i have an iphone 6s in rose gold (i know, so fancy) as both a birthday gift and a replacement for the phone i shattered in front of the capitol building. oops? i have the apple brand silicone case in lilac, which is a pastel blue.

all apps mentioned are free! because i’m a cheapskate haha. most of these links will be to the ios appstore.

  • phone - default app, it’s self explanatory
  • neko atsume - this was a meme a while ago, but i still play it haha. it’s a game where you collect cats, kind of like pokemon but chiller
  • pacifica - a stress, anxiety, and depression help app
  • google chrome - i prefer it to safari, the default browser, because i have all my bookmarks saved
  • 1010! - a block game, a cross between tetris and connect 4
  • 2048 - a math and strategy game
  • sudoku - the classic number puzzle, in app form
  • game center - default apple app
  • stack - a minimalistic reaction and timing game
  • flowergarden - a simple flower garden
  • definitionado - a riddle word game
  • vsco - photo editing tool, i mostly use it for straightening and adjusting perspective
  • over - add text overlays, free daily typography
  • polarr - the photo editing app i use most often

it’s really gr9 that these first three apps all have circle icons

  • camera & photos - default apps, self explanatory
  • iscanner - i can scan things using my phone’s camera
  • priime - many many filters, and will suggest filters based on the colors of your photo
  • memrise - for language and sat vocabulary words
  • duolingo - the classic language learning app
  • infinite campus - i use it to check my grades, if your school has an app for this i highly recommend you get it
  • calculator - default app, for when i’m traveling and don’t want to bring my calculator
  • google docs - for working on group projects and saving work to the cloud, allows you to save docs to work offline
  • coursera - free online courses, can download lessons
  • messages - default app, but i have a cost per text plan so i never text anyone except my parents
  • tumblr - :)))) 
  • gmail - gotta stay connected! better than the default email app because i have the gmail sorting capabilities
  • instagram - to keep up with friends with no other social media 
  • contacts - default app, because i’m bad at memorizing phone numbers 
  • hangouts - what i use instead of messages
  • youtube - i like to watch videos
  • voice memos - default app, i use this to study using this method (by @riseandstudy)
  • podcasts - default app, for listening to podcasts, let me know if you’ve like me to post more about podcasts
  • binaural - sounds with certain frequencies to help you fall asleep or focus
  • relax melodies - mix and match white noise sounds
  • spotify - music! 
  • stop, breath & think - guided meditation
  • rain, rain - mix and match white noise, mainly rain
  • clock - default app, for general time keeping
  • calendar - default app, for tracking events
  • pillow - tracks sleep quality, smart alarms
  • pomodoto - pomodoro timer, productivity tracker, to do
  • notes - default app, for jotting a quick note
  • ibooks - default app, for reading downloaded books and pdfs
  • goodreads - to find new books and read reviews
  • wattpad - for reading fanfiction
  • fleksy - custom keyboard
  • mercari - for selling things i don’t need and buying secondhand items (side note: if you want to use the app you can message me for my invite code and we both get 2 bucks #spon)
  • weather - default app, self explanatory
  • maps - default app, because i get lost
  • dropbox - i have 16gb of storage so i upload photos to dropbox and delete them from my library as often as i can
  • news - default app, gotta keep up with the rest of the world

the default apps I never use go in a folder on a separate page so I don’t have to see them.

Weird things I've heard at work
  • Customer:I want some books for my teenage son. Can you recommend any?
  • Me:Yes, has he read the hunger games?
  • Customer:I'm not sure. What is it about?
  • Me:Well, there are 12 districts governed by the Capitol-
  • Customer:I'll take them! He's such a computer nerd. He'll love them.
  • Me:*stares blankly*

If you’re anything like me your go-to plans for a Friday night involve a bar, not a club, and your go-to outfit doesn’t swing it in the summer. I normally go to a pair of dark skinny jeans, a black flowy top, and a pair of booties. Understandably, this ensemble isn’t the best for the 100+ degree summer weather of California’s capitol city.

