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hi there! new follower here. first off, i just wanted to say thank you for running a blog that is keeping a level head in the midst of all this fandom drama. two, is there any way you can rec a few blogs that are similar to yours? it's so hard to find people in this fandom who aren't engaging in the drama. thank you!!!

Ahh you’re most welcome, I’ve been in this fandom since June and I’ve seen storms come and go. My goal has always been to remain as steady as possible through it all <3

Ok so I went through the notes on this post and basically listed my mutuals/people I follow, plus a few more off the top of my head. There’s probably many more people I could add to this but it’s late and I can’t think straight anymore :P If I neglected to tag you please don’t take it personally. Also some of these aren’t purely Voltron blogs but I’ll let you sift through them and decide who you like :) 

Everyone feel free to reblog and rec friends/good blogs you know!

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