year will be everything you didn’t know you needed.

Virgo: in 2019, love is going to come to you when you’re not even thinking about it. you’re often so busy that someone being interested in you is very hard to notice. but the love coming to you is going to be hard to ignore. you’ll finally be admired in a way that helps you to keep your independence while also giving you everything you need.

Libra: in 2019, love is going to come to you in many forms. maybe in a relationship, but also in friendships, a career, or just in day to day life. you’ll begin to love your life and inspire the right things to come to you. when I see you this year, I picture you filled with so much love that you are about to burst. it could be in any way you choose to see it.

Scorpio: in 2019, you will learn to love yourself before you love anyone else. that may not be what you want to hear, but listen. until you are able to believe in yourself and that you are okay alone, the purest form of romance will not come your way. but you will figure it out this year, and you will find love by the end. you just have to focus on yourself first.

Sagittarius: in 2019, you’re going to find a love that brings your walls down. it could already be in your life, but you just haven’t let yourself be vulnerable quite yet. this year is your year of letting yourself be happy and in love. all the secrets and things you’ve kept in for years are going to come pouring out.

Capricorn: in 2019, you’re going to find a best friend. at first, this friendship will seem nothing but innocent, you’ll crack jokes and talk to each other about life. after a while though, you’ll gain feelings for them and be thinking about them quite a lot. it’ll be a very big surprise to you, but you’re going to find that falling in love with your best friend is the best way that things could’ve gone.

Aquarius: in 2019, love is on the horizon. whatever love you have in your life right now, is going to rise to lengths you’ve never seen it be. additionally, there will be people entering your life that you never knew you needed. life will seem way more peaceful and hopeful with them around. you will end up having many people around you who have pure and great intentions.

Pisces: in 2019, you’ll stop fearing love. you will let it come to you, I suspect it will be earlier in the year. and when it comes, you will have the deepest talks that you’ve been seeking. you’ll have someone want to learn about you just as you want to learn about them. it will be pure, it will be happy, and it won’t be as scary as you might’ve thought. this love will feel safe.

The signs aesthetics

(check your sun, moon, and rising)

Aries: bright red lipstick, combat boots, a night city lit by neon lights, wrestling with your friends, mona lisa’s smile, wondering if someone thinks about you, fairy lights, baseball bats, biting into a fresh apple, converse, doodling in class, stained glass windows, fields of daises, making snow angels

Taurus: forest fairies, strolling though an orange grove on a warm day, mossy rocks, singing into your hairbrush, wild horses, fluffy socks, fresh baked cookies, dark lipstick, orange sunsets, polaroids, soft bunnies, laughing so hard you cant breathe, placing succulents everywhere

Gemini: clouds, writing in the air with sparklers, fruit trees, stargazing with a best friend, minimalist art, carefully stepping around delicate flowers, old records, rainbows, watching people in a busy city, listening to music in the shower, iced lemonade, violets, getting lost in happy memories, typewriters

Cancer: a mediterranean breeze, peaches, holding you breath as long as you can, dangling your feet over a watery cliff, angels wings, shy smiles, fields of lavender, laughing at old photos, sunlight glistening off water, drinking tea and staring out a rainy window

Leo: diamond earrings, feeling the warmth of a bonfire, entertaining your friends and loved ones, bright early mornings, giving flowers to your favorite person, reading for hours, milkshakes, wondering how many places you’ll go, gold glitter, rollerblading, heart shaped sunglasses

Virgo: the london skyline, cheering for your friends, floral patterns, beautiful hair, riding a bike down an old brick street, finding the perfect candle, a peaceful yellow house on a hill, silk dresses flowing in the wind, watching the fog roll in off the sea, reading into the early hours of the morning, snuggling in an oversized sweater

Libra: pastel smoke bombs, picking sunflowers at dawn, falling in love with the moment every time your friends laugh, tea with milk and sugar, a cat basking in the suns rays, bubble baths, freeze dried roses, holographic paint, sleeping under a skylight, the babble of a coffee shop, collecting stickers to put on your laptop

