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Considering a mobile wallet? Here are 5 things you need to know.

1.  You’ll never leave home without it

According to the Capital One Wallet Survey conducted in November, more people would turn around and drive back home to get their phones (78.1%) than their wallets (70%). Only 62.6% of the nearly 2,000 surveyed would go back to get their driver’s license.

2. Thwarting thieves

The virtual scratch in your mobile wallet is more secure than the cash or cards in your billfold or pocketbook. While stolen cash can’t be recovered (unless you’re insured for just such an occasion), many mobile wallets secure your card transactions by not transmitting the number.

3. Your phone is not your wallet

Losing your phone is a massive bummer, but it’s not the same as losing your wallet. Many smartphones, including those with the Android and iOS operating systems, let you locate, lock or wipe data remotely from your missing phone. Even if you neglected to set up a passcode to unlock your device, your mobile wallet won’t work without a passcode or your fingerprint. Read more

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Fallout isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Falling out of the Solar System.

4 Plasma Technologies That Put Video Game Weapons to Shame

#3. Ion Engines

Ion engines only exert a tiny thrust, making them useless for launch, but once you’re in space, you don’t have to fight air resistance or surface gravity. You can just keep accelerating into endless space. NASA tested their first interplanetary ion engine in 1998 on Deep Space 1, which averaged over 3 million kilometers per kilogram of fuel and reached a maximum speed of over 16,000 kph. With more fuel, the engine could have hit a top speed of 108,000 kph. Oh, and it was solar powered the whole way, running on 2100 watts, less than your workplace probably uses on lighting.

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