Shop The Look:
Left: shirt, shirt I skirt, skirt I sandals, sandals, sandals, sandals 
Middle: skirt, skirt I heels, heels
Right: skirt, skirt, skirt I heels, heels, heels

anonymous asked:

do you have any other warnette/leila tics floating around in your head that you could write? I love the ones that you have I think they're so adorable and would love to see more!

here’s all my unwritten shatter me fic ideas

•juliette requests a second turn in the simulation room
•55/56 smut (56 is currently in progress but it’s at a halt)
•everyone finding out warner’s name (mainly kenji)
•boardroom table @ capitol (moving to the capitol from sector 45)
•warner teaching james to shoot & brotherly bonding
•warner pov anything
•when leila is born
•juliette’s pregnancy
•kenji babysitting warnette kid(s)
•warner crying (y tho ??? idk)
•w’s mom being alive
•j dying in unravel me (right in front of warner, obviously)
•j in cute undies and warney bein like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
•bullet wound kisses
•warner shopping for juliette and her letting him dress her up for the first time
•juliette & finishing school
•juliette wearing makeup for 1st time
•juliette on a plane for the 1st time

•drunk warner and/or juliette

The front of my #Myrna by @andisatt showcases those sexy decreases. Button band today. It blocks tomorrow. So glad I used this @knit_picks #SwishWorsted #KnitMyFeelings #knitstagram #knitting #knit #knittersofinstagram #yarn #yarnporn #sweater #sweaterknitting #knittingneedles #ravelry #knitpicks (at Hill East, Capitol Hill, DC)

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Clinton email headache is about to get worse
Clinton’s presidential campaign has failed to quiet the furor over the issue.
By Julian Hattem

A scathing inspector general’s report this week was just the first in what is likely to be a series of official actions related to her private server stemming from the FBI, a federal courthouse and Capitol Hill.

Clinton’s presidential campaign has failed to quiet the furor over the issue, which has dogged her for more than a year.

In the next few weeks — just as the likely Democratic presidential nominee hopes to pivot towards a general election — it will face its toughest scrutiny yet.

“All of that feeds into this overarching problem of public distrust of her,” said Grant Reeher, a political science professor at Syracuse University.

“To put it in slang terms, she’s got a pretty deeply held street rep at this point. This fits the street rep,” he added.

It was the day of her eighteenth birthday and she was scheduled to see one of her gracious donors. Apparently, she owed her survival to this man, who gave her food, water, and several donations that helped her win.
<p> She wondered why this man chose this night of all nights. Other Capitol residents didn’t bother to wait until she was legal to manhandled her.
<p> The woman was escorted by the Peacekeepers to the room. They knocked and waited.
Harry Styles set for split with Simon Cowell to 'move as far away from 1D as possible' as rival labels fight
A new major US solo deal could be on the cards

From DAN WOOTTON’S Bizarre Column 19:01, 22 May 2016

HE’S chopped off his famous locks and now HARRY STYLES is considering cutting his last remaining ties with ONE DIRECTION.

I’ve learned the pop heart-throb is at the centre of a bidding war between record giants Universal and Sony, as mentor SIMON COWELL braces himself to lose the star from his label, Syco.

Harry’s potential deal with Universal will be managed out of the US and is likely to see him sign with Capitol Records, home to KATY PERRY, EAGLES,BECK and even THE BEACH BOYS.

The label, based at the iconic Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, is run by Brit hot- shot music exec Steve Barnett, who got to know Harry while launching 1D spin-off band 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER.

But Universal Music Group chairman Lucian Grainge — who once tried to poach 1D from Sony — is also believed to be instrumental in luring Harry away from the record company.

Sony is doing everything in its power to keep him, sparking a huge bidding war.

A Sony source said: “Harry is being offered so many incentives to stay. They’re breaking the bank for him.”

Earlier this month I told how Sony nabbed ROBBIE WILLIAMS from Universal. But at least Sony bosses can pat themselves on the back for securing a history-making deal with ADELE, as I’ve revealed today.

Sources close to 1D say it was inevitable Harry was going to distance himself from the band.

A 1D insider explained: “It was obvious from day one that Harry wouldn’t stay with Simon Cowell, Syco or a Sony label.

“He wants to move as far away from the band as possible and for him that means an entirely new team based in America.

“It’s all part of a masterplan being driven by his friend Jeff Azoff, who has set up his own management company to launch Harry as a solo superstar.”

Universal’s UK labels will be fighting over who gets to represent Harry here, with Polydor seen as the most likely option.

1D fans won’t be happy with my revelation today and neither will Harry, who wanted this news kept secret until he has finished shooting his first film role, the CHRISTOPHER NOLAN- directed drama Dunkirk.

Last night a source close to Harry said: “He has made no decisions about his music future. He is close to many people at Sony and focusing on filming his first movie.”

It’s going to be a big year for Harry.

“Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave.” Proverbs 12:24. Seriously, luck has nothing to do with it. Focused energy, time and God’s will are the most powerful forces on the planet. Work hard consistently, within the will of God, over a good period of time and you will have success.

Capitalism is religion.
Banks are churches.
Bankers are priests.
Wealth is heaven.
Poverty is hell.
Rich people are saints.
Poor people are sinners.
Commodities are blessings.
Money is God.
—  Miguel D. Lewis