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“ p.s. keep an eye out for a good gift for Remus from the lot of us!! xo ”

Big fan of using the term “coordinator class” to describe capitalists, because it flips the narrative on right-wingers. “Coordinator class” is a term used often by right-wingers to decry “the horrors of a socialist political class deciding what gets produced”, and it’s made all the more ironic when you consider just how much of a “coordinator class” the capitalists really are – I mean, they ultimately decide what gets produced, they control the means of production in top-down fashion, they live in isolated gated communities apart from “the rabble”, they act like they know better than the people they oppress, and they suppress movements centered on human liberation.

Pretty much every trait that right-wingers oppose in “socialism” is a trait they actively embrace in capitalism – it’s all a matter of framing.

Andre Burakovsky and cuteness (Requested)

“Let’s play a game!” Latta shouted, running over to the cabinet filled with games. You walked into the living room to see Tom and Andre sitting on the couch talking about god knows what. You took a seat on the floor next to the fire place.

“Michael! You don’t have to grab every single one.” You laughed as Michael tried to juggle five games and a case of beer. 

“Well I didn’t know what game to pick.” He set the games on the coffee table and handed each of you beer. You thanked him and looked towards Andre. 

“What are you two boys whispering about?” You asked. Andre turned to you and blushed. 

“Oh just about hockey and stuff. Nothing really important, baby.” Andre said, getting up off the couch and moving next to you. He grabbed your hand and started planting kisses all along your hand and arm. The touch of his lips along your skin made you giggle.

“Andre!” You squealed as he continued to move his lips along your body. “Cut that out.” You tried to move his head away from your body but failed, only resulting in him moving closer to you so his lips could reach your neck.

“Oh get a room you two, we’re supposed to play a game not have some weird ass sex.” Tom laughed, looking through the games Michael had brought. 

Andre laughed, planting a single kiss on your lips then backing away, holding your hand tight in his. You moved closer to the games to get a better look. “Let’s play Twister!” You grabbed the box and immediately started to set it up. All the boys shook their heads in agreement and moved closer to where you were setting it up. 

“I haven’t played this game in forever.” Tom laughed, taking a swig of beer.  

“Okay, who wants to spin the little wheel?” You asked, holding the wheel out. Michael nodded, and grabbed the cardboard, taking a seat on the couch. “Okay then, Tom, Andre, get ready to lose.” You laughed, taking a sip of your beer.

“No, wait, we gotta make this hard.” Michael said, “Chug your beers, it may not effect you boys but it will definitely effect y/n.” They laughed. “Such a little light weight.” You gave them all a dirty look as you downed your drink.

“Let’s get this started.” You jumped up down, Andre gave you a weird look. “What, babe, are you scared to lose?” 

Andre grabbed your waist, “I’d be an honor to lose to you, baby.” He kissed you first on the lips, then on the neck. He moved his mouth to your ear, “But it’d never happen.” He whispered. 

You shoved him off laughing, “I’m pretty fuckin’ competitive, boy. I wouldn’t try and challenge me.”

“Start the game already, Michael, before these two drive me crazy.” Tom joked.

“Okay okay.” He spun the wheel. “Right foot red.” All the feet went to red. “Right hand green.” You could already see Tom shaking from keeping balance. “Right foot blue.” You kissed Andre, causing him to wobble. 

“Don’t be a cheater.” He laughed, kissing you this time.

“Left hand red.” 

“Get your ass out of my face, Tom.” You laughed. 

“I like my view quite a bit.” Andre joked, kissing your behind softly. 

“Andre!” You laughed, causing you to fall forward, bumping Tom off the mat. 

“Look who won!” Andre yelled, grabbing another beer and downing it. “Who’s ready for round two, baby?” 

“I hate you, you little cheater.” You whispered in Andre’s ear. 

