Regan and Kent have a pretty close relationship- she’s always trying to build him up and congratulate him on his accomplishments. I’m kinda thinking they are so close because ever since they were younger, they never quite “fit in” with the rest of the family. According to simblender Regan is bi and Kent is gay. 

When he’s not outright antagonizing Kent, Cornwall works on increasing his logic skill. His LTW is to become the law and unfortunately, chess sets are not as ubiquitous here as they are in Widespot.


The displays of affection continue upstairs while Kent makes some lunch.

Over the meal, he brings up his idea about purchasing Veronaville’s library. It would be a great investment for the Capps, and he only needs a little bit of money to start out. Well no, he needs quite a bit of money, but that’s only because it’s a historic building and on a large plot of land.

He pitches his idea to Regan hoping that she can talk to dad for him; they’re not on the best of terms right now.


“Above: Photograph of the Capp family used in the recent Rat Race magazine feature piece, which was quickly made infamous when reporter Patricia Wan (two-time winner of the Gootentaugen award for excellence in journalism and outspoken critic of the family’s alleged involvement in last year’s Landgraab election scandal) announced a sudden pull on the article a few days after its original publication, an action rumoured to have been in response to a warning slice of vine-cake delivered to her home address by an unknown sender. 

Since the days of their notorious matriarch Cleopatra Capp, previous generations of the Capp legacy have been implicated in the counterfeiting of both MagiCoins and Simoleons, illegal Laganaphyllis simnovorii breeding rackets, inter-neighbourhood repo-gun trafficking, wonderpetal shipments and the sale of unregistered bubble machines, as well as being affiliated with multiple witchcraft syndicates and supplying unlicensed members of the public with harmful magical reagents. The family is also known for fronting several charitable enterprises, such as the late Cordelia Capp’s foundation for aspiration failure research. However, they are perhaps most famous for their feud with the rival Monty clan – a feud which on top of providing many SimNation residents with bottles of bootlegged Monty vineyard nectar, has helped firmly cement the position of current queenpin, the young Juliette Capp, after a highly-publicised and horrific episode now being called the ‘sanguine nuptials’.”

Source: The Avarix magazine profile, pg. 16, Veronaville : Violence, Money, Magic.