capo di capi


Yo, Herr in letzter Zeit war ich nicht wirklich oft im Dialog mit dir
habe mich wenig auf das Wesentliche fokussiert
mein Fleisch dominiert mein Geist
anstatt Bibel zu lesen glotz ich irgendeinen Scheiß im TV
und geh raus und blaze Rauch wie ein Kamin
fühle mich week und reagier impulsiv
ich kauf’ mir spät noch Alkohol an der Tankstelle
und schreib’ Raps nur mit angezogener Handbremse
Es fließt nicht, mir fehlt der richtige Input
Und das zieht mich runter wie Stimmen beim Stimmbruch
Ich kann nicht klar sehen wie durch verdreckte Fenster
Nicht schlafen wegen Existensangst und Schreckgespenstern
Es ist echt krass zu was es führt, wenn
Ich meinen Geist nicht regelmäßig mit deinem Wort fütter
Ich lenke mich ab mit allem Möglichen
Doch nichts davon bringt was wie Macci oder Burger King
Ich muss zurück zu Dir – back zu der ersten Liebe
Denn nur bei dir finde ich, was mir diese Welt nicht bietet
Du füllst mein Herz mit Frieden, änderst meine Perspektive
Mit nur einem Vers der Bibel, Herr, vergib’ mir, denn ich weiß…

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Tsuna, Enma and Reborn seducing a maid they fell in love with


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“Master? I brought you tea.”

Tsuna felt his heart skip a beat at the sight of you as you rolled the tea cart in. He closed the book he was reading and gave you a smile. “Thanks.”

You love it when he smiled like that. True to his nature he made you feel warm inside whenever he did so. And even though you did not smile often you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling back.

You served the tea on the small table, too busy to notice when Tsuna walked up behind you. You almost jumped out of your skin when his hand grazed your bare arm oh so lightly as he reached for a pastry you had just laid on down. It had been so subtle, so light and yet so incredibly warm your breathe backed up in your throat and your heart started beating crazily.

You turned around to face him in a rush, almost toppling backward when you found him just barely a step away from you. Only his arm quickly snaking itself around your waist saved you from falling over the tea set.

“Are you alright?” he asked, concerned.

Heat crawled up your neck as you stared back at warm, caramel eyes so full of concern stared right back at your shocked ones. The heat of his finely muscled body as he pressed you against it tightly made your mouth dry and your lips tremble even as your mind whirled with confusion. Moving his leg a little you felt the fabric of his trousers rub delicately over the inside of your naked thigh and you had to bite back the moan the dribbled up your throat at the sensation.

What… What was going on? What are you doing to the Master?! Stop daydreaming! It’s not like this was the first time he’s done that, you should be used to it by now! He’s doing this because he’s nice! He has been ever since he picked you as his personal maid! Capo di tuti capi or not, no matter how many people he killed he was different when it came to you. He was different when you’re near! Because this was just his nature, is it not? Because you were part of the Famiglia he had been working hard to protect?

So why were you disgracing yourself in front of him like this?!

You push back and bow apologetically, struggling to fight your blush down. The hopelessness of your feelings pricking your eyes with tears. “I- I’m sorry, Master! I was just surprised.”

“Gee be careful will you?” you almost gasped as he reached out and pulled your face up, forcing you out of your bow. And again you were treated by that warm, kind smile. “Can’t have my personal maid getting hurt. What would I do without you?”

Blushing harder than ever and trying to stop yourself from falling further for the impossible you bow your head again once in apology and left the room.

As soon as you left Tsuna smirked sadly as he bit into the pastry he had used as another excuse to touch you again.

“Just a little more,” he muttered to himself as he stared at the hand that had wrapped itself around you. “Just a little bit more and I won’t be alone hopelessly loving you like this anymore…”


“Master Enma? You called?”

“Yes. Please come in.”

You opened the door carefully to see him standing beside his bed, already removing his tie. His exhausted face made something in your chest ache in sympathy and already you were fighting the urge to offer comfort.

