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Moooom? They gave us an assignment about how death is the end of life. Can I bring my pet to prove her wrong?

Of course you can, dear. Make sure to pack a snack for him, though, you know how cranky he gets when he doesn’t have his munchies and I just can not tolerate yet another hysterical parent calling the house. And during supper time no less. So rude.

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that

Random Headcanon 4

I was in my Kylie Jenner mindset again and I realised things again. This is a good one. 

Hear me out. 

You see, Tendo’s hair is really spiky, right? And he is a third year. You know what that means? He’s graduating. He needs to put on his graduation cap. But what about his hair? Is he going to put it on top of that spiky tower ??? Maybe not. 

The headcanon is this:

For graduation Tendo has his hair pushed back so he can put the graduation cap on. 

Can you imagine it? Would someone talented out there be nice enough to draw him like that and let me know? 

This is my thirsty ass right now: 

Why I love Caps.

You know they’re great, so vibrant but can also be classic. Like they’re all so different but have like a common agenda. They’re also so beautiful, but they can also be so cute. AND THE STYLE, so fkin’ stylish. And wow, they’re so protective, I love how protective they are, they could possibly save live you know. Also can be shady. Caps are great, I love them. They fit so nicely in a draw, like you don’t need too much space. Plus it’s like one size fits all 93% of the time???? plz show love for caps 

friendly reminder that if you go out of your way to harass artists that tag their art as (dont tag as kin/id/me) or react  badly when an artist nicely asks you to take their art down, or you dont take down an artist’s work even if they were rude youre awful and you should feel ashamed

Hey, hey, hi, so I heard there was some Nazi shit going down in DC and like, can someone fill me in because I do not want to support Nazi shit.

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EVE. Can you imagine all of the avengers and the kiddies all get sent back in time and end up back at Stark mansion when tony was a little baby and big Tony is so upset and anxious and then in walks Howard and everyone sees him being a complete asshat to baby Tony and before Steve or the other avengers can even do anything to help the poor baby, Lily, Peter and James all step forward and scoop up bb Tony and whisk him away while one or two of them yells at Howard...

(cont.) and then Lily, Peter, and James snuggle the shit out of little bb Tony and praise him and give him hugs and kisses and makes him feel loved and big Tony is just so overwhelmed.

AN: I did it again. I accidentally wrote a thing. 

“This is a nightmare,” Tony swallowed heavily, heart beating unbearably fast in his chest. “Fucking magic -”

“I’ll be having strong words with whoever did this when we find our way back, don’t you worry,” Steve hummed, leading the way up the huge drive towards Tony’s childhood home. 

It was exactly like how he remembered it; if anything, the mansion looked more imposing now than it had when he was a child. Maybe it was because he knew now the true extent of how bad his childhood had been. Now, with children of his own, he knew how badly his father had failed him. 

Almost as though he could sense his unease, James came up beside him and quietly snaked his hand into Tony’s own. Tony squeezed it, infinitely charmed, and drew strength from his youngest son.

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Zodiac signs at a beach party!

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Virgo (wearing a purple and gold one piece swimsuit) and Capricorn (wearing gray and black swim shorts) arrive first. They planned and organized the party. “Have you ordered the food yet?” Virgo asks Cap. “Yes, and I checked online for the delivery time. It should be here in about 15 minutes” he replied.

Virgo sighs. She can always trust Cap to be responsible. It is such a nice break from school projects where she always has to work extra hard to make up for the slackers in her group. Plus , he can actually hold an intelligent conversation with her.

“Did you bring the tablecloth for the picnic table?” he asks. “Of course,” she says, “I also brought cups and utensils. I’m not going to count on the delivery guys to remember.”

Cap smiles. She is always so thoughtful about things like that.

Next, Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus arrive together. Cancer goes straight to set up her pink polka dot beach umbrella (She loves that it matches her swimsuit) in the sand. She makes sure not to put her stuff too close to the water- a surprise wave is the last thing she wants.

Pisces (wearing a colorful floral swimsuit) surveys the beach with Taurus (wearing all-black swim shorts) and notices a small turtle in the stretch of dark, wet sand where the sand meets the sea. She runs over to it and gently picks it up. She kneels down and Taurus sits next to her. He admires the turtle with her. Luckily, it is low tide. Neither are hit by the rolling waves.

Then, Aries and Aquarius (both wearing black and red swim shorts) get there at the same time as Gemini and Sagittarius. Aries’ eyes go straight to Gemini (wearing her stunning navy blue & white striped strapless one piece and some black mini shorts), while Aquarius looks straight at Sagittarius (wearing a cute lime green “active” swimsuit).