Scorpio: a shadowy forest, setting off firecrackers at midnight, fluffy white cats, pink rain boots, falling asleep to the sound of a storm, wearing multiple bracelets, hiking with your buddies, knowing what people are thinking just by looking at them, a mysterious crystal ball, taking hot hour long showers, watching smoke rise

Sagittarius: wandering though the woods, wishing on shooting stars, tall evergreen trees poking though heavy fog, multicolored sunsets, hugging your best friend after not seeing them for awhile, paint stained hands, an old grand piano, fishing in a creek, kicking a rock down the road as you walk, a bouquet of tulips, large windows with drawn back curtains

Capricorn: sage, 80s blazers, being stuck after sitting in a leather seat for too long, roadmaps scattered around, staring in awe at someones eyes, tall gates on a graveyard, bird watching, waking up in a new city, walking through a greenhouse, the scent of old books, getting lost in your favorite music

Aquarius: jelly shoes, admiring a child’s wonder, looking though a thrift shop for hours, sitting on a sidewalk watching people as they go by, knit socks, collecting plastic shopping bags, house plants, wearing odd colors of nail polish, standing on a tall building and taking a deep breath, ivy crawling up a garden wall,

Pisces: daydreaming, walking though a field barefoot, closing your eyes and listening to the sound of a waterfall, clear puddles, chocolate milk, moonlight shimmering off the ocean, getting lost in a garden of flowers, a ships sails, sea foam, dandelions growing out of the sidewalk, crystals, betta fish

Moon & Mars: Experiencing Emotions and Expressing Them

Our moon placements speaks to the inner dialogue of how we feel and experience emotions. However, emotional expressions can manifest in our Mars placement when experiencing raw and strong emotions. This creates an interesting dynamic between moon and Mars; the moon can explain the basic instincts when it comes to interpreting feelings while Mars is how we may act it out. 

Below is how these two placements may be portrayed elementally wise when it comes to ones emotional state vs how they may unleash that to the world. 

Fire moon ☽ (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-

Fire moons experience emotions quickly. Emotions can be like a wave, it hits them hard but can disappear just as quickly as it surfaced. However, when strong emotions come they are okay with experiencing and owning it. Their passionate minds make it easier for them to feel defensive when the ego is under attack. They can be prone to having their emotional state eat up their entire mind if expression is not released. 

+ Fire Mars ♂️: A combination of fire moon and fire Mars means strong emotions surface fast and are openly expressed. They own what they are feeling and aren’t as concern as how it may come across at first. They are probably the most honest about how they feel even if the execution isn’t ideal.

+ Earth Mars ♂️: A combination of fire moon and earth Mars means they take the raw emotions they are feeling and try to make practical use out of it. The energy gained from emotions can be expressive more productively. They may struggle with the contradictions these elements bring because their fire moon calls for impulsivity, but their earth Mars makes them patient with it.

+ Air Mars ♂️: A combination of fire moon and air Mars means they sit on their emotions before expressing them outwardly. They can take their spontaneous emotions and intellectualize them quicker than others. They are very adaptable to the situation their emotions may have brought them in, but because their fire moons they may need to make damage control a priority. 

+ Water Mars ♂️: A combination of fire moon and water Mars means they are well aware with how they are feeling, but don’t want to admit it to others. They are strongly invested with their emotions, but are afraid with how others will view them so expression is passive. However, they are like a boiling pot of water, eventually get them heated enough they will burst. 

Earth moon ☽ (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)-

Earth moons have the tendency to suppress emotions in favor of a more practical view. They aren’t emotionless but may come across stoic or indifferent. They seek stability for themselves and others as well so when that is threaten they may feel the most discomfort with their emotions. It takes a lot for them to be honest with emotions and often only shares them with those deemed worthy enough. 

