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Me in September be like

Teacher: can u give me details on world war 2?

Me: Bucky fell off the train

Fellow students: who the hell is Bucky?

Me: *crying* exactly


“Hi Sir”


“Your daughter calls me daddy too”

“ Y/N! What are you doing here?”

“Thor, I just want to help you guys.”

“We don’t need help.”

“ But-”

“But nothing, go to the palace and stay in your room.”

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I need some cool stuff on my dashboard, so...

… if you post anything about:
- marvel (especially cherik, halex, stucky, spideypool, guardians of the galaxy)
- gotham
- mr. robot 
- eyewitness
- hannibal (especially hannigram)
- supernatural
- sherlock
- teen wolf 
- kingsman (especially hartwin)
- harry potter
- maze runner (especially newtmas)
- lotr&hobbit
- dan and phil
- blink-182 (especially tomark)
- emo trinity
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Sebastian Stan isn’t just a name my dude. It’s religion. It’s culture. It’s a code name for everything good and pure in this world


Somebody tell him that life ISNT A FUCKING PHOTOSHOOT