“Hey,” says Gemini to Virgo, as she and Aries walk by, “do you know who got here first?”
“Me and Cap” Virgo answers.
“I told you, Aries!” Gemini laughs.
“No you didn’t! You bet that Pisces would get here first!” he retorts.
“Suuuure I did” Gemini says sarcastically, smiling playfully.
“Finally you admit it.”
“I did n-”

Gemini trips over a rock. Aries catches her in his arms before she falls and lifts her gently back up.
“Sorry,” she apologizes, a little pink in the face.

Saggitarius heads straight for the waves. “Surfing before guys,” she thinks. It doesn’t rhyme, but that doesn’t matter. She never much liked poetry, anyway. Suddenly, she notices that Aquarius is following her. She smiles at him. She is happy to have someone to talk to.
“Ready to catch some waves?” he questions.
“Totally! I hope there are some good ones today.”
As they get close to the water’s edge, a rouge wave comes crashing in. Immediately the strong tide glides across the sand, covering both of them up to their knees. They both yelp from the chill of the freezing water and run back to the beach, slowed by the undercurrent.

“Well,” says Aquarius as the others who saw them running laugh, “That might take some getting used to.”

He catches her eye and they start to laugh along with the others.

Next, Scorpio arrives in indigo swim shorts, and quietly walks over to Cancer. Suddenly, he jumps in front of her, yelling “Boo!” She screams and Scorpio laughs. “That’s not funny!” she complains, but can’t help smiling. He is such a dork sometimes.

Scorpio looks at her. “I haven’t seen you for a while.”
“Yeah, I’ve been doing summer homework for the past while, but I should be done next week. That should free up some Scorpio time.”
“I can’t wait.”

“Food’s here!” Capricorn yells. Taurus takes Pisces’ hand and they bolt toward the table of pizza. Sag and Aquarius get to the table next, grinning and sopping wet.

Gemini, Aries, and Virgo sidle over next, all laughing. While collecting shells for a sand castle, they got too close to the ocean and the water mowed them all over! Gemini and Aries quickly stood up, but when Virgo tried standing up, she got knocked over again.

Scorpio and Cancer get there last, but luckily there was still pizza left. It seems that Capricorn worked in the “Taurus factor” when he ordered.

While Scorpio and Cancer are finishing their first pieces and Taurus, his third, Leo and Libra finally walk in. Libra is wearing is gorgeous black halter-style one piece with a v-neck. Leo is wearing red swim shorts and a white t-shirt.

“There you guys are! Why are you so late? Libra, did you take too long putting on your eyeliner or something?” asks Sagittarius.
“Actually, it was Leo that made us late,” replies Libra, “he took foreeeever fixing his hair.”
“It was worth it for this masterpiece,” says Leo, gesturing to himself. Libra rolls her eyes but smiles.

After the pizza is long gone, Leo suggests that they build a bonfire. He, Aries, and Sagittarius (Duh! Who did you expect to do it? The water signs?) work on building it while the others watch in fascination. Even though Aries gets a little too excited with the matches, they manage to get a steady fire going in a few minutes.

They all sit around the fire, laughing and talking.
“Hey, who wants to roast marshmellows?” Taurus asks, passing around a bag to everyone.
“Why is it that you always seem to have marshmallows with you to roast?” Scorpio asks Taurus.
“Better safe than sorry,” he replies.

Apparently, everyone has a different style of roasting marshmallows. Pisces and Cancer are both too scared of getting burned and refuse to get too close to the fire. They eat their marshmallows when they are only slightly golden.

Aries and Sagittarius light theirs on fire (on purpose). Aquarius and Libras’ also get burned (not on purpose). Gemini can’t decide where the best place to roast hers is. She ends up next to Aries and Aquarius, laughing at Aquarius, who yells when his catches fire, until he touches his marshmallow to hers and her marshmallow catches.
Capricorn and Virgo both have systematic ways to get the perfect marshmallow, and they get perfect, golden results. Taurus finds a large stick and roasts three marshmallows at a time.
Leo proclaims that his marshmallow will be the best, but his brushes the ashes and turns gray.

Scorpio catches a minnow in the ocean (who knows how he did it in the dark), and is about to stab it with a stick and roast it over the fire, when Pisces screams, runs to him, and throws it back in the ocean.
“Dream big, little fish! Swim! Escape!” Pisces yells to it. She has a particular affinity with fish.

When everyone is done roasting (and burning) their marshmallows, Aquarius is the first to suggest stargazing. They all lie down in the sand, forming a circle.
“Hey! I see my constellation!” exclaims Gemini, “my life and existence make sense to me now!”
“Well that’s good,” teases Aries, “you don’t make sense to anyone else.” Gemini jabbed him with her elbow.

