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    to attract and hold the interest and attention of; charm
    “Sirius was capitvated by Remus’ beauty.”


“I’m sorry…I can’t leave. I can’t…I can’t go…I can’t go with you. He’s so small and frail, how can I leave him? He’s lost so much weight; he’s always shivering. Griffith used to be so strong and confident. I can’t leave him behind, not like this. I can’t leave him like this…I’m so sorry.

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological disorder and emotional reaction that capitves experience when subjected to life threatening situations. Individuals activate this survival mechanism when exposed to traumatic situations that involve a direct threat on their lives while being held against their will. The term originated following an attempted bank robbery and subsequent hostage situation in Sweden, 1973, in which the hostages began to sympathise with their captors and resisted rescue attempts by law agencies. After the kidnapping and trial of Patricia ‘Patty’ Hearst (pictured above) many social scientists and psychologists began studying the phenomenon of emotional bonding between hostages and their captors to determine whether this type of reaction was rare or more common place.

Although Stockholm Syndrome is primarily experienced by captives in hostage or terrorist situations, it has also been identified in cult members, victims of hijackings, prisoners of war, incest victims, domestic violence victims, and in a modified form in correctional officers, but anyone can develop it when exposed to the following conditions:

  • A direct threat to one’s survival and the perception that the person making the threat is capable of acting on it.
  • The person making threats is also perceived as being kind, because of small acts of compassion and kindness.
  • Isolation from the outside world such that the other person’s beliefs and perceptions are the only ones available.
  • The belief that there is no escape and one’s life is in the hands of the individual making the threats.
the telling moments - klaroline

he strokes her head, he realised he nearly killed the person who truly understands him die

when he escapes capitvity, shes pretty calm, when he approaches she stand 

he says we both know i would never hurt you (interesting seeing as he did stab her in earlier episode to try and get freedom, but he would never let her die- proven in the scene before)

when they are fighting and shes pissed

look at his face, upset, angry and in pain

when hes talking to stefan about how the purest hearts can be drawn to the allure of darkness, caroline looks at him 

Cusps of the Signs

Aries: (March 21-March 25): Aries w/ Pisces tendencies. Headstrong and impulsive, however, longs for peace and solitude. Resent when others intrude with plans, your intellectual powers are keen and enjoy probing into new areas and ideas. Very warm presence, keen with emotions. Fond of entertaining

(April 15-April 19): Aries w/ Taurus tendencies. Impatient, high-strung and volatile, but determined and extremely stubborn. Reputation for not always finishing what they began, but able to see project through until the end. Enjoys being in charge, emotions always dominant factors in your life and people know they can receive an honest reaction. Fiery and romantic

Taurus: (April 20-April 24): Taurus w/ Aries tendencies. Self-suffcient and determined, but also spirited and independent. Hates rules and regulations of any sort and in whatever situation you will also assert your own personality. People come to you for your advice. Usually has an intellectual approach to solving problems, but in love you are impulsive and extravagant

(May 16-May 20): Taurus w/ Gemini tendencies. You are ambitious and have strong willed power with imaginative and intellectually inclined, Attractive personality and persuasive touch that works well with people. Deal with straightforward individuals because you prefer to cut through deception or secretiveness. Dislikes orders, thoughts are easily spoken unless emotions are involved. Unable to express feelings thoroughly

Gemini (May 21-May 25): Gemini/Taurus tendencies. Inquisitive and changeable, however, there is a stubborn streak that allows you to stay on course. Can become irritable with others don’t meet your expectations. Artistic talents are present, but you are more concerned about practical ways of making a living

(June 16-June 20): Gemini w/Cancer tendencies. Quick witted and communicative, analytical, cautious, and conservative. Very trustworthy and enjoys being surrounded with with familiar objects and people. Charming manners/appearance. Worst fear is being ordinary

