capitol romance

Hunger Games AU

Title: Jimin’s interview
Fandom: BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Pairing: Jikook
Genre: Uhm… Holy cow idk… Maybe fluff and a tiny bit of angst? It’s just about an interview before the Games so there are no violence or things like that. ^^
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1 158
Summary: Jikook + Hunger Games. Basically that’s all. :D A short drabble about one tribute’s interview. I don’t know if I’ll continue it or not…
Author’s Note: Literally no one asked me to write this and I have exams this week but who cares hahahaha
Please enjoy! (❁´‿`❁)

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The announcer – the famous and popular Jackson Wang - is bouncing his left knee in excitement, while leaning closer to the tribute from the 12th District. He wears a wide, almost predatory smile what probably meant as an encouraging and nice one, while combs away the bleached blonde locks from his forehead and stares at the young, short male in front of him.

“Is… I-is Jimin-hyung going to be okay?” Jungkook asks as he bites his bottom lip, eyes don’t leave the screen for a single moment.

“Of course!” Kim Seokjin says while patting Jungkook’s broad shoulders lightly. The older man’s voice is so certain, Jungkook wants to trust him with his whole heart.

He wants to trust Seokjin with his whole heart but his heart has better things to do at this moment – for example, jumping against his ribcage with shattering force and pumping blood into his veins with incredible speed. Jungkook gulps, a drop of sweat rolls down his face, washing away the layers of thick make-up. His eyes are glued to the television.

On the screen, the boy with light brown hair – Jimin - is visibly shaking, muscles are tense under the suit, but his warm, dark eyes are dedicated. The reflectors make Jimin’s face glow and Jungkook feels anger squeezing his stomach – somebody this achingly beautiful should not stand there, in front of Jackson Wang. Because Jackson Wang means interviews, and interviews mean the Hunger Games. Somebody that nice and kind like Jimin should not even know what the Games means. Because—

Jungkook’s grip tightens around the necktie he’s nervously grabbing.

Because it means death.

“Relax, kid” Yoongi’s raspy voice cuts Jungkook out of his thoughts. The mentor’s long, bony fingers are around a glass with some golden liquid in it. It’s alcohol, Jungkook knows. “You are already over your interview, so chill. Anyway, it seems like Jimin has a plan in his mind.”

Jungkook sighs, voice trembling. His interview was pretty boring and average - at least Yoongi said that. Jimin’s most important job is to make them, the District 12 (or at least himself) unforgettable for the sake of many sponsors. Sponsors are the line between life and death in this sick game.


Jimin is going to be okay. He must to be okay.

“So… Park Jimin-ssi, let’s start with some introduction” Jackson Wang begins the last interview. “Please tell us a little about yourself. Our Capitol- no, I’m sure our whole country, Bangtan loves hearing stuff about new tributes!”

The audience enthusiastically agrees. Yoongi snorts and takes a sip from his drink. Jungkook’s fists are so tight, he feels the nails sinking into the skin of his palm.

“Oh, they certainly do” Jimin says with a small smile and the mocking tone is almost undiscoverable in his soft voice.

Jackson’s smirk widens as his eyes checking the tribute’s entire body out.

“Jimin-ssi, the reason why you are so different from the other tributes is-”, the air stiffens and Jungkook feels his throat scratching. “That you’ve volunteered for someone.“ Jimin blinks and nods a little. “Someone very special to you, I guess?“

Jimin nods again.

The audience doesn’t have to know that the reason why he volunteered for a girl he barely knows (well, in this situation it’s better to use knew) is not that he wanted to save her. Yes, of course Jimin did it partly because of that. But the main reason is that Jungkook was the other tribute and Jimin was not able to volunteer for him. After Seokjin picked the paper with the girl’s name out, Jimin decided in the twinkling of an eye that if he could die with Jungkook (or for Jungkook, like protecting, saving him) in that terrifying arena, then he’d wave goodbye to this cruel world happily than live without him. And that was the moment when Jimin’s body reacted without a second thought, and he shouted: “I volunteer!”

