capri hotel


Here we go. Italy. This was my favorite place this entire trip, and don’t think that that’s because I run and Italian personification blog. In Italy, we went to Florence, Rome, Pompeii, and the Island of Capri.

The pizza on the left also has a long story behind it, but it was found in Florence, and that meal was the best thing I tasted on that trip, and probably in my entire life.

The food on the right was the starter at some hole in the wall restaurant that everyone played twenty-five euros to eat at that our tour guides had eaten at while growing up. That place had the second best food I ever tasted, and the only meal on the trip that left me feeling full (maybe I did eat more of the meal than any of the boys around me, twice…).

The next three are beautiful places we saw that should sort of be recognizable to people.

After the buildings, is a water fountain. I included a picture of ine because I learned a cool fact about them. You can drink the water of any water fountain in Rome if you want because it happens to be safe water. It also tasted pretty good.

Next are two pictures I took of the ocean while on the Island of Capri, and one shows the city of Nepal in the background. While I was on Capri, I got to build a sandcastle, look for sea glass, and play in the water for the first time ever, and it was my second time ever at the ocean.

The last two pictures are of sunsets. The first one is from our hotel before Capri that had a seaside view, amd it was absolutely amazing there. A couple people I know got time laps of that sunset because it was beautiful. The other one on the right is back at our hotel in Rome during our last meal before flying back to the US, and it was also beautiful.

Fun Fact for Italy: If you have horrible depth perception, prepare to trip a lot. We were there for four days, and I tipped over stuff ten times. But the roads did look cool.