You had heard he had come home from a long, tiresome meeting and when you had caught a glimpse of him from the hallway as he passed by you had noticed his shoulders were a little slumped. His tread heavy with exhaustion as he walked. You had thought he would have given an order for the servants not to disturb him but yet again he had called for you. Like he always had since that evening when he noticed you would sometimes be the only one to greet him when he came back home. It had become so bad that the other servants were now deferring to you when they need to give or let Master Enma know anything. It was like you had become his personal maid but… he never called you anything like that.

“Master?” you called out, a little surprised when he started taking off his suit and shirt.

“Good you’re here,” he sounded relief and your mouth almost dropped open when he undressed to reveal the rippling muscles hidden underneath. You blushed bright and red, grateful for the dim light of the table lamp beside his bed when he turned to you in all his half naked glory. “I need a back rub. It’s been a long day.”

You swallowed hard but you knew you had no way of refusing. Especially since he lay on the bed as though sacrificing his body for your leisure. He raised a brow at you expectantly, and silently questioning your slowness.

You shake your head quickly, trying to get rid of the impure thoughts running through your head as he lay there on his back waiting for you. Swallowing hard you step forward until you were at his bedside.

“Start with my chest,” he commanded as he sighed and crossed his forearms over his eyes. “Then you can do my back. Use that massage oil Shitt P gave me for Christmas.”

Willing your fingers not to tremble you picked up the bottle of lavender oil from the dresser and started warming your hands with it.

Come on why is your heart beating faster? It’s not like this was the first time he’s asked you to do this! So what if you’ll never get used to the feel of his skin under your hands? So what if your breath comes out faster each time you run your fingers over a firm muscle? This was your Master you were talking about here! There is absolutely no sense harboring feelings for him like this!

“Umm…” he moaned as you pressed on a particularly stubborn knot on his shoulder and you blushed and swallowed hard again even as your mouth turned dry at his pleased moan. “Do that again…”

You were a slave to his words. A prisoner to his pleasure. Even as he turned on his back demanding you work on the exhaustion knotting there as well you had to bite your lip to keep from kissing the back of his neck as he settled down to relax.

You left his room when you were done and he was quiet and asleep. For a minute you had to lean against his bedroom door as soon as you closed it from the outside, trying to get your bearings, trying to get your sanity back.

Back in the room Enma smiled into his pillow.

Next time… next time you’ll be ready for him.


Reborn smirked as he saw you in the empty hallway on your toes and rubbing insistently at a stubborn stain on the window. He checked out how your skirt pulled up as you stretched your arm up. His eyes softened when he saw the stray hairs that had escaped your tight bun as you rubbed furiously.

A scheme made him smirk again. He knew you would get mad but it was just too hard to resist.

He silently walked up to you from behind and snaked his long arms around your waist even as his lips found the stray hairs on your nape and kissed them one by one.

“AH!” you practically jumped out of your skin even as you moaned at the sensation of his lips. “W-wha― Master Rebon?!”

“Shhh!” he hushed you as he backed into an empty room with you still held tight in his arms.

You tried to struggle even as you blushed wildly at the mix of desire and anger at his boldness. “Wh- what are you doing?! M- master Reborn?!”

“Has anyone touched you here yet?” he whispered before delicately biting the edge of your ear and has hand digging low touching you between the legs. Forcing your skirt up with the action.

“Wait. No!” you struggled and the only reason you were able to get free was because he laughingly let you go. You glared at him, your face furiously red, your chest heaving heavily as you tried to get your breath back. “Pervert! Master Reborn, why do you keep doing this each and every time?!”

You wanted to wipe that happy smirk on his face as he brought the fingers that touched you up to his nose and licked it slowly. “What’s wrong with checking up on what’s mine?”

You swallowed hard and blushed even harder at his actions but you rallied yourself with righteous indignation. “Stop kidding! I’m a freaking maid here! I do not want to be kicked out just because you’re bored and want to have fun! What you’re doing is despicable!”

He pressed you bodily against the wall, his face serious as he looked into your now wide eyes. “Did anyone say I do the same to all the maids?”

You scowled but you were forced to answer truthfully. “No.”

