Capitol Look: Craig Green

One look at Craig Green’s A/W 15 collection and you feel the intensity. It’s bold, striking, unapologetic. That’s what stood out most to our Capitol Couture editors, who are naming Craig Green “One to Watch” this year. Green is transforming the way we think about menswear, creating statement pieces that reinvent movement and form.

In collaboration with Nick Knight, the two set out to turn fashion into pure anguish. The result is a breathtaking spectacle that breathes life into Green’s collection: architectural details become limbs, models become warriors vying for territory. Through fashion, they have declared war.

Green’s collection is all about power. Something we could all use at this present moment. Remember: fashion is more than pretty things, it has the ability to instill us with strength and confidence. Something as small as a gold Mockingjay pin can become a symbol for an entire movement. The next time you suit up, think of what empowers you, so you too may venture forth in a blaze of glory.

this week has been really weird and i get the feeling that something shady this way comes

Please don’t ignore the March for Life.

It’s on Friday and it’s important. 

It’s attended by hundreds of thousands of people, and the media seems to ignore it every single year. Or worse, they make it seem like it’s a quaint small gathering. I’ve marched. It’s not. They’ll tell you that it’s heavily attended by pro-choicers, too, and they’re wrong. The year I went I barely counted a dozen counter-protesters.

I stood at the top of Capitol Hill and looked all the way back to the horizon. The street and sidewalks were packed the entire way. Packed with balloons, and signs, and singing, and little old ladies praying, and families and young people from all walks of life. 

On Friday there’s going to be a beautiful, peaceful protest against all affronts to human life. And while most people start with abortion, it’s about so much more than that. 

Maybe there won’t be a million people yet this year. Maybe there won’t be crude hats and catchy chants. But this is a March for Women, too. This is a march for everyone.

Please don’t ignore it.

Low Town was a shanty town that had grown up around the columns that kept the Capitol Dome level. Even on Gallifrey, there were the poor. Many people in Low Town came to the Capitol looking for work in the Guard, or the Civil Service. Perhaps some had tried to apply for the Academy. Others might have left the life in the Capitol, disillusioned with the rule of the Time Lords. Peltroc sometimes felt that way, and he could see that this was a very different way to live from the disciplined, ordered world above, but he could see no benefit in coming down here. The truth was that people lived here because this was a halfway house with many of the advantages of the Capitol, such as energy sources, fresh water and the rule of law, but with none of the social obligations to the ‘Timeys’, no loomgeld or tithes. The authorities tolerated Low Town because it allowed them to monitor and control lawlessness, keeping it confined to LowTown where they could see it. More than a few Time Lords, particularly the younger ones, had ventured down here to the bars and the brothels to see how the other half lived. They were hypocrites: aristocrats playing at being commoners for the night. Invariably the Capitol Guard had to venture down to extricate them from the clutches of some criminal or other, but at least those Time Lords acknowledged the existence of places like this. The sad truth was that the poor lived in Low Town because most of the elite didn’t care one way or the other what the poor did.

Some parts of Low Town were almost respectable. In places rich merchants had found and refurbished the ruins of old villas, and restored the old roads, parts of the ancient city that the Dome hadn’t enclosed when it had been erected by the generation after Rassilon. There was genuine civic pride there, not to mention a flourishing economy. Other parts of Low Town were filthy, temporary structures made from packing materials and wreckage. There was no disease, of course, no starvation, and the lifespans here were as long as the Time Lords’ – once you’d taken into account that the accident rate was several orders higher than the controlled environment of the Capitol and Citadel. But in Low Town the gift of immortality simply meant that the poor lived in squalor for ten thousand years more than they otherwise would.

- The Infinity Doctors, Lance Parkin 

The Capitol’s favorite couple, Haymitch Abernathy and Effie Trinket, recently attended the 72nd Hunger Games Award Ceremony. Like always, Miss. Trinket is channeling her inner Greek goddess with this year’s more natural fashion trends, while Mr. Abernathy is for once looking quite dapper with his suit and tie. Could Miss. Trinket possibly have a hand in dressing District 12′s mentor?


Mary Katrantzou / Swarovski

Mary Katrantzou has a significant history of collaboration under her belt.  Known as the “queen of prints”, Katrantzou has leant her design and striking patterns to capsule collections with luxury leather company Longchamp, the hip British Topshop, the iconic outerwear pillar Moncler, and the ballet-chic Repetto, among others. Her longest and most prolific collaboration (meticulously crafted in the artisan workshops of District 1) is with The Swarovski Collective, spanning over 7 seasons of rainbow runways.

To create these collections of kaleidoscopic color, Katrantzou “uses Swarovski crystals to give the garments heightened texture, working together to push the boundaries of surface and textile design.” Between Katrantzou’s exquisite eye for patterns and Swarovski’s dazzling gems, this pair creates elaborate clothing confections tailor-made for the streets of the Capitol.  

Capitol Couture salutes both Mary Katrantzou and Swarovski for their time-honored dedication to the united vision of One Panem.

Katniss Prepares for Battle

Outfitted in spectacular jet black armor, the Mockingjay looks devastatingly militant as she fashions her familiar game face. Even in his absence, Cinna’s designs continue to inspire and delight us, proving that functional garments can still be fabulous. Insiders say this armor was specially designed to Katniss’ specifications and needs; providing her with protection in the battlefield and style points for public appearances. Capitol Couture gives Katniss’ look an A+ and we are happy to report it is Effie-approved.


Lucy McRae

Get ready to sweat roses with perfume in a pill.


Self-professed “body architect” Lucy McRae marries technology and fashion, with a keen emphasis on our anatomy.  Experimenting with body form manipulation, this Australian artist utilizes both low and high-tech material “from transparent plumbing tubing to colored gelatin” to create stunning structures that extend the silhouette of the body into uncharted territory.  “I became obsessed with this idea of blurring the perimeter of the body,” she tells Capitol Couture. “So you couldn’t see where the skin ended and the near environment started.”  

With clients ranging from Vogue to pop star Robyn and artist Nick Knight, McRae—a trained architect and ballerina—is at the helm of an extensive list of projects that dabble in various mediums. She has created short films that explore human cloning and Swallowable Parfum is a pill she is developing that works with enzymes to release fragrance through perspiration. Will Cinna soon have some significant competition? The Capitol looks forward to myriad innovations from McRae’s brilliant mind, as she continues her exquisitely unconventional approach to the culture of keeping up appearances.