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Why we were fighting

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To say that Waller made a huge mistake was misunderstanding. Everyone who at least once looked at the Squad knew that (y/n) (y/l/n) and Chato Santana together were no good, to say the last. From the very begin of work of the (h/c) metahuman with the squad, they hated each other. They were always fighting, not ever once giving up on the opportunity to hurt each other, physically or emotionally.

And yet, Amanda Waller send them on the mission, together, without of anyone to accompany them. The effect of that was that, that not even three hours of the official start of their mission, they were fighting with each other, which ended with them being captured by the guys they were supposed to take down. Some kind of gang or something like that, (y/n) weren’t sure, taking that she weren’t listening after she was told, that she is parred on this mission with Chato.

Now, they were, tied to each others back, sitting on the cold floor of the cellar of some sort. She with big cut on her brow and blood slowly running down her face, and him, still unconscious.

“I swear to god, if you won’t wake up in like two seconds, I will personally rip your heart out!” She growled at him, showing her head back and hitting him on his own. Finally he groaned and opened his eyes, looking around.

“What’s going on?”
“Oh, finally our beloved princess had woke up. As you can see, you stupid fuck, we got captured by those assholes and now, we are probably going to die, just because, you were too stupid to shut your stupid mouth as I told you!” She showed her head back, once more hitting him.

“Ow! Stop it!”

“Ha! What more? You got us in this situation, then I’m going to punish you!” Before she was able to hit him again, he burned slightly her arm, that was pressed tightly to his. She growled at him. “You son of a…”

“You try to hit me again, I burn you. Easy enough for you?” She scoffed at his words. “And we wouldn’t be in this situation if it weren’t for you and…”

“Shut up.” She furrowed her brow.
“What? Can’t face the truth…”

“I said shut up. They are coming, but I can’t count them, because of your talking.”
“Or, because you can’t count.” She ignored him and closed her eyes. When she finished, she pushed herself slightly to his back. “… How many?”

“Four unarmed and two with guns.” Mexican cursed under his breath and moved his head, to lean it on her shoulder.

“What are we gonna do?” She did the same with her head. She moved a little opening her mouth, but doors of the room they sat at opened, showing six men, two of them holding guns.

“Our lovebirds are awake? Good. Now, tell us who send you.” One of them crouched in front of them with smirk on his lips. They both scoffed at his words, not saying a word. He sighed and got up. “And I though that you would be clever. Take the girl.” He moved out of his men way and watched as they untied them, just to take (y/n) and tie Chato once more. To Diablos shock, when they dragged her away, she looked at him with fear in her eyes and mouth opened slightly in quiet scream. It was probably first time when he saw her so scared. He tried to move, but it was for nothing. “You two, have an eye on him, shot if needed. And you, little one, we are going to have a little talk.” He took her by her (h/c) hair and dragged her out.

Chato sat still, waiting for (y/n) to be her usual self and use her powers to got out from them, just to show up and help him, probably not letting him live this up for another year or so, but his hopes shattered in moment when he heard her terrified scream. He looked up and swallowed hard. It’s true that they hated each other, but still, they were teammates. He knew her, and knew that even burned, she never screamed.

Chato felt rage building in his chest when (y/n)’s screams were still heard. He looked at the two men near the doors, who were only smiling at the girls scream. His breath became shallow and quick. He felt as his skin became warmer and warmer with every passing moment. And before he though about pros and cons of situation they both were in, the fire exploded from his body, burning the rope he was tied with and killing men who was watching him. Getting up, he destroyed doors and went out of the room to the long hallway, where we burned to death anyone who tried to get in his way, while he went in direction from where (y/n) screams were coming from.

When he got to the room he stood still, looking in terror at what was in front of him. Two men were at the girl’s sides, now looking at him with terror, while she was sitting on the chair, tied to it, looking down, not moving, with many curs and bruises on her body. Her breaths was so shallow, he weren’t sure if they was there at all. He burned the guys alive and moved to (y/n), quickly cooling down and crouching in front of her, trying to make her look at him, but she was looking at the ground with empty eyes. He furrowed his brows and toke knife from ground and cut ropes from around her wrists and legs and toke her in his arms and walked out of the room, and from the building they were in, burning it on his way out.

He laid her on the bed in the hotel room they got from Waller on the beginning of their mission and walked to his bag to get first aid kit.

