“Dining Al Fresco on Capri”, Slim Aarons 

Italian artist and actress Domiziana Giordano, Italian author Francesca Sanvitale, Dino Trappetti and Umberto Terrelli dining al fresco on a terrace overlooking the waters off the coast of the island of Capri, Italy, in August 1980.


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Sometimes I feel a little guilty that I read fanfiction way more than I read actual books nowadays, but then I realize why.

It’s not just about my ships being canon. It’s about great, well written stories where the characters are LGBTQ. Fanfiction has way more representation than actual books and I love it.

If I want to read an actual book with LGBTQ characters, it’s going to be a dramatic coming of age thing or a side character where their identity is heavily coded/barely mentioned.

With fanfiction, I can read space operas, high fantasy, rom coms, horror, or whatever  and the characters being LGBQ, while important and part of who the characters are, is not the entire plot.

 It’s part of why I liked the Captive Prince. I get gay/bi rep, but I also get an interesting story of betrayal and war and intrigue. I shouldn’t have to read coming of age novels in order to get LGBTQ characters.

And that is why I love fanfiction.

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: The leaves here are wet and fresh. They are not what snap underfoot. Do not look down.

Taurus: Consider how most places are empty for half their lives. Consdier what keeps you from emptiness.

Gemini: Teachers dont have to know they’re teachers.

Cancer: It is time to second guess yourself. Then third guess yourself. Nevermind, just do the original thing but take a break for pondering.

Leo: Something was accidentally woven into your clothing. Not much, but just enough for a drop of beasthood.

Virgo: We cannot fear the familiar, but we can understand whats comming. Sometimes thats worse.

Libra: Your desire for closure could end with your mind grafted to a swarm of light fixtures.

Scorpio: We are only as useful as our ability to improvise. Give yourself practice, give your boss the finger and work from there.

Ophiuchus: The trouble is youre using a real camera. You can only photograph real things with a real camera.

Sagittarius: The moon hunts eternal in white woods.

Capricorn: The Key isnt knowing how to lie, its knowing when to lie.

Aquarius: If the choice is yours, you have squandered nothing.

Pisces: Human heads! Gasoline! An ugly carpet!

In no particular order: my favourite parts of the Captive Prince trilogy

- Damen upon discovering Torveld is in love with Laurent: “oh wow I had no idea Torveld had a thing for reptiles”

- Ancel coming out on stage to perform holding a stick and Damen immediately assuming he’s about to shove it in his own ass

- “Your uncle asked me to spy on you by taking you to bed” “did you agree?” “If I bedded you, you’d know it.”

- “I wouldn’t make you do anything distasteful, Nicaise” “looking at you is distasteful”

- “Maybe I’d like you if you were not a foot taller” “It’s considerably less than a foot.” “Feels like more when you argue with me on points of honour”

- Laurent asking Damen how to knock on the door of a brothel: “this is your arena after all”

- “It’s not my fault nobody in your country can think in a straight line”

- “I can’t get to Laurent in time to save him from his attacker!” *grabs sword* “YEET.”

- Aimeric continuously being a cockblock

- Laurent, about to go off on Guion: “Damen is 100% of my impulse control, unfortunately for you he isn’t here right now”

- *laurent is given a pleasure slave who’s pumped to get it on with him* Damen: “You realize he’s gonna make you sit around in his room and do jackshit.”

- “You might have killed Damen!” “That’s the idea.”

- “Who do you want to guard Jokaste’s prison cell?” “Find the two gayest men here and make them do it.”

- Damen, despite being king, standing on Laurent’s command to serve him like some medieval version of “Daddy pass the salt”

Goddess Girls 

Aries: Athena was the counsellor of the masculine, Honour the Aries for her extroverted creativity, she is shattering glass ceilings and demanding justice from the masculine to the feminine

Taurus: Everything that King Midas touched turned to gold as a wish come true, so you can watch this when a Taurus makes a wish and receives the resources to make it true, their ability to turn ‘trash’ into ‘treasure’

Gemini: Hermes had contact with all of the Gods being the only one in direct contact with Hades in the Underworld, you can see this through the Gemini’s ability to talk to anyone about anything

Cancer: Hekate was protected by an army of crossed souls, and you can see this in the way that Cancer seems to summon supernatural adrenaline and weapons in the defence of family and loved ones

Leo: The Goddess in Leo is the Princess of Light, so Leos have conquered their own shadows, and they do not live up to their reputation for theatrics in this regard, secret, silent, and private battles inside, delivering darkness back into the Kingdom of Light

Virgo: Erigone was the Goddess traumatised by the death of her father, and you can see this in through the Virgo’s sense of the world being unreliable and guilty when indulging in pleasures

Libra: Aphrodite was the Goddess of Cosmetics and Costumes, and you can see this in the way that Libra has the ability to be a chameleon of many identities and styles that belong to the many Queens within her

Scorpio: The precious and vulnerable child grows into the Wise One, the Queen upholding material and spiritual responsibilities, honour her privacy, part of her is still this 12-year old girl fighting battles far beyond her maturity

Sagittarius: Dionysis, a Sagittarius God was given the epithet of ‘the Wanderer’ as he roamed in delirium, you can see this in the way that Sagittarius is ‘never there’ and either coming or going, internally homeless, hesitant to settle

Capricorn: Ananke is the Capricorn Goddess of Compulsion and Slavery, and you can see this in the way Capricorn never knows when, or how to stop. like they are enslaved to higher or unknown being

Aquarius: Ganymede was much adored by the Gods by virtue of beauty, and you can see this in the way that so many Aquarians are popular and loved by virtue of just being who they are  

Pisces: Pisces emanates the Holy Trinity, procreation, love, and death, honour every face that she wears, for these are not fake but the many expressions of the triple Goddess



This is my sooo-sorry-I-m-so-late-and-still-WIP gift for number 31, for the @capri-secretsanta event!

I chose to draw Damen and Laurent of course, cause I’m so weak with them. Well, I hope you will like them together… and much more when I would finish the drawing (soon, I swear) !

Aaaand it’s officially my first post of 2018 ! So I wish you all a very happy New Year 2018 ! Thanks for your support in 2017, I hope to become a better artist in 2018 and learn some new things… Well… A lot of new things actually ! I wish you the best everybody, to you, your family, friends, lovers and pets !