And this is the footage from the demo build that was shown at E3 May 14-16 2003. This footage came from the Biohazard 4 Secret/Promotional DVD (CAPJ-50127). I captured from the menu just to show the disc, the others didn’t really have title menus. There were three label variants of this disc - Leon, Ashley and Ada but all were under the same catalog ID.

The trailer shown at E3 was the one starting with the rain and the kind of stylized serif, lower-case typeface for the logo. This was mirrored in the Japanese Biohazard version of the same short trailer.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the E3 press kits on-hand so I can’t upload them or list the catalog ID for them at the current time.

This same trailer was cycled through GameCenter CX’s season 1, episode 3 Capcom episode in the background while Hiroyuki Kobayashi was being interviewed before it cycled into footage from Tokyo Game Show 2003′s press kits. This episode was aired December 2, 2003 and on the subject of Biohazard 4 Hiroyuki Kobayashi then announced that the build (in-house didn’t really differentiate the two aside from the major Devil May Cry difference) that had been shown up to that point was cancelled with further revision into what we saw as the retail version of 4.