circuits and sunshine // a mix for your favorite bot

i. touch— daft punk ft. paul williams | ii. just be friends— vocaloid | iii. gust of wind— pharrell williams ft. daft punk  | iv. kimi wo nosete (from Laputa Castle in the Sky)— yuka |  | v. i am not a robot— marina and the diamonds |  | vi. strobe — deadmau5 |  | vii. metal heart — cat power |  | viii. beat and the pulse — austra |  ix. brotherswing— caravan palace  | x. la vie en rose — louis armstrong | xi. electric lady — janelle monae

listen here !


Godstiel/Leviastiel trueform?

I’ve been doodling this complicated sucker for a while now uh

The big globe thing in the center holds the Purgatory souls. The wings are, from top to bottom: dragon, molting vulture, and albatross. Hind right leg is made of ~*~*gaseous material~*~*~, while the left is reptilian.

The snakes are probably my favorite part ╮(─▽─)╭


do you see the gold upon my fingertips? the prisms of light that fall from my eyes? do you think that they were easy, that they did not come with a price? (x)

my finished art trade for ela!! it’s of her belial concept (you can check the tag for it here l u l )

!!! this was a lot of fun!! i got to try out some things i’ve been interested in (eyes!!! liquid effects!!!) and ofc ela is the greatest cutie i mean