+ Fire Mars ♂️:  A combination of earth moon and fire Mars means they put their emotions into passion and have a strong drive. They handle pain and hurt with productivity, but it may not apparent to others as to why they are behaving the way they are. They may battle with themselves of holding high standards to itheir emotions while craving the desire of it being shown to others. 

+ Earth Mars ♂️: A combination of earth moon and earth Mars means they come off as well discipline and hard to sway. This can be intimidating or even inspiring to some. They can have the most control over their emotions and how they are executed. However, they can be the most dishonest about their feelings to themselves and others. 

+ Air Mars ♂️:  A combination of earth moon and Air Mars means they have strong control of emotions and knows how to execute them in a smart and polished way. It takes a lot for them to show aggression and sometimes the way they talk about emotions may seem robotic and rehearsed. Their air Mars allows their more stubborn earth minds to be adaptable in this area as well.

+ Water Mars ♂️: A combination of earth moon and water Mars means they struggle being direct with their feelings. They will hold back sharing them and then dance around the truth when it needs to be released. However, it can be scary once tested too far because of how important they take guarding themselves and others they love. 

Air moon ☽ (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)-

Air moons hold emotions to the same standard as oxygen: they know it’s there but they don’t need to really acknowledge its presence. With this standard it can make an air moon feel like they need to intellectualize their emotions so they hold validity. When they actively think about them then it consumes them. Emotional state become unideal when communication is rough with others and they feel others have grown disdain for them.  

+ Fire Mars ♂️: A combination of air moon and Fire Mars means the moment their emotions override their control it may be expressed abruptly and unrefined. This can create frustration for them, however they are adept individuals who can get out of the situation they may have created by mistake. They are also skilled in making the outcome desirable for themselves when conflict is resolved. 

+ Earth Mars ♂️: A combination of air moon and earth Mars means they might not communicate all their emotions which could be a good thing cause they say what’s necessary. They have strong filters and are hard to break. They are observant from their air moon which is a resource that the earth Mars utilizes to end tension. 

+ Air Mars ♂️: A combination of air moon and air Mars means they come off as more graceful with emotions. They can communicate them to be viewed as attractive so it may be received well. This isn’t without consequence however for they may be the most detached to their emotions. They may think a thousand words, but not all of them will be acknowledged and expressed. 

+ Water Mars ♂️: A combination of air moon and water Mars means once the emotions have been analyzed they know how to strategically use them to their advantage. Gaining sympathy is their talent, but they do recognize others feelings. Though this should all be taken account after they are honest with themselves and are brave enough to confront it.

Water moon ☽ (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)-

Water moon experience emotions deeper and can understand the layers and complexity it brings. While their strength is admirable, their weakness is holding emotions in until it becomes too much to handle. This isn’t because they avoid emotions, it is the conflicts they may cause to those around they don’t want. Emotions guide what they would and should do. Emotions becomes too much to handle when they feel they are being treated poorly.  

+ Fire Mars ♂️:  A combination of water moon and fire Mars means they navigate life with emotions more openly. Their fire Mars encourage their water moon to let the floodgate open which can be refreshing and necessary for them. Though the lack of premeditation may cause the results they don’t desire. 

+ Earth Mars ♂️: A combination of water moon and earth Mars means they value comfort and stability in their emotions greatly and when it becomes disturbed is when they will act on it. They don’t want to be seen as uncomposed so they shed their strong emotions through a shakey voice. They have to fight their imagination in these situations in order to prove they are realistic beings. 

+ Air Mars ♂️: A combination of water moon and air Mars means they will hide their emotions until somebody makes them show it. They can manipulate the situation in their favor. On the flip side, an individual who is more developed with these placements may use this power to understand others emotions better. Their air Mars refines what they are thinking before it’s expressed as well. 