Cancer: (June 21-25): Cancer w/ Gemini tendencies. Sympathetic and generous nature and intellectual mind. May be famous for your intellectual abilities in the future, but your heart and mind often times clash with each other. Special touch for getting along with people from diverse/unique backgrounds. Needs constant stimulation and change

(July 18-July 22): Cancer w/ Leo tendencies. Idealistic and sensitive, with a sense of cleverness and forcefulness. Quick-tempered with constantly fluxuating. Enjoys doing things your way, takes time forming any intimate relations in fear of rejection

Leo: (July 23-July 27): Leo w/ Cancer tendencies. High aspirations and tend be creative, yet methodical and studious. Right decisions and hate to be seen as unprepared. Mental work stimulates you because of your powers of concentration and an ability to express yourself. Easily attracts many friends b/c of your positive aura. Headstrong and possessive in love

(August 18-August 22): Leo w/Virgo tendencies. Gain attention b/c of your strong personality/ sense of style. Determination is a dominant quality, taste for elegance. Level-headed when analyzing others problems. Yet, makes decisions with your heart and then rationalizes with your head

Virgo: (August 23-August 27): Virgo w/Leo tendencies. Kind, gracious, reliable and sense of original styling. Optimistic, witty and sense of fun are magnetic to others. Orgainzational abilities and irresponsible of others. Shines in social settings. Effusive, warm, and loyal

(September 18-September 23): Virgo w/Libra tendencies. Ideal individual and perceptive. Gregarious nature and successful in dealing with others. Your mind is lively and alert (possessing a lot of social talents). Love is sincere and expressive, however, needs lots of attention for their partner

Libra: (September 23-September 27): Libra/ Virgo tendencies. People-orinented, industurious, and keen eye for detail. Important to be admired. Love makes you feel fullfilled, however, you are flirtatious

(October 18-October 22): Libra w/ Scorpio tendencies. Magnetic personal charm and manevuers situations to your liking. Hardworking, people person. Your senusality comes naturally. Impatience and quick-tempered, but refrains from arguements. Not punctual, captivating social nature

Scorpio: (October 23-October 27): Scorpio w/ Libra tendencies. Elegance, charm, and good-naturedness in your personality. Talent for expressing your opinions in an amusing manner, Strong-willed, but with downfalls. Prefers to work alone or at your own pace. Feelings run deep in love, but takes extra caution. Does not commit easily

(November 17-November 21): Scorpio w/ Sagittarius tendencies. Sensitive, intutive, and lots of nervous energy. Has a variety of interest and attracts somewhat eccentric friends. Mental activity simulates you, fond of discussions and voicing your opinion. Sentimental, but able to be objective if it is in your best interest

Sagittarius: (November 22-November 26): Sagittarius w/Scorpio tendencies. High-strung, excitable, colorful personalty. Intelligent, verstile and forward-thinking. Dislike being alone, however, socially spread yourself too thin. Spots advantages life grants them rather quickly and likes to be center of attention. Psyhic powers and ability to probe into others’ minds. Passionate, but changeable

(December 17-December 21): Sagittarius w/ Cap tendencies. Genial and good-natured and charming social manners. Ambitious and responsible. Imaginative, strong sense of self. Sensitive nature and capitvity for loving deeply. Doesn’t always make wise decisions in love

Capricorn: (December 22-December 26): Cap w/ Sag tendencies. Practical and unemotional, however, kind-loving heart. Confident and sympathetic listener. Adventurous quality; conserative and cautious of judgement. Willing to examine another POV. Often picks up unspoken signals from others

(January 13-January 19): Cap w/Aqua tendencies. Deep person and possess insight. Highly generous and fun-loving. Enjoy entertaining, success working in public. When things are wrong only able to see in a pessimistic manner. Loyalty is unshakable and ready to assist someone you love. Tends to settle for less than deserved

Aquarius: (January 20-January 24): Aqua w/ Cap tendencies. Quick-minded, verstile, good memory, methodical approach. Successful in interprises and has a witty sense of humor. Needs privacy and periods of reflection. Strong streak of independence. Deals with love analytically b/c worries of following prey to feelings

