caprica rewatch

Caprica Rewatch

Dear followers of frakyeahcaprica. So far, this blog has just been reblogging all the old graphics I could find in the tags. These are awesome, and it’s great to have Caprica on my dash everyday, but what would you say to getting a bit more active?

I propose a weekly (or possibly bi-weekly) Caprica rewatch. Every week (or two) we watch one episode and spend the rest of the week writing meta, making graphics, and generally geeking over the gloriousness that is this show. Two weeks would probably be easier and give everybody a chance to find time to give each episode a watch. (Also because I’m writing my master’s paper this semester and bi-weekly is much more feasible for me. And I’m running this joint.)

Ask box is open! Tell me what you think.

Oh, P.S. participation not required. But feel free to join us :-).