capitan mi capitan

Meet The Team

23 Ponzio 

Leonardo el Leon Ponzio. What not to say about my captain? First of all there is not one person on that team that deserves the armband more than Ponzio. It is hard to find anyone who deserves it more than him. El Leon fought through relegation, injuries and doubts but Ponzio stayed by River’s side thorugh it all. Leo’s story however starts in Newells, he did all this youth in Newells and had his first team debut in the same team. He stayed four seasons with Newells before being sold to Europe. He played in Europe from 2003-2006 and in 2007 came back to Argentina and his time he came to River. Although he had a good 2007, in 2008 with Diego Simeone has a coach he was no longer in consideration for the starting team. Leo when back to Europe, playing until 2012. And then in 2012 River had relegated, and el Leon terminated his contract with Real Zaragoza to come back to River. Leo was one of the key players had came when River need them most and gave us his all to bring the club back to where it should have never left. One match in second division, against no other than Boca Unidos a club who shares are rivals name, Leo had an injury and started to bleed from his… well …ass. Never the less Leo continued to play and we won the match. By the end of the season we were celebrating once again being in first division. In 2015 in a Superclasico against Boca for Copa Libertadores, Ponzio and Kranevitter as doble fives where giving Boca the dance of their lives. Of course, that did not sit well with the fans who knew this meant a certain elimination. Ponzio has one of the targeted victims of that days pepper spray attack by Boca fans. Ponzio is not one to back down, and he is always up for a fight. 

I love him, and would also go to war with him if he ever asked.