When he finished with girl, she still wasn’t moving, but at least her breath got normal. He sighed and laid on bed next to her, because of course, Waller being herself got them the room with only one bed… It was the reason of their argument before they got captured. Chato sighed closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

He woke up in middle of night feeling arms sneaking around his waist and whole (y/n)s body pressing against his back. He blinked and furrowed his brow hearing her sobbing. He moved slightly, hoping that she would move away, which she didn’t. He sighed and turned carefully, looking her in eyes. That’s probably the closest they ever were to each other, their bodies pressed together, her face buried in his neck, with hot tears rolling out of her eyes and onto his collarbone. He moved and awkwardly patted her head. (y/n) moved a little, looking him in eyes. He furrowed his brow, not sure how to ask her about what happened to her back there, when they tortured her. And fortunately he didn’t have to, because she hugged him, really hugged and started talking.

“When I was a little girl and I started… mutating… my mother called to someone and they took me to this lab… they done many different tests to me, and some other stuff. They tortured me, only to see how my body worked, and it was years before I got out… like really many years, because, when I did get out, killing everyone on my way out, the government and Waller got to me and they showed me to Task Force X, or as you want to call it…”

“Our squad… How old were you?” She hugged him a little harder.

“Seven…” He sighed and patted her head. “Today… When they toke me, it was as if I was seven again. Everything got back to me and… and…”

“Shh.” He putted his forehead to hers and looked her in the eyes. “Do you know what I did?” She shook her head, so he told her, not even once looking away from her eyes. When he finished, she hugged him tighter, hiding her face in his neck.

“We are both fucked up.”

“That’s probably why we were fighting with each other.”

“No, we were fighting with each other, because you are a shit brain who can’t concentrate on simple task.” He backed a little and looked at her with hard expression on his face, right before he bowed his head and pecked her on the lips. She looked at his speechless.

“Go to sleep. And if you say something, I’m going to burn you alive, you got it?” (y/n) only grinned and kissed him, sneaking her arms around his neck and showing him back, to saddle his hips. He only smiled into the kiss and hugged her closer to his body, warming his fingertips and slightly warming her while he touched her.

“You think Waller knew what she was doing while she send us here?” She sat up, looking at his face, which showed his annoyance at her stopping her movements.

“Really? Right now? While we are in middle of something?”

“This something is called sex. And yes, right now, because i’m fucking curious. She even got us one room with only one bed. Do you think that she is shipping us?” Chato only groaned and pushed her, so he was above her.

“The last thing I want to think about right now is Waller. So shut up, and maybe we will talk about it in the morning.” She sighed.


“Why are you looking at me as if it your sad responsibility now?”

“No I don’t.” He groaned and laid back, looking at the ceiling.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” She smiled and laid on her side.


Headcanons for small s/o : Suicide squad edition !

Here you go Anon :3

• Harley adores you and as soon as she met you you became friends

•"Harley Quinn! Nice to meet ya!“ She giggles as she hugs you , not being able to resist how adorable you look in her eyes.

• Katana finds you a worthy opponent in hand to hand/ armed combat

• “I have never had the honour of battle with such a mighty warrior ” she said slightly bowing her head in respect to you for winning the training session. In response you smile at her offering her to go have a brake together which she agrees on.

• Boomerang is constantly flirting with you, earning him a glare from Floyd

• “Hey Boomer! Mind holding back that mouth of yours before I ripp it off?!” You heard Floyd yell at Boomerang after a particularly nasty pick up line . Boomerang groans earning a small giggle out of you.

• Speaking of Deadshot, he’s the best father figure you ever had

•He will be super protective of you . You remind him a lot of his daughter so of course he will treat you like his daughter. You don’t mind at all , you never had any kind of family so having the squad as a family made you more than happy.

• Talking to Diablo about your past and comforting each other

•Diablo feels comfortable with you so he feels he can actually tell you about his past and he sure you will keep it between the two of you .

• Killer Croc secretly loving your small frame and small hight because he enjoys when you climb on his back and go with him down the sewers

•You would usually have your hands and legs gripping on his back and neck, making sure you hold on tight because when the big guy gets in to water it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

• The intire squad loving you and being ready to ripp anyone’s head off if they mess with you even though you are just as badass as anyone from the squad

• Rick beliving your the only sane person on the squad

•"You know you really keep this damn freak show an actually good team “ he would slightly smiled at you before leaving , seeing you smile out of the corner of his eye .