(February 18-February 20): Aqua w/ Pisces tendencies. Easygoing charm, many acquantices, only few know you on a personal level. Lighthearted exterior has internal feelings. Does not accept change w/o investigation. Extragavant tastes and enjoys spending money

Pisces (February 19-February 23): Pisces w/ Aqua tendencies. Elegant, refined nature and infectious sense of fun. Possess determination and origization ability. Successful at making money. Strong likes and dislikes. Needs constant change from becoming bored. Love may be elusive b/c you require a unique person

(March 16-March 20): Pisces w/ Aries tendencies. Keen observation and drawn to unusual individuals and their ideas. Strong personality, executes plans despite of obstacles. Original person. Magnetic social touch and surrounded by friends and acquaitances. Flirtaitious and changeable, but capable of intense devotion

heterophobicmaxanne  asked:

I checked your blog and I couldn't find anything, so sorry if you already answered this, but how do you feel about Robb's treatment of Sansa and Arya and their capitvity/disappearance? Do you think he should/could have handled it differently or better, maybe done more to get them back?

Thanks for the question @clara-the-slytherin-graduate. I haven’t answered it before. I don’t usually write metas because whenever I start, I abandon them shortly because I assume what I have to say has been said before, or because no one asked. But since you have asked, here goes! I am answering your questions in reverse order. Let’s ramble.

 Do you think he should/could have handled it differently or better, maybe done more to get them back?

Robb Stark has just been crowned King of the North and Trident by his bannermen at Riverrun. He knows his sister Sansa is captive in King’s Landing, and has no knowledge of his sister Arya. He comes to accept that Arya is dead somewhere between Catelyn IV and Catelyn V of ASOS, so Robb first needs to get more information about Arya’s whereabouts—is she still in King’s Landing? Is she dead? It would be a poor show of power to trade Jaime Lannister for his sisters and only receive one in return.

Let’s be real. Finding Arya in a giant Westeros is really difficult, especially if you don’t know if she’s alive or not. What should he do, disperse all his forces to scour the Riverlands to find her? Rickard Karstark tried that with Jaime Lannister, and all that caused was death and destruction. That’s a horrible plan to disband your whole army. I think the only thing Robb could have done to help Arya was very publically put a large reward on her safe return. Jaime’s golden armor, maybe. That would be a nice trophy. Both the Brotherhood and the Hound find Arya and intend to ransom her, knowing she is valuable. If the Brotherhood knew exactly how much they would get for returning Arya, that may seem like a more tangible reward that can be used to help their effort, and they would have been more hasty returning her. Maybe not, who knows. Unfortunately, if this proclamation had the intended effect of a more vigorous search for Arya, would perhaps Arya be discovered at Harrenhal while the Northmen are there? I shudder at the thought of Roose Bolton knowingly having Arya in his possession.

Now, the bigger issue is how Robb deals with returning Sansa to him, because he knows she is in King’s Landing. There are three*** ways presented in the books to ensure Sansa’s release. First, surrender. Second, trading Sansa for Jaime Lannister. Third, Robb winning the war.

1) Surrender

“Perhaps I do not understand tactics and strategy … but I understand futility. We went to war when Lannister armies were ravaging the riverlands, and Ned was a prisoner, falsely accused of treason. We fought to defend ourselves, and to win my lord’s freedom.

“Well, the one is done, and the other forever beyond our reach. I will mourn for Ned until the end of my days, but I must think of the living. I want my daughters back, and the queen holds them still. If I must trade our four Lannisters for their two Starks, I will call that a bargain and thank the gods. I want you safe, Robb, ruling at Winterfell from your father’s seat. I want you to live your life, to kiss a girl and wed a woman and father a son. I want to write an end to this. I want to go home, my lords, and weep for my husband.”