+ Water Mars ♂️: A combination of water moon and water Mars means they intuitive with emotions, but struggle with showing the more negative ones. They don’t suppress them they just don’t want them to escalate drama. They be more likely to deal with their emotional state alone because of this. When feelings are expressed to other the result can be the most devastating to see because of how expressive they become. 

the signs grouped

taurus, cancer, libra, saggitarius: mom friend of each element, equally craves balance and excitement, can have lots of emotions but don’t always express them in the best way, always unsure of where to focus their energy, indulgent in expensive or nice things

capricorn, scorpio, gemini, aries: the self-proclaimed badasses of each element, intense energy, work hard, can be hard to read emotionally, typically full of interesting things to say and blunt playful/witty banter

virgo, pisces, aquarius, leo: the independent signs of each element, introspective, tends to live in their own world, a lot of energy focused on the self, usually does things a bit differently, wants to stand out

THE SIGNS AS I KNOW THEM (excuse the shade):

ARIES: sometimes intimidating, extremely confident people with crazy desire to share their opinions and ideas with the world, massive flirts, loud mouths, independent and super funny. They tend to hide away their true feelings and pretend they don’t care about anything. Intriguing personality that can make anyone fall in love with them almost immediately.

TAURUS: perssistent, easily manipulated, great listeners, romantic —low-key would do anything for their loved one—, classy and natural beauty and sense of style. They associate friends with family. Fun to be around yet stubborn and independent. They love learning new stuff.

GEMINI: artistic —even if they aren’t artists—, big eyes filled with joy and hope, whimsical minds, bad puns that somehow sound hilarious when they tell them, exotic minds, witty —they know something about everything and have a large range of information and facts—, actually loyal. Can be a little over-dramatic but that doesn’t mean they’re lying. Usually stereotyped as two-faced but in reality they are just honest —thing that bothers people—.

CANCER: trying to seem arrogant, overwhelmed almost all the time, in need of attention and approval, artsy —they’re aesthetically pleasing and have good taste in all kinds of art—, secretive before they know they can trust you, shy when it comes to confessing love, trying to be something they’re clearly not. They handle criticism with sarcastic humor; they know they’re better than you.

LEO: doesn’t need approval from anyone in anything, goal-oriented, can make their way out of any kind of situation by simply using their charm and intelligence, uses a variety of memes to describe their feelings. They don’t easily fall in love but when they do you’ll know it’s real. #extra without even trying. CONFIDENT.

VIRGO: resting bitch face but deep down sensitive and caring for those who are close to their heart, grammar cops, pretty sexual —pretty much—, party animals at night, robots functioning on caffeine during the day. Minimalistic sense of style that reflects the art of simplicity in which they strongly belive just like aliens belive in taking over the world. (This description is a mess but so they are sometimes. Shh, you don’t know it from here).

LIBRA: fashion masters, goofy and weird, the real trash talkers just because they’re bored and, honestly, better than you. Overall peace-makers and cheesy. Cute instagram feed, delicate manicure and light makeup. They know A LOT of people —sometimes it’s annoying because they bump into people they know, all the time they step outside the house—. Charming and flirtatious, showing their intelligence through fantastic humor.

SCORPIO: somehow scary —but honestly, they wouldn’t even be able to kill a fly—, too proud of themselves to admit shit they’ve done wrong, wanna be cool, actual softies, sexual creatures who can eat you alive with just their eyes. The definition of possesive. Paranoid and moody —one moment all hot and sexy, next second cooler than ice—, more intelligent than you think. They can be bold when showing affection, just because they want to warn others that you belong to them and only them.

SAGITTARIUS: rarely freaks out FOR REAL, sassy kings and queens, original, naturally born with a dramatic side that makes them extraordinare actors, passionate. They inspire by using their intellect —which btw, yes, they have haha, you haters—. Literally good at anything they do (tell me your secret, please). Showing love might be hard just because they generally feel unsure of their true feelings.

CAPRICORN: dark humor, actual selfish people who only think about themselves, masters ar stressing over minor problems, the real foodies, probably the coolest people in school/on instagram/at work —or whatever environment you’re in—, attractive in an unexplainable way. Touchy —plain and simple touchy—. Protective. Born smart. Easily hurt by negative comments but would never EVER admit it.