“Hey, I see Draco!” announces Virgo.
“DRACO MALFOY? WHERE?” shout Leo and Sagittarius at the same time.
“Not Draco Malfoy, you idiots. Draco, the dragon constellation.”
“Aw, man!” says Leo.
“Hey guys! There’s a blinking light over there! I told you aliens exist!” Aquarius, of course was looking for one thing.
“That isn’t a UFO, Aquarius. That’s just a helicopter.” Capricorn rolls his eyes while the others laugh.

Finally, the party ends. All of them leave in small groups until only Cancer and Scorpio are left. Actually, Scorpio thinks he is alone, when …
“BOO!” Cancer shouts.
“ACK!” Scorpio shrieks.
Cancer laughs and Scorpio joins in, admitting defeat.
“Success!” thought Cancer.

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Happy birthday!!!! 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

AA THANK YOU!! i just woke up and fell off my bed, now i have a stack of burned toast, my day is going great??? i’m loving life, no sarcasm. thank you so much for the frogs…..blessed frogs, maybe if i close my eyes and dream real hard they’ll grant all my birthday wishes…..

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IronFalcon+ 17 “why are you staring at me” + because of some weird chain of events, like dunno maybe Tony is laying low, shaved his goatee, and is wearing cheap clothes, Sam doesn't realize he's been flirting and getting to know iron man

Sam hadn’t expected to be hit on while he waited for Steve, but apparently that was happening.

The man had that kind of blond hair that screamed it was unnatural and it didn’t actually fit him at all, since he seemed to Mediterannian to be naturally blond.

But still, Sam found himself appreciating the man, he had a very nice body, warm expressive eyes, and it certainly didn’t hurt that he was smiling at Sam.

“What got you waiting in a dump like this?” the man asked and Sam raised an eyebrow.

“What makes you think I’m waiting?”

“This is your third drink and I don’t imagine you come here for the company,” the man said with a glance at the bikers that were playing pool at the other end of the bar.

Sam turned his concentration back to the man and narrowed his eyes. “And how long have you been watching me?” he asked, subtlety aiming himself a bit away from him.

With Steve still searching for Bucky and Hydra agents scattered all over the planet no one knew what one guy in a bar could do and Sam didn’t intend on dying today.

“Someone’s tense,” the man chuckled and extended his hand. “Tony. I’ve been sitting over there,” he pointed to a booth in the corner, “for almost an hour now, but you hadn’t noticed me. Otherwise I have to assume you just didn’t want to keep me company and I don’t think that’s the case.”

Tony let his gaze run up and down Sam’s body and Sam had to hide a smile.

“Sam. And I don’t think you’ve made your intentions all that clear,” he teased back and Tony made a dismissive noise.

“Guess I should have ordered you that drink after all.”

Sam quickly finished his current drink off and then smiled at Tony. “Guess I could use another one.”

Tony laughed at that and ordered another beer for Sam and a whiskey for himself.

They sat in comfortable silence for a few moments before Tony asked “So, Sam, are you waiting for your boyfriend?”

“Don’t have one that could show up here,” Sam told him and he didn’t imagine the hopeful glance Tony shot him.

“That’s good to hear. So I didn’t waste my money on that beer for nothing.”

“My company’s not good enough for you suddenly?”

“I would like your company a lot better in my tower,” Tony said and suddenly everything clicked into place. Sam couldn’t stop staring at Tony and Tony quickly began to shuffle on his chair.

“Why are you staring at me?” he asked when Sam didn’t stop and Sam had to swallow a few times.

“You’re Tony Stark,” he eventually managed and Tony nodded once.

“Yes? I thought that was clear? With Steve asking us to meet him here and all?”

“But you don’t look like Tony Stark,” Sam went on and then the words caught up to him. “Wait, what? Steve asked you to come here?”

“Yes? I thought he asked you, too? He told me to look out for you.”

“He did, but he didn’t tell me we would meet you as well. Sorry! God, I’m so sorry. I didn’t recognize you with the hair and without the goatee.”

“That was the goal actually,” Tony said and ran a hand over his chin. “It still feels all wrong.”

“I can imagine,” Sam told him and scratched his own beard.

“So, know that you know who I am, should I back off?” Tony asked him with a small smile and Sam almost chocked on his drink.

“So you’re serious?” Now that he knew who Tony really was, he had thought the flirting was a game. Steve had certainly told him enough about Tony to make that entirely possible.

“Of course I am. Not every day that I meet someone who can keep up with Cap, is entirely too good looking and seems nice on top of that. I would definitely like to show you my tower.”

