A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and You

Bellarke + “You give me a different fake name every time you come into the coffee shop and I just want to know your real name bc ur cute but here I am scrawling “Batman” onto your stupid cappuccino”

Happy birthday, @caramelkru! <3 

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The first time he comes over, Clarke doesn’t think much of it. He’s just another one of customers, even though his coffee order is blessedly uncomplicated (cappuccino), he tips well and smiles politely. When she asks who she should make it out to, he says Ryan and Clarke supposes that’s fine. He could be a Ryan.

His freckles and his general, overwhelming prettiness are a little too much, but she doesn’t dwell on it.

Then the next time he comes over, he’s wearing a pressed suit, a stack of flyers announcing a charity car wash, the kind of glasses that’d make someone think you really know your shit, orders his thing, but –

“It’s Will.”

It is totally plausible that she misplaced his name, but she still narrows her eyes at him and he squirms a little.

Whatever, she moves on.

But the third time, when he looks dead on his feet and speak what she supposes is Tagalog into his phone, oh, the third time, she knows she’s not senile. It’s the cute guy that’s the problem. This time she knows she wasn’t wrong because he ends the call as soon as he gets to the register, orders a cappuccino and says,


What the fuck.

“So you obviously want to find out what’s his real name, right?” Raven asks when Clarke finally tells her about the guy.

“Of course I do! Don’t you?”

Raven shrugs, fixing her ponytail.  “Maybe his name is embarrassing, ok? Maybe his parents were fans of Star Wars and named him C3PO.”

Clarke snorts at that, greeting a customer and taking down their order. Still, she’s intrigued. Yeah, it could be a weird name, but something tells her that’s not the case.

Not with all the flyers he’s constantly carrying around, announcing a charity bake sale, adopt-a-puppy day in the local shelter. As far as she knows, he might be saving kittens from trees in his spare time.

So the only logical conclusion is – he’s a superhero.

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KCON Travel Guide: Local Korean Cafes

In a few weeks, dearest reader, you may find yourself in Los Angeles, alone, wandering the streets, schlepping to the nearest Mobil station which promises coffee. But those, my friend, are false promises. We, at KCON, want to save you from the inevitable onslaught of “Hawaiian Dark Roast” and “Chocolate Brownie Lattes.”

Of course, KCON is the main attraction, but what about the place where you can get a taste of Korean “café culture?” Koreatown. Of course there are some K-town quirks that could disorient any visitor.

1) Many coffee journeys begin in the early morning hours, but most K-Town cafes don’t open until 11 am (with the exception of Caffebene and Tom N Toms). Why? Because Korean café culture is much more about socializing and enjoying the ambience (which is usually swanky) than just the cup of coffee itself. So, many cafes open late and close late.

2) Since there is so much tasty, interesting food scattered around K-Town, I wouldn’t recommend eating a meal at a café. Of course, the cakes and waffles are always a good bet, but, try not to be drawn into the promise of cheap 불고기 (bulgogi). 

3) Expect to pay a little more if venturing into a trendy, non-chain café. Usually, all drinks (even hot tea) are around $6. Paying for ambiance seems a little crazy, but worthwhile on a short KCON-cation.

Today, let’s talk about cafes where you can get your caffeine fix, have a long chat with friends, experience a traditional tea house, or even study all night.



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Stalia fic rec

So recently teenwolfgg asked about fics to read so I just composed a list of my faves from

Wait until it’s over by byzinha aka breakthestrutura

Kisses & Cappuccinos by d0ntbleenk aka mashfords (this one is only on fanfiction)

The Moon Howls by byzinha aka breakthestrutura

Just Want to Know You Better (centered around Dydia but Stalia is heavy as well and there is quite a bit of Scira) by athena606 and Sxymami0909

Five times Stiles and Malia found each other by byzinha aka breakthestrutura (mentions of smut)

Halcyon by byzinha aka breakthestrutura

Timing by byzinha aka breakthestrutura

Follow us into paradise by byzinha aka breakthestrutura

Halestorm by cyren2132

Open Arms by holymountain

Open Windows by holymountain

False Alarm by adolescentwolf

Hofstadter’s Law by adolescentwolf

All Things Stalia by katikat

You Got All My Attention (And You Ain’t Even Trying) by beccaboodle

Morning by DarkAliceLilith (short but sweet)

Incredible by holymountain

Needles and Other Dangerous Things by holymountain

wake me up when it’s over by chalantness aka chalantness

From me, to you by Howling_at_the_moon

Monster by Maliahales

Braeden, The Girl by courtneythenerd (Draeden/Braeden centric but mentions Stalia and Scira frequently. Plus it’s Braeden-centric and she’s the best.)

