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Capoeira Guerreiros Batizado 2014! #capoeira #martialarts #selfdefense (at Capoeira Orlando)

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Puttin in work 💪💦🔥
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Things I learned from Capoeira class tonight.

- My technique on kicks is getting better. I’m focusing more on doing it right now than kicking higher.

- I can still play the Berimbau pretty well but Atabaque is Bae<3

- I still hate Queda De Rins with a burning white passion of 10,000 suns

- I love being back in class after 2 months.

- I’m still Flexible as F***

- DO NOT Test sparkseeker97 and her reactions because she will remove your foot from underneath you if she so pleases.

Axé. 😄

Things to be happy about:

–it’s a beautiful hot, sunny day in Orlando

–woke up and got a good work out in

–followed by a delicious Herbalife meal replacement shake

–worked on yoga homework and Herbalife stuff all day

–Anthony helped me make chicken alfredo for dinner

–started training at O-mei Wushu all the way over in Winter Gardens with Sifu Lou Li, the King of Eagle Claw, and had our second class last night—too awesome for words. Both of us have always wanted to train in Kung Fu and now we’re finally getting the chance

–I’m turning 22 in seven days!!!

–we’re going to the beach for my birthday!!

–Guerreiro’s batizado is on May 31st and I’m getting my third cord holy crap!!!

–4 more weekends of YTT until my certification, holy crap!!!

–Visiting Jersey for a 5 days in two more weeks!!!! So excited!!!! Can’t wait to see my capoeira family and my mom and friends and surprise everyone cause no one knows I’m coming!!!! =D (p.s.: Jonny if you happen to see this, don’t tell anyone!!!!!!)

–off to capoeira in an hour, I love my life <3

Why I love Capoeira

My name Is Isaiah Marcus Belcher. 12 months ago, I was overweight and dealing with depression. My best friend had moved to tampa, my relationship with God was weaker than ever, I was trying to figure out why it seemed nobody loved me the way I wanted to be loved, and why nobody showed me the love I have for them in both a Platonic and Non-Platonic way and I felt really alone and lost because of that. 10 months ago, I got up out of my own self pity and sent a text message to someone I hadn’t spoken to in years. That was the night my life changed for the better. I wasn’t just learning how to do a martial art, I was constantly pushing my body to its limits. Constantly learning more and more about what I can do. I failed a lot, but every time I did I had someone there to help me up. Someone there to teach me how to fix my mistakes and how to get better. In the last 3 months alone I’ve lost 24 pounds because someone had my back, because someone believed that I could accomplish anything. I didn’t know that when I walked through the doors of Capoeira Guerreiros Orlando that God would give me a group of people who I’m proud to call family who love me and have helped me grow as a person and not just a martial artist. Life right now for me is getting harder than ever. But even through all that, when I’m with these people, when I’m playing in a Roda with another person, when I’m giving everything I have and I’m running off of pure axé, I feel so free. Like nothin in the world matters except these few moments. That’s why I love Capoeira, because it freed me from depression, it freed me from my loneliness, it freed me from hell and I will always do my best to give back to capoeira. And to my teachers Falcão, Instrutor Su-Su, Contramestre Gaivota, Professor Folklore, and Mestre George Palmares thank you for doing that for me. Tomorrow begins my first ever Batizado where I’ll be getting my first cord and I couldn’t be happier, so with that, Just one last time, thank you to all who said I could. And thank Jesus for putting me on the path I am now. 12 months ago, I was Isaiah. Today, my name Tigrão.