AQUARIUS: their charm makes them appear fake —which they might actually be, not gonna lie—, plain and simple weird, angry at their unlucky destiny, daydreamers, softies who hide their desire for true love, probably dreaming of the idea of soulmates —right now—. Their kindness usually makes them look like fools and that’s why people don’t give them credits for important stuff they make in this world. “The best friend”. Crying at movies and SUPER clumsy and awkward. Tired of being labeled as “not important” or “the cold one”; they kind of love attention.

PISCES: more selfish that you may think, attention whores and tea spillers. They want to look and act cute all the time and are hurt if someone says it looks fake. Always up to impress intriguing people they are attracted to, by using their most valuable talents. Family guys —and girls—, food lovers, sports oriented, extreme love for alcoohol. Sort of mysterious and hard to figure out. Bubbly flirts who don’t play hard to get.

Hard to excuse myself after this amount of shade but keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and, also, my personal experience with the signs. I’m an Aqua and I just called out bullshit on myself sooo… haha anyway every sign has it’s good and bad traits, view this as a chance to find out more about both of them, perhaps?? ♒️🤭

Aries: you burned your past to the ground. Let the bridges and homes you destroyed light your way out of town. Was it worth it? I’m not judging. Just asking

Taurus: not getting to succeed is not failure. Sometimes letting go of your dreams is the healthiest thing you’ve ever done.

Gemini: I am proud you survived. You should be to. The demons that keep trying to kill you have not won. Will not win. I believe in you.

Cancer: Those scars didn’t end up there by accident. They like the tattoos are stories of all the things you survived. Wear them like a badge of honor.

Leo: You did good kid. You did really good. I know you don’t hear it enough and I know me saying it won’t be enough. But you did so god damn good. I am so proud. You should be to.

Virgo: I hope you get your life together. I hope you are happy even if we never get to talk again. I hope things go easy for you. I wish you nothing but the entire world on a string.

Libra: just because people leave doesn’t mean they want to. Just because your reality breaks doesn’t make it your fault. You are trying so damn hard. I know.

Scorpio: you are not defined by the labels they stuck on you. You are not what they tell you you are. Make your own way. Fuck them and fuck the judgement. They will never understand what you survived

Sagittarius: The Graves we’ve filled of people we’ve lost pile up this time of year. Another birthday another reminder of darker times. It’ll get better

Capricorn: stubborn to a fault you cling to your ignorance. I know the world is cruel and I know the world is scary. But you have razor sharp teeth. Just use them on something other then those who love you

Aquarius: They can’t get to you anymore. Stop running stop hiding. Your brain lies to you so much. They aren’t around every corner. You are safe here.

Pisces: No good thing deserves a blood sacrifice. If you find yourself bleeding repeatedly over someone then it’s time to walk away. I’m sorry

This weeks zodiac

november lessons

aries: think before you react, you may not be seeing the whole story. people aren’t always cruel and out to get you. you need to see all sides before developing an opinion.

taurus: breathe and let love in. don’t stay guarded when things feel right. you need to be open to loving and being loved.

gemini: don’t stay in your bubble, branch out. there are endless amounts of people who would love to get to know you if you just stretched outside of your comfort zone. 

cancer: be yourself, unapologetically. you don’t have to change yourself in order for people to love you, or feel like you have to fake a version of yourself in order to be loved.

leo: don’t make yourself feel worse than you have to. things may not be going right, but don’t make yourself endlessly worry. you can’t stop things from happening, but you have control over how you handle them. 

virgo: don’t be so secretive about the things going on in your head. more people care than you think.

libra: watch out for yourself. things aren’t always as they seem and you can’t trust people so easily, especially when your gut is telling you  that something is off.

scorpio: don’t let others water you down. you are intense and passionate in the most magical of ways, it would be a shame to let other people take that from you.

sagittarius: be cautious. don’t make decisions too quickly, make sure you are thinking things through before jumping into something that could change your whole life.

capricorn: embrace change and let the negativity of the past go. you don’t have to live in it forever. 

aquarius: the more you think, the more your mind wanders into places it shouldn’t. remember to take a deep breath and get out of your head when you find yourself wandering too far. 

pisces: if you don’t have hope, you have nothing. don’t ever lose the fire that kept you going in the first place. it will get better. 