• Getting away with almost anything when giving Rick or Waller your best puppy eyes giving you an appearance of a child

Hot head : part 1 El Diablo x Reader

A/n: i am the absolute worst !! I’m so sorry i haven’t posted in a while but here’s a little something in was working on . Their series will start off a bit slow but it will include most of the el diablo x reader imagens I had been requested to do because some request just go with the story line of this “masterpiece” xdd hope you enjoy.

Warning : swearing, guns, murders the usual

Pairing : El Diablo x Reader

Plot : the reader can control fire and is in the task force X and a lot of things happen to her and one particular guy who can also control flames .

Hot head : it had to start with trouble.

“Ah! WHAT THE FUCK ?!” you yelled as freezing cold water was poured on you to prevent you usind your abilities. 

You , (Y/n) (L/n) can control fire and be completely covered in fire and not feel any pain or get any burns . And that’s why you were in Belle Reve prison. 

As some guards used water hoses to pour cold whater on you , others used the time you were volnurable to tie down to a wheelchair.  You don’t use your flames because your body temperature was too low and the temperature around you was like fucking north pole too .

They took you to some weird looking doctors “i swear to God if you fucking touch me in will set this place on fire !! Hey get away from me with that thing !!!!!” You yelled as one of the doctors with a syringe type gun or something gave you a painful shot to the neck. And after that things were fuzzy. 

The guards were taking you somewhere.

When you finally came to you were in some sort of prison jard with guards around you and some other guys and some wooden crates . Finally a guy with sunglasses on stared talking “OK LISTEN UP ” he yelled,  gaining your and the others attention .

“This is the deal.  Your going somewhere very bad to do something that will get you killed . ” he started . So basically you had to go on a deadly mission to sawed the world and to make sure you “behave” you all got a bomb the size of a rice grain in your neck.  Great. 

Fan fucking tastic. 

The guy,  now known as Rick Flagg ordered you to get all your stuff,  which you did . Thankfully one of the boxes had all your stuff . A few knifes,  a handgun,  your clothes and something to didn’t expect to see there . It was a photo of Emma,  your 4 year old daughter.  You slightly smiled at the photo . Em was 2 when you were taken away because you decided to protect her and yourself from a gang of thugs,  in the end resulting in them burning to death with half a block of people.  You didn’t mean what you did and you definitely weren’t proud of it . Things just got out of hand when one of the thugs threatened Emma .

“Ohhhhhhhhh!  You have a baby !? ” you heard a voice behind you and turning around you saw the blonde woman from earlier. “Mind your own business blondey. I don’t play nice ” you slightly smirked.  She only smiles “Harley Quinn nice to meet ya ” she said . “(Y/n) (L/n) ” you say taking some clean clothes out of the crate “so what ya can do there ? What’s your talent? ” she asked,  at this the intire squad looked at you . Because apart from the guns you looked pretty much normal. 

At this you slightly growled “told ya blondey,  mind yourown business ” you say and started to change clothes.  Harley soon left but you still felt someone’s eyes on you . You looked around to see a guy looking at you . He had a lot of tattoos,  even on his face.  When he saw you looking at you he turned away quickly. 

You slightly smiled and went back to changing your clothing.  You were in shorts that went down to your knee , a black tank top and on top of that you hand a dark red leather jacket on . You had holsters for your knifes on eachside of your thighs and a gun holsters on your waist. 

You were sitting on the crate your stuff was in when Flagg all of a sudden ran to you “What the fuck did you do ?!” He yelled grabbing you by your tank top .“WOW WOW WOW THERE ARMY BOY ! I DIDN’T DO NOTHING ” “THAT WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU NOT SHOWING UP ON THE SCREEN? ! ” he yelled showing you the screen with all the squad members and your photo was black with the words “dead” on it . “The hell ???…” you looked at it , your eyes slightly wide .

First impressions. Joker x Reader x Harley

Plot : Joker and Harley are going on a reunion with the Suicide Squad and the reader followed them even though J said no .

Warning : swearing, guns

Pairing : ( Jared Leto ) Joker x Reader x Harley

First impressions.

“Dad please please please please please please please please please PLEASE can I come with you!?”

“For the last god damn time (Y/n) the answer is NO !”