AGOT, Catelyn XI

 As Catelyn says, Robb didn’t just march south as his duty as a son to save his father, but also his duty as the grandson of Hoster Tully to defend Tully lands against Tywin Lannister. Catelyn says, “One is done, and the other forever beyond our reach,” but that simply isn’t true. One is not done. Tywin Lannister is still at the head of a huge ass army, and that army is in the riverlands. Sure, Robb could trade four Lannisters and only get Sansa back, and march home, but that doesn’t erase the fact that House Lannister is now in power and broke the King’s Peace and ravaged part of the riverlands, or that the last three Lords of Winterfell were executed on trumped up treason charges. What guarantee would Robb or Hoster or any of their lords have that House Lannister wouldn’t just decide to break the King’s Peace again? None. The Blackfish says it best:

“Peace,” said her uncle Brynden. “Peace is sweet, my lady … but on what terms? It is no good hammering your sword into a plowshare if you must forge it again on the morrow.”

AGOT, Catelyn XI

 2) Trade Jaime Lannister for Sansa

“Cersei Lannister will never consent to trade your sisters for a pair of cousins. It’s her brother she’ll want, as you know full well.” She had told him as much before, but Catelyn was finding that kings do not listen half so attentively as sons.

“I can’t release the Kingslayer, not even if I wanted to. My lords would never abide it.”

“Your lords made you their king.”

“And can unmake me just as easy.”

“If your crown is the price we must pay to have Arya and Sansa returned safe, we should pay it willingly. Half your lords would like to murder Lannister in his cell…”

“But I won’t free him, not even for Sansa and Arya”… “I might have been able to trade the Kingslayer for Father, but …”

“… but not for the girls?” Her voice was icy quiet. “Girls are not important enough, are they?”

ACOK Catelyn I

I think the first thing to note is that Robb was crowned the first ever King of the North and the Trident as a young boy, and he realizes he must earn the devotion of his lords. He’s a green boy who must prove he’s no boy at all (“He was Robb the Lord now, or trying to be”). This is probably why Robb leads from the front, when veterans like Stannis or Tywin can lead from the rear. Robb now must decide between what he wants, and what his kingdom wants/needs. We see Robb fluctuating between “Robb the boy” and “Robb the Lord” and “Robb the King” in Bran and Catelyn’s chapters. The truth of the matter is, as much as Robb the boy wants his sisters home, Robb’s war isn’t really Robb’s at all. It’s not the “War for the Happy Stark Family Reunion,” as much as we want it to be. Robb was made by his lords, and Robb the king realizes Jaime as a hostage/trophy matters more to Lords Blackwood and Bracken and Karstark and Manderly than the safe return of Sansa and Arya Stark, whom these high lords have no emotional investment in. If Robb makes too many decisions that only benefit House Stark and no one else, lords will get disgruntled (like Robb marrying Jeyne Westerling at the same time Catelyn releases Jaime. Two things that are very disconcerting to bannermen as they only benefit Catelyn and Robb).

Again, Catelyn brings up surrendering to get Sansa and Arya back. I would really suggest reading @racefortheironthrone ‘s ACOK Catelyn I chapter analysis, as it brings up some important points. Quick excerpt:

“At the same time, I do think there is a problem with uncritically accepting the argument that “If your crown is the price we must pay to have Arya and Sansa, we should pay it willingly.” King Robb’s crown is at one and the same time both an obstacle and the vehicle for any return of the two Stark sisters – because without his bannermen and their armies, he has no means to compel the Lannisters to hand over his sisters, to end the war, or to keep his family safe.”

Regardless of his bannermen’s wishes, should/could he have traded anyways?

“I should have traded the Kingslayer for Sansa when you first urged it,” Robb said as they walked the gallery. “If I’d offered to wed her to the Knight of Flowers, the Tyrells might be ours instead of Joffrey’s. I should have thought of that.”

