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anonymous asked:

who of the houses are most likely to survive the hunger games?

Okay, before I start, I adore this question, thank you so much for sending it in!   I’m going to talk about how each house would play/win the games and then tell you which house I think is most likely to survive. 

To me, Gryffindor are the most obvious victors. Like Finnick Odair and Cato, they’re obviously powerful and brave. They fight hard and fast, with weapons that are like natural extensions of themselves. They get the best odds, the best training scores, are often careers, and are endlessly popular with the capitol. They’d make sure to put on a good show, partially for the glory and partially so they’ll get more sponsors and gifts. 

Hufflepuffs aren’t really suited to the arena and the games themselves are very at odd with the core of who they are. A Hufflepuff would never go out of their way to kill another tribute, they’d only kill when there was absolutely no other option. I think Rue and Annie Cresta are the best examples of how I think a Hufflepuff would act in the arena. Neither of them directly killed anyone and actually avoided other tributes as much as possible. The exception being when Rue teamed up with Katniss, which would be the only time a Hufflepuff would interact with another tribute unless forced to. Annie only won because she was the best swimmer when they flooded her arena. Rue also used her extensive knowledge of plants to find food, and Hufflepuff as a house is often connected to the earth and Herbology. 

Haymitch and Beetee are the most natural explantions for a Ravenclaw victor in my opinion. Both of them used their knowledge to overcome their fellow tributes and become victors. Haymitch went out and discovered a flaw in the force field around the arena that the capitol weren’t even aware of, and used this to kill his opponent when he was gravely injured himself. Beetee used his knowledge of electronics to set up a trap which killed the other six remaining victors. A Ravenclaw would come up with creative ways to get rid of the competition, and use their knowledge to win. They’d be very dangerous because of their unpredictability. 

And finally, Slytherin and time to talk about one of my favs, Johanna Mason, who pretty much encapsulates how a Slytherin would act in the arena. Johanna purposefully got a low training score and spent the first part of the games pretending to be weak and starving. When the number of tributes was reasonably thinned out, Johanna dropped the act and viciously killed the rest to become the victor.  It’s cunning, sly, underhand, whatever you want to call it, but it’s also incredibly effective. And that is exactly what a Slytherin would do, keep their cards close to their chest until the opportune moment arises to capitalise on their skills. Johanna’s way is also very self-reliant as her plan alienated any potential sponsors she could have had in the capitol. That independence and refusal to put herself at the mercy of others is a very Slytherin way to act. Katniss also strikes me as acting how a Slytherin would she’s incredibly determined, resourceful and willing to do absolutely anything to survive and return to Prim.

Now to actually getting round to answer your original question: I think Slytherins are the most likely house to survive the Hunger Games. I know I said Gryffindor are the most obvious winners, but I think Slytherin is more likely to actually win. Every house has it’s traits that could help in the arena, but pretty much every trait of Slytherin house would help them stay alive. Cunning, resourcefulness, self-preservation, even ambition in it’s own way. Obviously, it would depend of the individual member of the house, and all of the houses are capable of winning. But to me, the odds are very definitely in Slytherin’s favour.



Just some photos from my trip to Washington D.C.

~ Capitol Hill

~ Library of Congress

~ Folger Shakespeare Library

~ Lincoln Memorial

~ Georgetown

how to out yourself as a jaydick shipper in one easy step

Me: Wow Jason has such a freaking obsession with Dick

Person listening who doesn’t hear the capitol D: …. ….

Me: Oh. Oh. 




Me: Eh, maybe sometimes that too.

Rayburn House, Capitol Hill, Washington D.C., March 22, 2016

Since seeing Mockingjay Pt. 2 last night all that’s been running through my head has been a Hunger Games/TMFU AU. Haven’t developed much and prob won’t go any farther with it but I need to write it down to make it go away.

Elizabeth and Alexander- cruel tributes from District 1.
Illya- probably from District 3 it’s known for electronics (he poked fun at Napoleon’s poorly made American bugs). After his father is taken away for some slight to the Capitol he has to apply for tesserae to help his mother support them, as no one would hire them for fear of upsetting the Capitol.
Napoleon- I’d say Napoleon would be from one of the richer Districts…. District 2 is in charge of fighting and weapon making. However, District 2 usually has Careers volunteering for the Games and Napoleon would not be volunteering for it. Either he was forced to volunteer or the drawing was rigged (and no one volunteered after him).
Gaby-little chop shop girl comes from District 6. It specializes in transportation after all.
Waverly- former victor and/or a sponsor for Gaby (and later Illya and Napoleon). He has a plan to destroy the Capitol and stop the Games.
Rudi- sponsors Alexander and Elizabeth.

So they all get thrown into the Games and I’m not smart/creative enough to figure out why in this AU but Napoleon is tasked to protect Gaby, Illya is tasked to do the same. At some point they go from fighting each other to working together.