“Have I ever been bothered by the fact that you’re a maid?”

“Not really.” You replied grudgingly.

“Have I ever made you feel less than a person when I’m around you?”

“…No, you don’t.”

His smirk came back and he pulled his fedora down over his eyes as he stepped back from you. “Then doesn’t that mean you’re special?”

“Stop joking.” you told him tiredly. “You have a reputation to take care of. What would people say if they find out you’re after a mere maid?”

“Since when have I ever cared what anyone else says?”

Even so you looked away from him. How can you believe that it was possible for a man like Reborn could want you? It’s just not right. It’s just not possible.

“It’s alright, I know you’re not ready yet but you’re getting there. I’m a patient man.” He broke the silence between you as he leaned back against the still closed door. But as you look up at him you blinked at the sharp obsidian eyes that had suddenly seemed to be warning you, making your blood run hot and cold at the same time. “Just don’t ever let anyone else touch you. I’m not above getting rid of my competition.”

Mobster Meme
  • Are you on FBI’s most wanted? Because you’re at the top of my list.
  • Well, looks like this is it.
  • You get the money, I’ll get the drugs, got it?
  • Are you’re free this Friday? Would you like to have dinner or do I have to murder your cat?
  • Don’t worry, the race is fixed, it’ll be fine.
  • Get out before you get yourself in too deep.
  • Baby you are so fine, I want to smuggle you to my private villa.
  • Do you have the money?
  • How hard can it be to kidnap one kid?
  • What do you have that we need?
  • I’m going to give you one piece of advice. Back off.
  • Huh. That feet-in-cement trick actually works.
  • You can be my Capo di tutti capi anytime.
  • Remember, you didn’t hear anything, and you didn’t see anything.
  • Lust is fleeting, True love lingers. Be mine always, And you’ll keep your fingers.
  • It’s not personal, it’s just business.
La figlia di Riina chiede il bonus bebè. Il comune dice no
Formalmente la motivazione è prettamente tecnica: Lucia Riina ha presentato una documentazione incompleta, mentre quella del marito è stata consegnata in ritardo. (Credits – AP)

Due nullatenenti che chiedono aiuto allo Stato ora che sono diventati genitori. Una realtà, purtroppo, diffusa nel nostro Paese, dove la crisi economica ha messo in ginocchio molte famiglie e dove il governo ha deciso di venire incontro alle famiglie più in difficoltà creando il cosiddetto bonus bebè. E così hanno fatto anche molte amministrazioni locali, che hanno predisposto dei bonus per le famiglie con figli piccoli.

Una realtà che, però, può superare la fantasia. Capita quando il bonus bebè viene richiesto a Corleone, in Sicilia, e se a richiedere il contributo statale è Lucia Riina, la figlia più piccola del capo dei capi, di quel Totò Riina che per decenni ha tenuto in mano le sorti della mafia, se non dell’intera Sicilia. E dal Comune di Corleone è arrivato un secco no alla richiesta.

Formalmente la motivazione è prettamente tecnica: Lucia Riina ha presentato una documentazione incompleta, mentre quella del marito è stata consegnata in ritardo. Realisticamente il Comune di Corleone – commissariato dopo lo scioglimento per infiltrazioni mafiosa – non può credere che la figlia del boss mafioso sia nullatenente. E la richiesta del bonus bebè allo Stato da parte di una donna che non ha mai rinnegato quel padre che lo Stato lo ha combattuto nel modo più odioso appare un insulto, più che una richiesta.

Lucia è la più piccola dei figli di Totò Riina ed è l’unica a vivere ancora a Corleone, assieme alla madre Ninetta. I fratelli hanno seguito la strada del padre, con Giovanni che sta scontando l’ergastolo e Salvo che ha l’obbligo di soggiorno a Padova, mentre sua sorella Maria Concetta (nella foto in primo piano, con madre e Lucia che si coprono il viso) si è invece trasferita con il marito in Puglia. Lucia fa la pittrice e rivendica di non aver seguito la strada del padre. Ma i documenti non sono in regola e il bonus bebè per lei non arriverà.