ASOS Catelyn IV 

Ah yes, Robb, hindsight’s a bitch. But even still, I don’t think marrying Sansa to Loras Tyrell would have tempted the Tyrells to join Robb over Joffrey, because if I know anything about Mace Tyrell, it’s that he wants Margaery to be queen. Like I said before, when Robb does things that only benefit House Stark, he loses loyalty. When he marries Jeyne, he loses his Frey forces, and when Catelyn releases Jaime, he loses his Karstark army. So, Robb needs to do that as infrequent as possible otherwise he’ll find himself alone. I can’t imagine any scenario where Robb trades Jaime for Sansa and the Karstarks stay loyal, unless, maybe, Robb also included Harrion Karstark in that trade, and if that didn’t work, also offer Sansa’s hand in marriage to Harrion when they are both released. The problem still remains that Robb is a newly minted King and needs to prove himself to his bannermen, and even if he thinks his sisters are equal to Jaime in a trade, his bannermen won’t. If Robb decided to trade anyway, and then only received one sister in exchange, his lords might see him as a toothless wolf not strong enough to achieve independence if he couldn’t even achieve that.

 3) Win the war

Yeah winning and not dying would have definitely helped save Sansa. But how Robb could have helped his war effort is a whole different question, so, different time. 

4) Plan Sansa’s escape

Two ideas not presented in the books are Robb orchestrating Sansa’s escape or seizing King’s Landing himself. Sansa has opportunities to escape with Sandor Clegane and Ser Dontos Hollard, why not one of Robb’s people? The problem with this is that Robb has no one loyal to him in King’s Landing that we or he knows, though if he offered Sansa’s hand in marriage to whoever brought Sansa to him safely perhaps Littlefinger might have jumped on that instead of whisking her to the Eyrie. But how would he know that Littlefinger wants to marry Sansa? Perhaps he could have sent false envoys like Tyrion did, but Northern, honor-bound Robb would never sanction the breaking of guest right.

Possible agents for Robb in ACOK could be the Antler Men, who are loyal to Stannis Baratheon as Stannis marches on the city. Seeing as the entirety of King’s Landing is starving and hating the ruling regime, and that the Antler Men in particular owe the crown significant sums of money, the Antler Men might be really be loyal to who they see as the winning side. If Robb was camped outside King’s Landing, perhaps they would be the Wolf Men. Perhaps if Robb could have sent men in with the hoards of refugees from the war, and they could have found the Antler Men before Varys did, the Antler Man who was Chief Gaoler in the Red Keep could have replaced Dontos in convincing Sansa to escape. It’s a a bit of a stretch. The problem is, this would take time to orchestrate, and it doesn’t take long for the Antler Men to become antlered with nails and put in trebuchets.

5) Seize King’s Landing himself and free Sansa. 

Aside from the strategy (Robb marching to King’s Landing while Tywin is in Harrenhal gives Robb no time to take the city before Tywin smashes him against the outer walls), the biggest problem is that Robb taking King’s Landing all but ensures Sansa’s death. Cersei assures Sansa that “The Starks will have no joy from the fall of House Lannister,” but during The Battle of Blackwater Sansa has opportunity to escape in the chaos. If it was Robb outside instead of Stannis, I don’t think Cersei would let Sansa out of her sight, seeing Sansa’s life as the last bargaining chip for Joffrey’s. Sansa doesn’t mean anything to Stannis. Sansa means something to Robb. If Robb somehow successfully took King’s Landing, I don’t see how Sansa could survive.

***Stannis promises Catelyn to return her daughters to her if he takes the city. Robb, however, does not know this, and has already marched West. As we learn in ASOS Catelyn II Robb was intending to draw Tywin far enough West to not be able to aid King’s Landing in time. I suppose he could have given Edmure clearer orders, or let him in on his plan, and voila Stannis takes King’s Landing and reaches Sansa (hopefully before Ilyn Payne does).

 How do you feel about Robb’s treatment of Sansa and Arya and their captivity/disappearance?

When I personally do any sort of analysis of Robb’s military campaign or Robb as a character, I try to remind myself of a few things.

