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Beatles Press Conference (Los Angeles, August 29, 1965)
Beatles Press Conference (Los Angeles, August 29, 1965)

The Beatles’ “Help!” press conference at Capitol Records Tower. (Full press conference: [X])

Q: “George, have you and the Beatles ever been to South America or Russia for a tour?“


Q: "Why not?“

JOHN: "The Russians don’t like us.”

GEORGE: "And we don’t particularly want to go to Russia.“

PAUL: "They burn us there.”

GEORGE: "And South America– I don’t think they’ve ever heard of us down there.“

PAUL: "Yes they have, George. We nearly went this time ‘cuz Brian [Epstein] wanted to see Mexico.”

JOHN: "We tour the places our manager wants to see. He takes his camera. So, we’ll probably be going there pretty soon, eh Brian?“


Q: "What’s your program for the next few months, say, the next three or four months - like concerts or…”

GEORGE: "It depends on what Mr. Epstein wants to see.“


RINGO: "We’ve got a month off as soon as we get back, and it’ll most probably just be TV and records and…”

PAUL: "TV and bullrings, and things like that. He likes that sort of stuff.“