The Dark Side of the Venus Signs

Not often does the astrology community discuss the negative traits of each Venus sign as Venus is often romanticized. We all carry a dark side when it comes to romance. None of us are perfect but awareness of our behaviors and actions can provide improvement and growth.

Venus in Aries: Aries Venusians tend to fall in love very quickly, often causing their romantic interests to become hesitant to continue the relationship. Those with Venus in Aries also enjoy any relationship that challenges them such as individuals already in relationships, individuals who do not share the same feelings, or individuals who are reluctant, need time, or space, and this can usually lead to dangerous persistence or major heartbreak.. or both. Those with Venus in Aries do not know how to give up when it comes to someone they adore because rejection and surrender makes them feel weak and powerless. They need to be in control. They feel the need to “win”, but at the same time, they tend to flee or express rebellion if a relationship ever does become serious.

Venus in Taurus: They are sensual beings - in constant need of some form of physical stimulation and a desire to acquire people, places, and things as their own. This is essentially their downfall. They attach themselves to others in an attempt to gain comfort and security, often holding onto people or things long after they have left or have worn down. Their attachment issues often lead to possessiveness, jealousy, and issues with valuing themselves and others. Once they are set on something, it can take them a long time to let go and move along. They are doomed to repeat this pattern of only finding value in themselves through their possessions until they learn self-love and self-worth.

Venus in Gemini: When boredom strikes, they look to a new direction.. And it doesn’t take much to bore them. For this reason, it is difficult for them to settle down completely. This isn’t necessarily their fault or anyone else’s, but they are very high maintenance and it can be difficult to decipher what they want or what they will do next. Sometimes, they don’t know what to do themselves. Gemini Venusians require intellectual stimulation, unpredictable fun, and a good bit of freedom and adventure to remain in a stable relationship. They can be entirely superficial and can seem emotionally immature due to their tendency to run from their more serious feelings. They need someone with patience, intelligence, and broad humor to guide and stimulate them.

Venus in Cancer: The thing about Cancer Venusians is that they expect everyone to automatically know how they feel even if they do not express their feelings aloud. They expect others to share the same intuition they have and become irritable or upset when their feelings are ignored. They are an emotional paradox never truly understanding that not everyone is as in tune to their feelings as they are. This can lead to arguments, miscommunication, disagreements, isolation, and emotional breakdowns. Like Taurus Venusians, they are also sensual beings that require comfort and security, so they can seem overbearing to those who are not as in touch with their feelings and their sense of empathy. 

Venus in Leo: It’s no secret that lions expect to be pampered and treated like royalty.. For this reason, their dark side can emerge in the form of egotism and laziness. They harbor high expectations but if immature or underdeveloped, they will not give the love and acknowledgement they receive. Leo Venusians could even produce dramatic stories or theatrical outbursts for attention. Attention makes them feel valued but not always will they see that others need recognition, as well. A developed Venus in Leo will realize that by giving attention and love to their partner and to their friends, they will receive healthy boosts of self-confidence and attention from doing so instead of expecting others to do all the work for them. You cannot expect a meal to come to you all the time.. You must hunt for it.

Venus in Virgo: Virgos are detail-oriented, helpful, and insightful. There isn’t anything they miss and no one they won’t help.. but this can prove to be an issue. Their focus on detail and their need for perfectionism makes them the perfect candidates to pick apart every flaw not only in themselves but in others, as well. They may believe they are doing a service to those they try to “help” or “improve” even if the people they assist never asked for their guidance and service. They have a tendency to pin themselves and others to a specific standard that is unrealistic. They must work on being supportive rather than controlling. They can still fuel their need to help others and “organize” the lives of their friends and their romantic interests but only when they are asked to do so.

