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On this day in music history: April 6, 1956 - The Capitol Tower in Hollywood, CA is dedicated. The newly opened headquarters for Capitol Records, located at 1750 Vine Street (near the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine) is a thirteen story circular building by architect Welton Beckett (Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Pan Pacific Auditorium, The Beverly Hilton), designed to look like a giant stack of records on a spindle. The blinking light on top of the building spells out the word “Hollywood” in Morse Code since the buildings’ official opening. It was temporarily changed to blink “Capitol 50” to celebrate the labels’ fiftieth anniversary in 1992. Since then it has returned to its original message. Besides  the labels business offices, it also houses three world class recording studios (with echo chambers designed by musician and technical innovator Les Paul) that remain highly in demand to this day. Also known as “the house that Nat built” (after musician Nat King Cole), The Capitol Tower becomes an iconic structure in Hollywood, and is added to the List of Registered Historic Places in Los Angeles in November of 2006.

CLF Pas du Tout M

A/N: Remember when I said I forgot something super important in one of the chapters? Yeah, this is where I slam the make it worse button.

Two more parts after this. It’s either going to be done on Thursday or Friday. 

WARNINGS: Swearing, allusions to smut, Tony is in DESPERATE need of a Dirty Education Session, allusions to bombing, battle scenes, blood, beating, I think that’s it. Big chapter.



SONG: Believer by Imagine Dragons

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CapitolTV has released a second set of Victory Tour posters from their archives, and we at Capitol Couture are in agreement; they couldn’t be any more beautiful. It’s fair to say that few of us living in Panem today have ever laid eyes on these rare and precious artifacts, with them having been sealed in the Capitol vaults for over 60 years.

Mags Flanagan, immortalized here as a young woman, looks as fierce and tenacious as ever. Her triumphant win in the 11th Hunger Games made her a household name and Panem’s sweetheart for years to come. It’s incredible to think this stoic girl is the same woman that smiled so warmly and fought so valiantly alongside Katniss Everdeen in the 75th Hunger Games.

Fashioning olive fatigues, Mags’ vintage look feels surprisingly on-trend with the current wave of militia attire. This, paired with minimal makeup, makes Mags look devastatingly elegant and timeless. Could Mags have been an overlooked style icon? Capitol Couture thinks so.

As fabulous and eye-catching as this heroic imagery is, and while Mags returned to the Games during the most recent Quarter Quell, these iconic Victory Tour posters remained under lock and key until now… perhaps saving them for greater impact when the message was needed most by The Capitol Gamemakers? Only time will tell.

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gillibrand's photo in vogue of her w/ her kids kills me every time like yeS that's who's gonnA WIN IN 2020

her entire vogue photo shoot is my favorite, when she’s wearing that white trench coat and olive green sheath dress walking past the steps of the capitol? iconic
Harry Styles set for split with Simon Cowell to 'move as far away from 1D as possible' as rival labels fight
A new major US solo deal could be on the cards

From DAN WOOTTON’S Bizarre Column 19:01, 22 May 2016

HE’S chopped off his famous locks and now HARRY STYLES is considering cutting his last remaining ties with ONE DIRECTION.

I’ve learned the pop heart-throb is at the centre of a bidding war between record giants Universal and Sony, as mentor SIMON COWELL braces himself to lose the star from his label, Syco.

Harry’s potential deal with Universal will be managed out of the US and is likely to see him sign with Capitol Records, home to KATY PERRY, EAGLES,BECK and even THE BEACH BOYS.

The label, based at the iconic Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, is run by Brit hot- shot music exec Steve Barnett, who got to know Harry while launching 1D spin-off band 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER.

But Universal Music Group chairman Lucian Grainge — who once tried to poach 1D from Sony — is also believed to be instrumental in luring Harry away from the record company.

Sony is doing everything in its power to keep him, sparking a huge bidding war.

A Sony source said: “Harry is being offered so many incentives to stay. They’re breaking the bank for him.”

Earlier this month I told how Sony nabbed ROBBIE WILLIAMS from Universal. But at least Sony bosses can pat themselves on the back for securing a history-making deal with ADELE, as I’ve revealed today.

Sources close to 1D say it was inevitable Harry was going to distance himself from the band.

A 1D insider explained: “It was obvious from day one that Harry wouldn’t stay with Simon Cowell, Syco or a Sony label.

“He wants to move as far away from the band as possible and for him that means an entirely new team based in America.

“It’s all part of a masterplan being driven by his friend Jeff Azoff, who has set up his own management company to launch Harry as a solo superstar.”

Universal’s UK labels will be fighting over who gets to represent Harry here, with Polydor seen as the most likely option.

1D fans won’t be happy with my revelation today and neither will Harry, who wanted this news kept secret until he has finished shooting his first film role, the CHRISTOPHER NOLAN- directed drama Dunkirk.

Last night a source close to Harry said: “He has made no decisions about his music future. He is close to many people at Sony and focusing on filming his first movie.”

It’s going to be a big year for Harry.

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