  1. Robb is 14-16 years old during the series
  2. Robb loves his family
  3. We don’t have a Robb POV so we really don’t know what Robb thinks and feels

Is Robb up late at night worried about Arya and Sansa? Does he think about them all the time? We really don’t know. If we had a Robb POV, would we as readers be less hard on Robb? Probably. In AGOT Robb feels intense pressure in his dad’s place, and when people he loves are in danger he generally reacts in anger (Yoren telling Robb of Benjen, Bran attacked by wildlings, letter from Sansa of Ned’s arrest). But, at the same time, when he tells Bran that Ned is grievously injured, he is rather reserved and sad and worried and lonely. He is different from boy who begged Catelyn for help because he was overwhelmed. You see how he both feels very isolated as the oldest Stark (“I never know how much to tell you Bran. I wish you were older”) but him also accepting that as his burden (“Still … the honor of the north is in my hands now”). After that point, and once he is king, I think all his grief and worry he keeps to himself. I reckon he learned Ned’s lesson of “A lord may love the men that he commands … but he cannot be a friend to them,” and that is why we as readers through Catelyn’s POV may think he comes off as uncaring towards his sisters.

I think a big thing people dislike about Robb is him disinheriting Sansa, which personally, since this is my opinion, I can’t really blame him for. Once Sansa marries Tyrion, Robb says the only way she can ever be free is if he takes off Tyrion’s head. Even Catelyn writes of Sansa as dead, because she thinks as soon as Sansa bears a child they will kill her. When Robb disinherits Sansa, it’s because a 16-year-old is writing his will. 16! Writing a will! (sorry, six-and-ten). Robb at this point is pretty deep in despair. I mean, you gotta be to be that young and writing a will. Maybe Robb thinks publically disinheriting Sansa could somehow protect her. If her claim was made less strong then Jon’s, maybe the Lannisters won’t kill her as soon as she births a child. Who knows, that isn’t mentioned. But I personally can’t really blame Robb that he doesn’t want House Lannister ruling Winterfell. I don’t see it as “I am disinheriting Sansa because she is a woman” as much as “I am disinheriting Sansa because she is married to and a hostage of my mortal enemy.” Maybe other people see it the first way, but I can’t. 

Hope I answered your questions adequately.


#she started off dreaming of the ground #what it looked like #walking on the soil #between the trees #she then drew the tower in Polis #drawing images #thoughts #that resemble Lexa #until one day she met her #and drew the beauty she saw in her #Clarke has been capitvated by the ground all her life #using art to express herself #like Dante said #the only time he was truly able to escape the loss, pain, and regret in his life was threw his artwork #and we see that with the various pieces of art that Clarke has drawn linking to Lexa #Clarke’s art since the pilot has been leading to her #taking her away from the tragedy she has felt

And most of you are living with the guilt that somehow it’s your fault you aren’t more deeply pursued now. That you do not have an essential role in a great adventure. That you have no beauty to unveil. The message of our wounds nearly always is, “This is because of you. This is what you deserve.” It changes things to realize that, no, it is because you are glorious that these things happened. It is because you are are major threat to the kingdom of darkness. Because you uniquely carry the glory of God to the world.
You are hated because of your beauty and power.
- Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge

God’s showing me the beauty of my brokenness, it was never my place to blame myself. The enemy is constantly jealous of women, why? because we are the spinning image of God’s beauty-Eve. He is constantly breaking us down as women, because he envies our beauty as daughters of Eve. Piecing the story together, why did he go after Eve first? The enemy despised that Eve was the image of God, the captivating, beautiful image that He created through her.

…I pray that every woman knows this truth. It was never our battle.

A woman of true beauty is a woman who in the depths of her soul is at rest, trusting God because she has come to know him to be worthy of her trust. She exudes a sense of calm, a sense of rest, and invites those around her to rest as well […] A woman of true beauty offers others the grace to be and the room to become.
—  Captivating by John & Staci Eldridge