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top six things jim loves about bones

  1. his stupidly broad shoulders (seriously, jim knows the guy is no slouch, but the fact that bones can spend half as much time at the gym as he does and still look like that is either a cruel galactic joke or the best thing that’s ever happened.)
  2. the way his accent slips when he’s buzzed or relaxed or both (actually that’s not strictly true - what jim really loves is helping bones get to that point, where the furrow in his brow melts away and he doesn’t really care if he’s drawling ‘cause he’s too busy curling his mouth in a smile.)
  3. how much he loves his job (yeah, okay, bones will be bones and a bones will bitch about e v e r y t h i n g but as much as he complains about the reckless idiots that come across his biobed every day, jim has never met a guy so utterly enthralled and devoted to his work as bones. and he gets it, you know - leonard mccoy is to medicine as jim kirk is to space. he’s just glad that, somehow, the two have managed to match up.)
  4. his hands (jim kirk generally hesitates to objectify anyone who isn’t jim kirk, but goddamn, he could watch bones twirl a hypo between his fingers for hours on end. of course, that scenario would probably end with said hypo being jammed into jim’s neck at some point. as it should be.)
  5. how he knows when to shut up (let’s be clear - jim loves it when bones doesn’t shut up, considers a steady stream of cursing and complaining to be the backing track to his whole life these days, but somehow bones has always known when it’s enough to pass a flask into his hand and let him be, would be there and ready for whenever it feels right to talk again. he doesn’t even know if he’d be able to return such comfort. but he’d try, for bones, he really would.)
  6. what jim loves best about bones, though, is that he stays. (still. despite everything. because of everything.) 

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right omg im so tired of his angst like hes so passive it gets boring really fast

yess and his story is basically done now like they couldnt even make up anything to give him more manpain so they made something up that happened when he was in high school i rolled my eyes that whole episode and im not looking forward to when he comes back in 3b unless jennifer also comes back and they do something with that unresolved story i feel like what’d be best is to just keep him away from beacon hills tho like it wouldnt make sense for him to leave with cora then come back without her and the actress for cora isnt coming back so?????

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and jim gets so pissed and doesnt let bones transfer and he realizes hes been neglecting bones and hes rly sorry and he didnt mean it and they make up pls :((

jim just needs a reminder of how much bones means to him let us just cling to the fact jim does seem to pay a fraction more attention to bones in stid when he nearly loses him