Venus in Libra: Libras are known for being superficial with a hyperfixation for beauty and refinement, but what is normally overlooked is their need to feel accepted and admired by others. They may seem egotistical and shallow when in reality, they care more about what others think of them than they let on and this is usually their downfall. They may apologize too much for the smallest of messes or inconsistencies with their appearance and they may ask for approval and advice regarding their attire quite often. They value the opinions of others more than they value their own, which is something they need to work on. Their search for beauty cannot be found through others.. They must learn to accept their own unique appeal.

Venus in Scorpio: Those with Venus in Scorpio love deeply and passionately. Their intense feelings can turn into obsession, jealousy, and possessiveness. Even when they gain control of their “dark” behaviors, others can still find them to be over the top because of how violently emotional they are. They will not rest until they are intertwined with the souls of those they love and cherish. They NEED intimacy so deep that it will transform them and birth them into a new being. They are not everyone’s cup of tea - they can be too strong, too bitter, or too sweet. Too much of something but never not enough.

Venus in Sagittarius: Wild at heart, Sagittarius Venusians have trouble settling down. This does not necessarily pertain to commitment in relationships, but can represent rebellion and lack of devotion in other areas, such as keeping promises, showing up to events on time, completing favors, etc. It is difficult for them to stick to something because they despise the feeling of confinement and control. They’re the kind of people to do things on their own tems; if you ask them to do a chore they already thought to do, they will no longer want to do it. This behavior also leaves them prone to procrastinating and engaging in impulsive activities. 

Venus in Capricorn: Capricorn Venusians, with their cynicism and emotional apathy, often behave as though they await disappointment in platonic and romantic relationships like it’s their destiny to be betrayed or let down. They are masters of control and of constructing people and things to suit their standards. Some will not dare settle for someone who does not have a notable and proper reputation. They’re particular about who they indulge in - either they want someone well-liked and successful or they will want to boost their own reputation by improving and changing another person and settle for someone they feel could benefit from their structured ways.. Both of these scenarios can prove to be issues.

Venus in Aquarius: Aquarius Venusians thrive on their individuality, their superior intelligence, and their revolutionary trends. They need to feel different or they will unleash their egotistical, erratic nature within. To a certain extent, they could feel offended by friends who follow their style or interests - believing that their individuality is being ripped apart when their individuality is often created by observing certain traits and quirks in others. These Venusians also tend to only settle for rebellious or original individuals; often from different religious beliefs, cultures, backgrounds, or cliques. They can be deemed as picky and shallow for never settling for conventionality. 

Venus in Pisces: Pisceans are known for being oblivious and otherworldly and in Venus, the traits still apply. Pisces Venusians, though dreamy, self-sacrificing, and romantic, often use the smallest of inconveniences as their opportunity to victimize or isolate themselves for attention. On the other end of the spectrum, they are known to live in a fantasy world, often idealizing friends and romantic interests as figures they cannot realistically live up to. In their own little world, they may believe they can get away with anything and have a happily ever after when in reality, they could be in toxic relationships or physically/mentally causing themselves anguish and crisis. It often takes a more realistic individual to help them see beyond their veil.

Important Dates for the Signs in January - 2019

Z O D I A C G U I D E / / I G

Aries: 5, 23, 24

Taurus: 13, 19, 21

Gemini: 19, 27, 30

Cancer: 1, 18, 26

Leo: 10, 22, 31

Virgo: 7, 17, 24

Libra: 4, 13, 29

Scorpio: 16, 26, 31

Sagittarius: 2, 19, 27

Capricorn: 7, 10, 23

Aquarius: 11, 12, 21

Pisces: 8, 17, 20