We all have a purpose, and our purpose is to figure out our purpose. That’s what college is. So, why college? Why CRU? The truth is I chose CRU because a friend of mine from camp was going here, then I chose to rush a fraternity and I made new friends, and college has been everything I ever could’ve imagined it to be. So I kept thinking, why would I ever want to leave this place? But then I realized that there’s so much left to learn and experience and look forward to, and now I’m graduating… hopefully, and heading out into the real world with the love of my life, who was my purpose. So, today I’m here to graduate, and tomorrow? Well, it’s hard to say because I have no idea where I’ll be.


TOP TEN FAVOURITE COUPLES  | 05. cappie & casey cartwright

“you know, the truth is i did resent you, case. you kept pushing me to think about the future when i just wanted to live in the present. then you pushed me so high, that i finally saw it… what my future could look like. a job i actually like, friends i love and the girl of my dreams on my arms.“