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Wake Up 4 [Bucky Barnes]

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Summary - Nearly a year after Bucky decided to return to cryogenic sleep, Steve continues to look for a cure. One day, Sam informs him that he’s found a person who can help.

Notethank you guys for all your love! I’m also going to put up a masterlist soon! Also don’t be shy to send me some of your requests! this is quite short and GIF isn’t mine as usual. Part 1 here!  Part 2 here! Part 3 here! 

Warnings little violence, language

“She’s no one and we were just leaving,” Tony pulls Y/N behind him in a protective stance, “So please excuse us.” He tries to push past Steve, but he doesn’t budge. “You aren’t going anywhere.” He growls.

“I want to know what you’ve done to him! And who the hell are you?” Y/N trembles in fear and in shame. None of this would’ve happened if she just listened to Tony.

Tony speaks for her, “She didn’t do anything.” He defends. “It’s just that your friend is still insane and there’s no one in this god damn world that can help him.” Y/N squeezes Tony’s arm in attempt to warn him not to push Steve. But obviously, Tony listens to no one.

“Admit it, Capsicle. No one can save your Bucky.” Steve scowls and clenches his jaw. “Sometimes I just want to punch you right in your perfect teeth.” Steve mocks.

Tony swings and lands a good punch on Steve’s jaw. Y/N quickly pull Tony back, praying to God that Steve manages to control himself and not fight back. But God isn’t on her side today.

Steve lunges himself at Tony, knocking both him and Y/N down. She stumbles to her feet and runs over to Tony, “You’re bleeding.” She tells him. Tony glares at Steve, “You just got blood on my Tom Ford suit.” He quickly shifts his watch and fires at Steve, but Sam jumps in front of him before it could hit the blonde super soldier.

“Tony!” Y/N hisses.

The two go at it again. Steve landing punch after punch on Tony’s face, but Tony doesn’t allow himself to lose; he fires at Cap, missing his pretty face.

Y/N quickly steps in between them and with a yell, “Enough!” they stop.

“Can the both of you stop trying to kill each other?” She barks with an icy tone.

Steve stumbles back in astonishment and fear, “Why are you in my head?” He gasps. Tony rolls his eyes and glances at him, “You’re honestly just as dumb as I pegged you to be, Rogers.”

“I’ll answer all the questions you have, Mr. Rogers.” Y/N sighs.

She bows her head and heaves in a heavy breath, “I didn’t mean to trigger your friend. It’s just an instinct.” She explains with a frown. Steve shakes his head, “I know you were suspicious of me ever since we met. I know you tried looking for my files, but found nothing. I’m sorry I have made you doubt me and my intentions. But there’s a reason why I’m a ghost, you know.”

Sam groans and glares at Tony, but then turns towards Y/N with furrowed brows, “So who are you, really?” He asked as he struggled to stand.

“I never really knew my real name actually.” Steve craned his head to the side, but kept silent and listened attentively to what the girl had to say.

“I was born around 1965 to an English mother and a French father,” Her lips twitched at the mention of her father, “I used to know their names, their birthdays, but now I don’t.” She cleared her throat and looked Steve in the eye, “My father worked for Hydra after the second world war. He helped Arnim Zola create serums. I’m pretty sure he experimented on Mr. Barnes.”

She could hear Steve’s thoughts – his questions, but Sam’s head was the loudest of them all, “To answer your question Sam, I don’t age.” Sam flushed red and ducked his head, “that’s uhm, cool - i mean interesting.”

Y/N smiled at him in amusement before continuing on with her story, “My father experimented on me too and countless other innocent people. But I was the only successful one. So they weaponized me, turned me into someone I was not just like Mr. Barnes. But I got out one day because of Tony’s father and I’ve been under their care ever since.”

“That was until you ran away in 2003.” Tony chimed in with a sarcastic smirk on his busted face.

Steve stood silent, stunned by your revelation. He could see the look in your eyes; genuine, truthful, pained. “What did they turn you into?” He asked with a hesitant tone.

“At first I could only hear a person’s thoughts, and see their memories. Then it just grew over time I guess; I could manipulate almost everything in someone’s head and inflict,” she paused for a moment, clenching her balled fists, “pain.”

“If you were one of Hydra’s, why weren’t any of your files exposed?” I smile and shake my head, “One of the things I love the most about Tony is that he’s smart,” She glanced over at him, “and he knows his way around things especially around technology.”  Steve furrowed his brows and stole a glance from Tony.

“He knew about your history with Hydra and everything else in between? But he kept it a secret?” Sam pondered, “Why?”

“I didn’t want to be involved in your world anymore. I just wanted to disappear from all the chaos, from my past.”

Steve stepped forward, arms crossed and eyes narrowed, “Then why did you come here? Why Bucky?”

Y/N shrugged, “I didn’t come here for Mr. Barnes. I came here because Tony begged me to, and he usually doesn’t do much begging.” Steve’s heart warmed at the revelation.

Tony and Steve briefly made eye contact before Tony looked away. “Just wanted to help out.” Tony coughed.

“I’m sorry Captain for giving you such a hassle. I really just wanted to help and I will continue to help you and Mr. Barnes,” She hesitated, “that is if you want me to.”

Steve looked over at Sam then turned back to her, “By all means, please do whatever you can to help him, Doctor.” He smiles. “I trust you.”

“Thank you, Captain Rogers.” Y/N says.

“Right, I’m going to go get cleaned up no thanks to you, Rogers.” A grin fell on Y/N’s face as she sauntered over to help him out of the room. “I’ll help him.” Steve nodded slowly and watched the two of them walked out of the room, but before they could, Steve stopped them and said, “Wait!”

Tony looked at him hesitantly, “Thank you too, Stark.” The genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist held back a smile and nodded. 

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