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Light(ridge) & Shadow(mancers)

Lightridge Castle, in the Earldom of Lightridge
in the Nishan Marche, Tirisfal Glades

Nestled in the highest peaks of a coastal mountain range near a vast ocean deep sits the Earldom of Lightridge. A castle fortification set so high above the plains that the clouds often make their way beneath the base of the castle, obscuring it from view both from above, and below.

The dropped down clouds often mean the Light still offers it’s tell-tale kiss to the castle walls, turning them silver and gold. It’s for this eye-catching effect that the fortification, and it’s surrounding territories, takes its name: Lightridge.

Unlike the majority of the Greater Marche, Lightridge is held high enough apart that few make the journey without using binding points and magic of one sort or another. 

Lord Tian’Risch Ceton’lal is the current Earl of Lightridge. a man of action,

dry wit,

and many charms:

*I’m coming to see you, Tian.*

Under most circumstances, the discreet announcement of an ally’s arrival would be very welcome. However, tensions rose recently, over a Council vote, between the Earldom of Lightridge and the Earldom of Shadebough; with Shadebough’s Lord Grinsren Per’poh deviating from long-held voting practices between the two noble houses.

This tension has not severed the long-standing ties between the two Factions within the Nishan Marche, but it has planted the seed of doubt and distrust in the heart of Lightridge’s Earl.

‘To what end, Grinsren?’

*To get us sorted out. I want to work things out.*

If I do not wish to work anything out?

*We both want to work this out. Don’t be such a fucking woman about it.*

‘I’m not the one who allowed themselves to be manipulated by a child.

*See? We need to work this out. I’ll be at the gate in… two minutes.*

‘I’ll advise the guards to send you on your way.

*See you then, buddy.*


Dutifully, Lord Ceton’lal gathers his Guardians and grudgingly makes his way out to greet the other nobleman who, as promised, was at the gates discussing the finer points of needlework to pass the time. 

So, if you want to get a good knot, you first have to wrap the twine between two big sticks - hold on really tight! - then wrap line around a Forsaken’s throat and twirl the sticks when you’re pulling the string tight and away behind it– Hey, buddy. How’s shit going for you today?

Better before you arrived.

Was she long-legged and lovely?

She was my niece.” Earl Ceton’lal replies, adding. “Don’t say it. I don’t want to be honor bound to shoot you in the face.

I wasn’t gonna say it.

Yes, you were.”

Grinsren laughs a bit, nodding his head. “If it hadn’t been your baby niece, I absolutely would have said it. But, like you said. We don’t want you honor bound to shoot me in the face. Light knows I don’t want to be obligated to let you.

Fair. “Why are we here?

The other Earl withdraws a bottle of Nightwine. “I thought we might spend some time on the ridge discussing matters of state over wine, women and wisdom. You up for it?I’d turn down everything but the wine and the women.

Women of Shadebough, or women of Lightridge?

You know the women of Lightridge are too good for either one of us.Also a fair point.

As several beautiful women dressed in fine and womanly fare disembark from Earl Per’poh’s carriage, the light of many pleasant thoughts spark mischief in Earl Ceton’lal’s gaze. “Do we discuss matters of state before or… after we’ve reviewed the CVs of these lovely ladies, my friend.

Grinsren laughs openly. “After, you slick son of a bearded Troll. If we did it before, you’d just tell me to get the fuck out when you were finished.He’s not wrong.

Sighing heavily, Earl Ceton’lal gestures to the entrance to the nearest castle rampart. “After you, you unwashed troglodyte.

Preceding the Earl of Lightridge up the stairs, the Earl of Shadebough holds up a picnic basket. “You say the sweetest things.

As the two noblemen disappear into the stairwell leading to the castle ramparts, one of Tian’Risch’s three Guardians chimes, “Well be sure to take very good care of the women while you’re away!Bastards!