capitan underpants

So i never got to read harry potter books as a kid, the books were too big and advanced for my at the time limited English and there were no Spanish copies available at my school. Missed out on that original hype to see the books come to life on the big screen and look at the differences and similarities and changes and additions and aaalll of that good stuff that comes with adaptations.
Missed out on that.
I /Did/ read the heck out of Captain Underpants. All the books, even the extra crunchy book -o- fun ones and the super diaper baby spin off.
Loved them to pieces and I often even tore out the flip o ram on accident over losing my mind how hilarious it was.

Anyway, like I’ve mentioned many several times before, I work at a movie theatre.
And today it was extremely busy, both wonder woman and captain underpants opening showings nearly to completely sold out. I got a call that there was a screaming kid in one of the auditoriums, and since im the best with kids/have the kindest voice they sent me to check it out.
By the time I get there the previews are over and the movie starts off with the DreamWorks logo, but instead of just hearing that opening fairy tale jingle you get George and Harold singing along. Then it opens up to the boys narrating Captain Underpants’ backstory.
By this time the kid is no longer screaming.
Both he and I and the audience are paying full silent attention to the story.
Spoiler not spoiler (?) It starts with the opening monologue he gets when he changes to Captain Underpants, the
“More faster than a speeding waistband! More powerful than boxer shorts! He’s able to leap tall buildings without getting a wedgie!!!”

And goddamn it made me so happy????
I remembered that!!!! From years ago it still felt so familiar!!!! That type of cgi didn’t exist back then but its exactly like I always imagined it to be!!!!!
I haven’t even seen it yet!!! But i love it!!!!!! Im buying my little cousins the books and taking them to see it too!!!!