capitol red carpet


I’m obsessed with Hunger Games and I finally got around to doing my own Capitol Citizen makeup! This will be a min series featuring a few different Capitol looks, each with a small step by step guide. Here’s how I did it:

Step One: Curl hair in tiny little curly cues and pin in an erratic and crazed manner. Be sure to burn yourself regularly and spray your eye with hairspray!
Step Two: Add doodads! I chose flowers.
Step Three: Face! After I primed, I used Mehron white face cream for a light coating and then set it with my palest powder. I wanted to be pale, but not comically so.
Step Four: Eyes! I chose to have my eyes match my costume (so it’s nice to ave it picked out beforehand). I used a reverse technique for the eyes and did the outside in the lighter shade of green, while the inside corner in the darker shade. I used a shimmer white to connect the two colors close to the eyebrow and then create a disconnect between the two at the bottom. I chose loose mineral makeup for this so I could vary the pigment strength in places.
Step Five: Eyebrows… I don’t really like these and I’d probably change them if I had a do over.
Step Six: Cheeks. I used a shimmer gold to go along my cheekbones as blush, as well do all the contouring on my forehead, nose, and chin. A little contouring makes a world of difference.
Step Seven: Lips! I did my best not to copy off Effie, but those lips are so awesome! I lined the shape I wanted in a red and filled it in. Red is the opposite of green on the color wheel, so using it created a huge contrast and added drama. I used the white cream and powder combo to pale out the rest of my lips.
Step Eight: Costume! I grabbed a necklace I love and pinned the backs to my hair so that the necklace would go all the way up my neck. Then my costume is a large cloak I’ve used for multiple cosplays!

Happy Hunger Games!