A short preview

After watching Nicki walk away I turned my attention back to Robyn. She looked uncomfortable. I told her she had a nice friend to try to ease the tension but she gave a bland reply. She continued to stare at her menu biting her lip thinking of what food she wanted.
She’s so beautiful. I’ve never seen anyone that perfect. From her hazel/emerald eyes to her cute little nose and heart shaped lips all the way down to her long beautiful legs. She had on caprice but you could still imagine and boy did I imagine.
I’m a man so of course I had to see what Nicki was working with but my mind easily drifted back to Robyn after.
I just couldn’t stop staring.
My thoughts were interrupted by Robyn calling my name.
“Uh yeah?” I asked nervously. She probably thought I was weird for staring like that.
“I’m ready to order , are you?”
I looked over the menu slightly before nodding my head. Robyn raised her hand to wave over the waiter. I noticed she had her hand fully tattooed. I’m a sucker for females with tattoos and piercings. That’s a major turn on. Damn could this girl be anymore perfect?
“I didn’t know you had tattoos.” I spoke up.
“Yeah I have quite a few actually.” She said still trying to get a server to come our way.
“Really? can I see them?.”
“Damn this service fucking sucks” she mumbled cursing lowly. I raised my eyebrow in shock. “Sorry what did you ask me?” She said trying to cover up her swear.
“Didn’t take you as the one to curse Robyn” I chuckled lowly. She blushes slightly and puts her head down.
“Only when I’m in a bad mood or something.” She chucked also.
“But you asked about my tattoos right? Well…”
Our new server which was a girl who looked to be 17 came to our table to finally wait us.
“Can I get you two some drinks?” She smiled at the the both of us politely.
“Um I would like a Strawberry Lemonade and we are also ready to order our food.” Robyn stated.
“Okay and what would you like?”
While Robyn rambled on about what she wanted I decided to shoot Mijo a quick text to tell him not to be at the house for a couple of hours. I wanted to show Robyn around her new place.  I’m not going to try anything with her though. Not yet anyway.
While Robyn continued to question the waitress about some of the details of the food I scrolled down my Twitter timeline and made a short tweet.
FuckYoTwitter: Can’t Stop Looking #Her
To let ya’ll know I really am updating lol.

This Man...Christopher Heyerdahl

So I was Watching CatWoman and out of nowhere….I see this guy:

Rocker in Catwoman

And being the creeper I am, I decided to check his IMDB Page and this is what I found….

Caulder in Blade: Trinity

John Druitt in Sanctuary

Dr. Hillerman in John Doe (rockin’ the jesus)

Zor-El in Smallville

Dieter Braun in True Blood

Marcus in Twilight: New Moon, Twilight: Breaking Dawn 1&2

But I think we all know and love him best as

Alastair in Supernatural