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“A Goat”, Umberto Saba (1883–1957)

Ho parlato a una capra
He hablado a una cabra
I spoke to a goat
era sola sul prato, era legata.
estaba sola en el prado, estaba atada.
she was alone on the meadow, tied up.
Sazia d’erba, bagnata
Ahíta de hierba, mojada
Sated with grass, wet
dalla pioggia, belava.
por la lluvia, balaba.
with rain, she was bleating.

Quell’uguale belato era fraterno
Aquel mismo balido estaba hermanado
That very same bleat was brother
al mio dolore. Ed io risposi, prima
a mi dolor. Y yo respondí, al principio
to my torment. And I replied, at first
per celia, poi perché il dolore è eterno,
por chanza, luego porque el dolor es eterno,
for jest, then because pain is eternal,
ha una voce e non varia.
tiene una voz y no varia.
it has one voice, it doesn’t change.
Questa voce sentiva
Esta voz oía
This very voice I heard
gemere in una capra solitaria.
gemir en una cabra solitaria.
wailing in a lonely goat.

In una capra dal viso semita
En una cabra de rostro semita
In a goat with a Semitic face
sentiva querelarsi ogni altro male,
oía lamentarse todos los demás males,
I heard all other woes groan,
ogni altra vita.
todas las demás vidas.
all other life.

My Favorite Movies

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fredrickthepig  asked:

Dear dab anon, IT ONLY GETS WORSE, just wait until you get to the *says first plot arch* OHH!!!! and after the first plot arch!! make sure to read Delete or be Deleted, bc timelines and shit. and then there's all of the other plot archs, honestly it's a miracle anyone is still alive to read this fic bc tst has stomped on our hearts and torn out our emotions so many times, you'd think we'd learn to stop but no, we keep coming back for more sins and skarm and capra and spying and science and stuff

(cont)  I would like to say I used every single character I could in that last ask annd I think I summed up cobc pretty good w/o spoiling anything.


you done good kid


The Prince of Egypt - Zootopia AU

Ibex!Moses, Jackal!Tzipporah & Oryx!Rameses

since long time ago I want to do this AU, I really want Moses (and his family) to be an Ibex or some types of Capra. So I have to make Royal house of Egypt become house of Ruminant because it will make more sense if Moses was accept as an adoptee. (Ibex is a goat and Oryx is an antelope, maybe they’re just rise as close as brother)

and I have saw a concept art of Zootopia about goat(bull?) god(?) that rule ancient world and influence behind modern Zootopia. yah, that’s sound cool idea.

And Tzipporah… I choose Jackal for her and the Midians because her nature and some more reasons. Sorry for Gershom and Eliezer that your parent can’t breed here but I think development of their relationship will be more interesting :)