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Film review- POTC 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Dead Men Tell No Tales was on all counts an improvement over On Stranger Tides. More cohesive storyline, better character development, a (somewhat) fleshed-out antagonist, and it hit the adequate emotional beats. I’ve heard whisperings of a 6th film, but unless that potential film is more of a spinoff rather than a continuation of the main storyline, I’m not sure where else the franchise can go from here.

The story was awesome but the dialogue… wasn’t. Definitely left something to be desired.

I’ve heard some complaints about “not enough Jack”, but the POTC series has always at its core been about Will and Elizabeth. Going back and watching Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack was the “impact character”. Will was the protagonist of the original trilogy. I also feel like perhaps Depp has grown tired of playing the character after the numerous delays in production. Even in OST, I felt he still enjoyed being Jack. I didn’t feel that here.

Salazar was, as Blackbeard before him, not threatening so much as gimmicky and quip-laden. I also couldn’t understand about half of what he said because Bardem seemed more intent on maintaining the accent he crafted than clearly delivering his lines. I’m not sure what accent he was even going for, but it wasn’t Spanish. Add on poor dialogue to poor delivery, and the performance ultimately suffered. A shame, as Bardem has always given stellar performances in the past.

I’m going to give my personal Best Actor nod to Geoffrey Rush. He was definitely the heart of this film. Hard to explain why without spoiling anything.

Nice cameo by Orlando Bloom and {SPOILER}

All in all, I would give it a 7.7, perhaps an 8 out of 10.