Night’s Grief, Morning’s Light by holyenochian (smutty ft Scira)

Anchor Me Down by Animegirl1331

Harmony by lady_deathangel (incredibly smutty ft consensual pegging)

anchors by aalydia

Anything You Want in The World by stilaheyy

There Is Heat Beneath Your Winter by rockmusicplays

All the Light and Shade That Made Your Name by

Even On The Darkest Night by rockmusicplays

Until The End of Time by Why Don’t You Take a Seat (this one is only on fanfiction)

Sorry if I missed you! If I didn’t put your fic in this it’s probably because I haven’t read it. Btw I didn’t add the links cuz I was lady as fuck so sorry about that :(. Blogs on tumblr that also write prompts are staliaprogress, dylanshennig, nopestalia, mashfords, breakthestrutura

anonymous asked:

"Cute, lazy, playful& sexy make out session with Jb, Jackson and Mark??" with Bambam and Jinyoung please??? thank you love

Cute, lazy & playful, sexy makeout session with JB, Jackson, Mark

Cute makeout

Jinyoung: when you sits opposite to each other on the aisle of the library reading books. You’re not that into books, you just come for him, to contemplate him, but you end up falling asleep instead, bobbing your head up and down after every few minutes. “My sleeping beauty”, Jinyoung chuckles, tearing his gaze off the book to see you dozing off. He inches closer to you, leaning his head to one side while tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ears. And you shoot your eyes open, he’s so close to you, so close that the tip of his nose rubbing against yours, which makes you startle a bit. Your widened eyes cause him to grin as he goes in for a peck on the lips, then soon turning into a shower of kisses, his both hands cupping your cheeks.

Bambam: since he’s such a cutie, every kiss would turn out to be cute. Like a soft peck whenever you run into each other in the hallway or whenever he has time to come home with you, or movie date kiss, ice cream kiss, cappuccino kiss, under the moonlight kiss, under the porch kiss… Ahh, it’s countless.

Lazy makeout

Bambam: late atnight when he comes home to you after his usual dance practice. Sweats stillroll down from his temples and his shirt is still damp as he pulls you in for a hug, brushing his lips against yours softly before turning you around. “Cuddle up with me?”, he whispers into your ears and kisses them, resting his chin on the crook of your shoulder and his arms wrapping around your waist. You smile while nodding, securing grip on you before guiding him to your room.

Jinyoung: early in the morning when you don’t want to wake up. Your bodies tangle with each other as you bury your face into his chest. “We have to wake up, y’know”, Jinyoung lazily opens his eyes to look at you, then leans down to cover your lips with his. You groan and he chuckles, kissing your eyelids then your lips again. “There. I’ve broken the spell from the sleeping fairy for you”, he says jokingly and you giggles, peeping your eyes at him lovingly. “Morning Jinyoungie”. “Morning Y/N-ie”.

Playful makeout

Jinyoung: when you play water guns. You laugh hysterically while shooting each other with water, neither of you seems to want to surrender just yet. But soon later, Jinyoung walks out from his hiding place, raising his hands up in the air while coming towards you, who is the dancing the victory dance. “You’re good at this. I admit it”, Jinyoung says, kissing you as a reward. As your lips start molding into each other, he sneakily takes your weapon away from you before beginning to shoot you again. “Love you”, he laughs, running away for his dear life as you can’t do nothing but whining and chasing after him.

Bambam: when he teaches you girl groups’ dances. Just looking at him is hard for you not to laugh. “Stop laughing, okay? Now you try it!”, he demands, holding a laugh himself as you do the dance moves in a rather funny way. The boy comes closer to you to lace his fingers with yours and kiss you ever so sweetly. “Okay so maybe cute suits you more”, he pinches your cheeks, “Apink?”. You nod and he pecks your lips. “Get ready for Mr. Chu~”.

Sexy makeout

Bambam: he seems so innocent with that face of his, but inside him is a beast waiting to be unleashed. He steps into the room, pushing you against the wall before devouring your lips. He kisses you roughly, his hands roaming your body as he stares at you with lust. “You’re so beautiful”, the words manage to slip out of his mouth as you swirl your tongue with his, releasing moan after moan and soon the small place will get too steamy.

Jinyoung is so turned on when you sit in his lap, straddling his waist with your legs. He presses his lips against yours, nibbling, sucking your lips while his naughty hands run down to squeeze your butt cheeks, earning a small yelp from you. “Park Jinyoung!”, you stare at him and he smirks, kissing you passionately again. “You are too sexy not to touch, jagiya!”, he mutters between kisses before his lips trail down to your earlobe, the sensitive spot on your neck and the valley between your breasts. You moan loudly, pushing his head deeper in and knotting his hair. As we all know, that sexy makeout session will lead to something more.


Hope you like it (▰˘◡˘▰)