This was going for at least an hour. You argued with your father , The Joker, about going with him and your mother, Harley Quinn, one a special mission that involves the Suicide Squad. Your mother told you all about her old team and you wanted to meet them . And maybe even play with them .

Harley was perfectly fine with you coming along while J refused to let you go with them .

Surprisingly he cared about his daughter a lot and was very protective over her . He was that way ever since your birth . He didn’t even let you have a gun till recently and you were already 17 . To you he was the best father and you looked you to him , even if the intire world saw him as a murderous psychopath.

You loved your family, sure you were not perfect but you were happy.

“Buuuuuuuuut daaaaaaaaaaaad it’s not faiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir” you whined.

You were trying to annoy him till he agreed, you did this a lot so he pretty much got used to it but right now you were just pushing his limits . He stopped in his tracks and looked at you .

“ (Y/n) I’ve told you no and that’s final ” he said but you will still not give up.

“but mom doesn’t mind so why can’t I go ”

“because your still a kid ! ”

“am not ! I’m 17 ! ”

“I don’t give a flying fuck how old you are ! You are staying here and if you try and follow us you will be in for a bad surprise ” he warned before leaving the room .

You folded your arms on your chest.

So not fair.

You still will follow them though. Smirking you ran to your room to get ready. You were not missing this for the world, even if you’ll get in trouble later . Packing 2 guns , rope , a few grenades and a smoke bomb you were basically ready. All left to do is to follow them .

Before they left though, J made sure you are not going anywhere by ordering two of his henchmen to guard the door to your room . “I’m sorry you can’t come with us pumpkin, you know how your daddy can be ” your mother smiled at you as she sat near you on your bed while you were “upset” .

“Harley! Where the fuck are you its time to go !” J yelled from downstairs “guess that’s my call , now you be a good girl for mommy ok ” she smiled again before kissing your forehead and leaving the room.

Nope .

Not part of the plan .

You took your backpack and looked out the window, they were already in the car and leaving. You jumped out your window using your rope to get down safely. You ran to your motorcycle and putting on your helmet you drove off after them , a good distance apart.

Soon you saw the car your parents were drive to an abandoned werehouse . You saw other cars too . You parked your motorcycle about 50 feet away and sneaked your way to the second floor of the warehouse. You found a good hiding spot where you could see and hear everything.

“ Hey Harl , Joker, long time no see ” you heard a man with a lot of guns say . “Heya there Floyd! How’s your daughter doing ” Harley asked with a smile on her face . So that was Deadshot. Then you see another guy come along “well lookie who we have here , the crazy girl and her boyfriend ” he said in an Australian accent.

Ok so that was Capitan Boomerang. You then see a huge guy to the side . That’s probably Killer Croc .

Nice .

So that were all the guy of the squad, who were still alive , your mom told you about El Diablo and how he died .

You really wished you could meet the guy .

You saw that Croc was staring in your direction.

Fuck you forgot , the guy was a fucking crocodile, he could smell you a mile away. “We have company ” he growled as he pointed at you . Within seconds Floyd started shooting at you , your parents not realising it’s you started to shoot as well .

Fuck .

Well guess it’s time to play .

Pulling your hood up you start to run .

You were skilled so not even one bullet hit you . You took your chance and jumped to the first floor, Croc attacked you as soon as your feet hit the ground. You bearly moved out of the way and jumping up you landed on his shoulders and jumped forward knocking Boomerang of his feet before he could attack you . Harley cane up to you swinging her bat at you . You again doged the hit and with one rough hit you knocked the bat out of her hands and knocking her off her feet as well . Floyd was next to attack but as you got closer you took out your gun and shoot Floyd’s gun out of his hands .

You were about to turn around but you felt a knife on your neck .

Fuck you forgot about your father, of course he would wait for the perfect opportunity.

“Now , now doll . Don’t move and you won’t get hurt ” He said no doubt having a smirk on his face. He grabbed your hood pulling it off your head.


You turned around to him .

Yeah .

He was super pissed. “Ummm……. hi dad …. heh …. I’m just ….. um ” you didn’t know how to answer but before you could say anything Harley jumped on you.

“OH MY GOD PUMPKIN YOU WERE AMAZING!!!!” You sighed in relief .

“Wait… you two have a kid ?!”

You made the best first impression ever .

Even if you were grounded for almost 2 months.

It was so worth it.