cappellini la notte

My TOP 5 SDs for the 2016-17 season…

Virtue/Moir: Do l really need to explain why? This SD had everything.. energy, sexiness, power, speed, unison, precision (and more)…

Hubbell/Donohue: I liked this SD from the beginning of the season and l was so happy to see them perform it with so much energy and confidence at worlds!

Guignard/Fabbri: my little Italians… l know they they aren’t at the top level but l always enjoy watching them and last year l really enjoyed watching them having fun with this SD.

Cappellini/La Notte: Their ability to interpret is second to none. This SD was energetic and very fun to watch in my opinion!

Chock/Bates: I liked their music choice and how much energy they brought every time they performed this SD.