these are selfies of mine i have recently taken, like half an hour ago. i hesitated at first, because they aren’t my best and i don’t look super pretty in them.

and i feel insecure about them. it is true. i feel insecure about what people will think of me. but i still want to post them.

i am hella sun burnt and it is clear to see.
and i have also never liked my face either, which is full of freckles. and no, it isn’t hipster. i still remember once that you could buy stickers to give yourself fake freckles.
idiotic. absolutely idiotic.
because freckles aren’t always fun. when you have some on your cheeks then they are cute. but not on your whole face. something i believed in for a long time.
i wouldn’t categorize myself into the ultimate beauty standard, and that is something i never will do.

but i start to live with it slowly but steady. and maybe that is why i have got the courage to only post natural photos of mine in which i have no makeup on, in which i am sunburnt and in which my face is full of freckles. at least in this one.

and everyone, you all are beautiful. you all are. i sometimes scroll through the f1 fandom faces tag and i am blown away by your beauty. seriously. no joke.

you are all beautiful.

(also my hair is still slightly wet) (sorry for the long capiton)