capricious posting

I’ve been hearing a variety of terms used for the newer pronouns, yet they often tend to get mixed up or confusing or just a real long name

You know what I think they should be called? Nicknouns

  • They’re more personalized and somewhat distinct pronouns, like nicknames are more personalized and distinct names
  • Most who use nicknouns tend to have atleast one set of common pronouns that can be used, like a nickname comes with a name and sometimes more nicknames (and a nickname can be preferred over the common name)
  • These nicknouns are used more among friends and in casual situations, whereas a more common set of pronouns is used in public and professional situations, just like a nickname may be most used but almost always defaults to a given name in professional situations for simplicity/ease/etc, regardless of comfort levels of each name
  • Plenty of nicknouns can read like a nickname with an added [name]self form used in place of pronouns (and this is actually a good way to think of them if they don’t work as pronouns in your mind; there are plenty that my mind won’t register as pronouns or put in those correct places in the sentence, but they can work well as a nickname)

For some reason I was thinking about if the quadrants were each simplified down into one word (though that doesn’t truly show the nuances/functions of them), and somehow I pretty easily managed to get words for each starting with R. I find it amusing(?) in a way that that managed to happen. Anyways, what I got was

Kismesissitude:   Rivalry

Moirallegiance:   Relaxation

Matespritship:   Romance

Auspisticism:   Regulation

The hateblogs picking at that age gap like they are currently (aside from other things) does really amuse me, especially considering I’m another person who’s been in a relationship with a very similar age gap and it’s great instead of the horrible thing they’re trying to make it out to be (though if I picked things out selectively and tweaked phrasing in describing out relationship, I could probably make it seem absolutely horrendous [it amuses me when things can seem their opposite like that])

There it is; I’ve been wondering when the common “pedophile” accusations in the slander being thrown around the community would be applied to me. Slander against me has now been upgraded (via the telephone effect this time) from the recent “supports sexual child/adult relationships (no claim of being a pedohile) and harasses otherkin (no mention of any specific harassment)” into “dangerous pedophile who has submitted triggering material to people”. It’s harder to get to know people when you have slander out about you, but I guess it’s good in the sense that it means only people who are smart enough to fact-check and question potential hiveminds will become friends with me (and I’m not good at keeping up with friends anyways, so a lot of friends would be odd for me), though it does prevent some people from learning

Mainly amused currently ‘cause over time it’s kinda become a game to watch how absurdly wrong people can get their facts (though the wrongness of slander against me will probably never surpass the accusations of being a pedophile at a 15-year-old teleiophile)

I keep seeing this happening and it’s annoying me somewhat, so here’s a bit of info for other HU fans:

Dylan is not homosexual. The only distinct phrase used was “out of the closet” and implication that he also likes men, but that doesn’t suddenly nullify his attraction to women. If Johnny isn’t just fooling around, this means that Dylan is bisexual or pansexual

There was Kawocest on my dash which led to me trying to think about the differences in each Kaworu’s sexuality, and the idea that Rebuild Kaworu/Qworu has a fetish for being tickled popped into my mind. Feels like that fits him, and plenty of amusing opportunity for shenanigans of Shinji accidentally finding out about it (whether Qworu knows about it beforehand or not [likely not])

I’ve had a lump in my throat for a lot of the day (from bad emotions and mental state) and now I can’t tell if it’s remaining soreness/something that can be fixed more easy or if there’s still some buried emotion causing it to persist a bit even though I don’t feel said emotion