“If that’s a euphemism….” Sam trailed off, unsure how to end it. Because he absolutely did not want to back out of this.

“It can be. It can also just mean what I said. Up to you.”

“I think I’d like to start with the tower. We can work our way up to the euphemism.”

“I’m looking forward to this,” Tony said and raised his glass.

“Me, too,” Sam replied and clinked his glass to Tony’s.

Send me two characters or more and a number and I’ll write you a short fic. Or come up with your own prompt/sentence.

5sos ot4/ofc imagine [smut/orgy, nc17]

( part 1 part 2 part 3 )

( this is for the lovely anon and summer who messaged me right after posting the latest part, i’m supposed to be sleeping but nah )

“I’d love some pussy instead of Michael’s hand”, Calum says completely serious and the red-head looks like he’s going to punch the bassist before fake-pouting and smirking because I know he wants me too. Luke laughs and Ashton smiles even though he’s close to falling asleep - I’m proud how tired I made him. 

“Get over here then”, I mumble, my legs are weak and wobbly, “how do you want me? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to support my body if you want me on all fours.” Cal’s moving, up on his knees, biting his lip. He pulls his shirt off and stands up to remove his skinny jeans, looking down at Luke. The blond is so out of place, the other three completely down to fuck and then there’s our little Lukey, waiting for someone to tell him what to do.

“Get on him”, Calum tells me, “he can support you. I’d just– I’d really love to see your ass while I fuck you.” Luke blushes and looks at me, eyes flashing at my boobs and my thankfully flat stomach - that’s about to change when I get on my hands and knees. I roll over, crawling onto him, straddling his hips. My head’s pushed against his neck and I can smell the sweet smell, of course he would be the one to use a ridiculous fruit shower gel. With the remaining energy I have, I push my ass up in the air, arms on both sides of the blond’s head so I can keep myself up just a bit, back arching until it’s almost painful.

“Hi”, I whisper to Luke at the same time as Calum says: “Fuck.”

Michael has crawled to sit against the headboard, hands curled under Ashton’s arms to drag the boy up. The curls are spread against Michael’s milky thigh as the drummer uses the younger as a pillow, the guitarist’s cock right next to the older boy’s face. I smirk at them, following Michael’s lazy jerks with my eyes.

“Don’t come”, I tell Michael because I have plans for him. 

“Whatever you say, babe”, he agrees. 

Calum has a condom rolled over his cock in no time, sitting between the mess of legs and I can hear the cap of a lube bottle being opened. It’s incredibly nice and considerate of him, I’m wet enough for him but a bit of lube never hurts. Luke’s hands circle my waist, it’s like he’s hugging me like he hugs his fans, gentle and never-too-close. 

“Touch me, Luke”, I dare him and he stares at me, “you were sucking my nipple just a while ago, Luke, touch me.” His hands slide over my ass, brushing against Calum’s fingers as the bassist grips my hips with one hand, the other guiding himself against my wet hole. I moan, he rubs the tip against me before pushing in - I can only feel the crown of his cock and he pulls back out again, I glare at him over my shoulder. 

A few seconds later, I’m filled with another unfamiliar cock, not as big as Ashton, maybe rivaling the drummer’s length but not as thick. Luke’s hands follow my sides and he clearly likes touching my breasts, cupping them in his hands and I’m so proud that I can fill his palms, give him something to play with. He rubs my boobs together as Calum rocks against me, dragging my hips to meet his. 

I reach between myself and Luke, wrapping an hand around his cock and he sighs, a small delicious sound falling off his lips.

( this is all for tonight, it’s 2am, oops. more tomorrow? you guys decide! ) 

( edit : next part here )

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Can I just say that it was really nice to hear Dan refer to Phil as his "bestest buddy" in his liveshow. Idk it was just wonderful. Their friendship inspires me to want to be a better friend to my friends.

YO L I  STE N     IN THE 8 YEARS OF ME WATCHING D+P ,,        I HAV E NEVER  HEARD THEM REFER TO EACH OTHER SO FONDLY AND COMFORTABLY (i mean like 2009 happened but i’m talking abt PRESENT D+P YO)    I T’ S   SO N ICE  ! ! ! ! !  IT’S O SWEET!!! like dan was doing a jokey lil squishy tone but ! ! ! ! !  Y OU CAN TELL HE BEING FO’REAL ! ! ! !    D AN LOVES PHIL ! ! !P HI L LOVES DAN ! ! ! THEY ARE BEST BUDDIES BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE! ! ! THAT’S SO SWEET AND INSPIRING ! ! !  I  L OV E THE M ! ! ! ! !