“H…how can I be here? With all of you?”

“You really thought you’d go to Hell?” Mike laughed. A beat. 

Erwin looked slowly at each one of them.

“I’m sorry. Please, forgive –”

Nanaba shushed him before he could finish. “There’s no need for that. We all did what we had to do.”

“I…” He saw each of them, smiling — no hate in their eyes. Was this possible? 

“…thank you.”

For the first time for as long as he could remember, Erwin felt…he could be human again. He wasn’t tired anymore. Of being the demon. He’d heard that word several times, and knew inevitably it was in reference to him, but he wasn’t sure where.

But yet…there was unfinished business. Wasn’t there?

Moblit approached him, apprehensive.

“Those two…?” He couldn’t say their names. He was too scared to know.

Erwin slowly looked over his shoulder, but saw nothing.

“They’ll have to hold on a bit longer.”

(AHA CLEARLY I’M NOT OVER THIS I’M SO SORRY…this is the only way I can imagine Erwin has his peace. I had a bunch of ideas about Farlan, Isabel, Kuchel, and his father (who may or may not still be alive, but that’s another can of worms) but I thought maybe that was a bit too much. Old friends welcoming Erwin home comforts my shattered heart. ❤️)


Well, I just got back home from vacation last night and I already made another prop!(2 actually) Haha! One is the Electrified Paddle Ball from the trailer of the new Fallout 4 add on Nuka World. I used foam core poster board for the paddle, a ping pong ball, a vga cord braided insulation, some old scrap electronics, a nut, a clear light up shoe string, steel sealing wire, Christmas light wire and a MF cell I did a while back that came out like poopie. I also made a miniature Cappy from a bottle cap, mighty putty(for the hands and feet), thin craft foam(for his face), thick wire and a googly eye for his nose. I started on a third but, that will be finished tonight.

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Who do you think the real enemy is?

This has been a question a lot of us Erwin fans have been asking since this latest chapter. It’s made this scene quite heart-wrenching in retrospect. 

I have more thoughts about this particular question in regards to this chapter that I can’t fit into this post, so I’ll save it for a separate text post.

Let me love you goodbye.

Well, it happened. I thought it would happen but still…

I’m not going to say anything about the hoo-ha surrounding this chapter, except that personally, I think it’s ok if some people (i.e. Erwin fans like myself) don’t really feel like keeping up with SNK after this chapter.

Yes, SNK is a series in which death can come for any of the characters, at any time. Yes, I think Armin deserved a second chance just as much as Erwin, and of course it makes me happy! Titan Armin will definitely be a game-changer. But yes, Erwin was the only reason I was still reading. So have permission from me, a random user, that feeling this way doesn’t make you a bad fan.

I just hope at least Levi (who is so broken this chapter, poor thing) and Hanji have a scene to properly mourn. While I agree that this was probably the most peaceful resolution Erwin could have had, it’s still terrible his last moments were witnessing his friends fall into such discord. A true commander to the very end 😭

BW version


Mine Again :: Multicouples

Claimed - Jagged Edges

The Claimed!AU is co-written by:
@aurumdalseni​ as Edward Elric and @repentantheroes​ as Roy Mustang.
Readable on AO3 here.

Ed has returned from his travels and hesitantly taken up Maes Hughes old post in investigations at Brigadier-General Mustang’s insistence. A routine check on military property goes very wrong and sets Edward and Roy on a hunt for answers. Reluctantly, they travel together down a path of danger and personal transmutation that there’s no turning back from.

Warnings: Eventual RoyEd, graphic depictions of violence, blood loss. 

(This is it: this little drabble is the beginning pretty close to the beginning of our post-Brotherhood RoyEd story…there’s an awful lot of it, so please forgive us for having been posting things out of order. Somehow nearly every little plot bunny that has caught our interest for two and a half years and counting (whether it was fluffy, smutty, painful, or otherwise) has scampered down the Claimed!AU hole and taken up residence there. Frankly we couldn’t be more delighted by the way this ‘verse has grown. Here’s hoping you all feel the same.)


It was a terrible place for a fight.

Clanking machines, conveyor belts hitching along with their cruel goods, tattered pallets with cracked edges stacked high. His routine compliance check was so rudely interrupted by unexpected guests, black clad and so suspiciously cliche, he would have laughed if he hadn’t suddenly been fighting for his life. It would have been so much easier out in the open, a better chance he could have alerted nearby MPs too. But no, he was stuck with someone constantly getting between him and any of the exits. He had tricked himself into thinking it was just his imagination that the bodies to fight seemed endless. This way and that, between machines, knocking into stacks, throwing people into walls and moving on to the next surge. Barrels toppled, spilling slick oils to the floor. More than once, his heavy military boots lost traction in the pools, sending him skidding. If he weren’t back on his feet and fighting seconds later, he might have joked to no one in particular about the lucky strike his last fall had made, taking out a pile of boxes with his whole body in an impressive crash.

They were relentless, but Ed wanted to think he was holding his own. He ached, and it got increasingly difficult to breathe, a sharp pressure in his ribs getting more intense every time he got back up. But they were still going down, and by hell, he wasn’t going to stop until they–

Ed let out a yelp as he hit a machine; burly hands pushing him down.

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apparently an unpopular opinion

I actually enjoy all of the building options in fallout 4. I have fun making settlements comfortable for settlers to live in and try to build it up into something fun. Although i understand that most of the DLC’s have been “underwhelming”(for me it was the vault one)(because seriously i thought the Overseer lady was gonna be freakin evil)(and i thought settlers could finally have babies) i enjoyed being able to build vaults and liked the extra decorations.

idk, truthfully I’m kinda happy that the Nuka World DLC is going to have building options