But the audience doesn’t have to know that. Not yet.

Jackson Wang crosses his legs and leans back in his chair. He found out that Jimin doesn’t want to talk about the Reaping nor answer his question. His fingers are lightly tapping on the handle and he quickly changes the topic.

“You look really handsome in that suit! And Seokjin’s team made wonders with your face!” Jackson lowers his voice and winks at Jimin. “Please tell me: is there a special lady at home waiting for you going back?”

Jimin doesn’t want to believe his ears. What a random question, but it played perfectly into his hands!

“No, not really” Jimin says lazily, licking his lips. His eyes teasingly fixed on the camera.

The audience boos in disappointment.

“C’mon, tell me the truth!” Jackson asks with a grin. “The Capitol likes romance stories, so don’t be shy~”

Jimin’s smile widens, his cheek flushes, and Jackson gives a final push. “There is a love interest for sure and we want to know who is it! Don’t make us wait, Jimin-ssi, the audience is impatient!”

„L-love interest, yeah… That’s more close” Jimin stutters, fingers fidgeting with the carpet of the chair. “Because… the one I love is not a lady.”

The united „oooohhh” sends chills down to Jimin’s spine. Well, it’s time to reveal the secret.

“Woah, that’s interesting news!” Jackson leans even closer, eyes wide with anticipation. The whole audience is one big lurry; loud and cheerful. “Then, tell me about him.”

“U-uhm, well… He’s kind of cute. Sometimes dorky, sometimes awkward – but always cute” he smiles fondly, looking into the camera. He knows that Jungkook is watching him right now.

“It seems you like him a lot. But does he like you back?”

“He’s not good at showing his emotions” Jimin giggles. “Well, I know that he doesn’t hate me but-”

“You are not sure that he likes you either” Jackson finishes the sentence. The audience expresses its sympathy, sad, pitying gazes narrowing towards Jimin.

“But you know what, Jimin-ssi? He’ll probably pay more attention to you if you win the Hunger Games, right? He sure will be a little more affectionate, right?”

“Hmmm. Unfortunately, I don’t think so.”

“Huh? Why?” Jackson seems surprised.

Jimin pauses as if he is hesitant to answer. The Capitol gasps and holds back its breath. Jungkook can feel the tension pounding in his chest like a hammer.




“Because he is right here with me.”

After a moment of silence, the studio explodes. Jungkook feels like his head is empty and spinning, his mouth is as dry as sand, and his body is on fire.

“He is not that dumb as he seems” Yoongi hums in amazement, almost impressed, pointing at Jimin’s figure with his chin. In the background Seokjin is white as a wall under his fancy, colorful make-up, and tries really hard not to faint.

Before Jackson could answer or even react to Jimin’s statement, the time-counter beeps – sign of that the interview ended.

The pressure was on,“ admits Sam "I hadn’t read the books but I did my research online. I won’t lie- I read a few of the comments made about them casting me.” Luckily, Sam fit right in during filming in Hawaii and Atlanta, working alongside newly Oscar -winning Jennifer Lawrence and actress Jena Malone, who plays her new sidekick. “I’ve worked with my fair share of powerful women, but I feel that those two in particular are my sisters now,” says Sam. But Sam, who admires the careers of fellow Brits Tom Hardy and Micheal Fassbender, wants to avoid being pigheaded and is excited by two other projects he appeared in between camping it up with the rules of Capitol, the romance Love, Rosie with Lily Collins, and the riotous Oxford University drama Posh. For now, though Sam is enjoying the pop perspectives of the world Suzanne Collins created “One day we were fighting some imaginary monkeys in this lodge in the middle of Hawaii, when suddenly Jennifer let out this god almighty scream,” he reveals, “She thought something had hit her in the bum. As it turns out, my trident whipped her in the ass.