“I love when you look all flustered from losing, you should do it more often.” He joked, kissing you. “I love you, baby.” He kissed softly. “Now drink up, baby, and get ready to lose another game.” 

every single les amis aesthetic collage
  • enjolras: lots of red things and faceless shots of blond (almost always white) models. Blood on white cloth, quotes about the necessity of revolution, coffee
  • courfeyrac: yellow, models with afros and freckles. rainbows, glitter, daisy-chains, cartoon stars and light-up shoes, bow ties.
  • combeferre: glasses, tall Black models with short hair, books, telescopes, MOTHS, librarian jumpers. like the male version of most Hermione aesthetics
  • grantaire: paint, bruised knuckles, 'reLOVEution' image, green things, beanies, (usually white) models with black curly hair, sometimes George Blagden, guitars, boxing gloves, stubble and cigarettes
  • joly: also bow-ties, dinosaurs, bright colours, positive quotes, sometimes a cane
  • bossuet: smiling model with bald/shaved head, four-leaf clovers, polyamory, quotes about kindness
  • jehan: (usually white) models with long auburn/light brown hair, roses, poetry, cigarettes, flower crowns, capital R Romance
  • feuilly: fans, freckles, books, kind of remus-lupin tbh, maybe some tea, cardigans, curly hair
  • bahorel: man-buns, big baggy jumpers, heavily muscled models, kittens, beer, quotes about violence/fighting
  • cosette: soft pastels, an asian or white model with long hair, cupcakes, bisexual quotes, feminism, cupcakes, pale pink lipstick
  • Éponine: leather jackets, cigarettes, dark red lipstick, sometimes Samantha Barks, sometimes a non-white model, smokey eyeshadow, unapologetic feminism
  • musichetta: body positivity, black/mixed race model, orange, pink and red, feminism, polyamory, positivity
  • bonus:
  • montparnasse: motorcycles, more leather jackets, white androgynous models, shattered wine glasses, blood, bruises, glitter, maybe a top hat if they're feeling canon-era
You won’t lose me that easy, Tom Wilson (Requested)

This is ridiculous, you thought to yourself. Tom had been gone for a few weeks now and you had barely had any time to talk. He was finally coming home but the second he walked through the door he could tell he was pissed.

“I thought it’d be fun to maybe stay home and watch some movies. I was gonna make some dinner right now, I already made dessert which looks amazing!” You said happily when he first arrived. 

“I’m going out.” Was all he said as he walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

You stood there in shock. It’s been weeks since you’ve got to spend any time with him at all and he was going to be a dick about it? You walked over to the room, “What the hell, Tom.” You starred at him as he changed his clothes, you missed him so much, all you could think about doing was kissing him. “Why are you going out? This is our first night together in a few weeks.”

“Well i’m busy. Go hang out with some other guy, I don’t give a fuck.” He tried to pass you but you stood your ground, “Get out of my way, y/n.”

“Tell me what the hell is wrong? We haven’t even touched in weeks and now you’re acting like you’re pissed off at me.” You spoke, you had done nothing wrong from what you could recall. You had tried calling him dozens of times while he was away but he kept denying them, leaving you only text to talk.

“Nothing, just let me through.” You could hear how irritated he was. 

“Where are you going?” 

“Going to a bar with Latta.”

You scoffed, “Seriously? You just saw him yesterday, hell, you’ve spent the last weeks with him. Why are you so pissed at me?”

He laughed, “Are you fucking serious? You’re asking why i’m mad at you? Shouldn’t you know why i’m mad at you and don’t want to see you right now.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Tom.”

“Don’t play dumb, y/n. You know exactly what you did.”

“No, Tom, I have no idea what you’re accusing me of. So how about instead of being a complete asshole, you tell me what you’re so pissed about.”

“Cheating on me doesn’t ring any bells?” You could hear the angry in his voice. “Don’t pretend like this is some shock, I’m not an idiot.”

You were shocked. You had never cheated on Tom, ever. It never even occurred to you, you were so deep in love with him that he was the only man you ever thought about. “No. I have never in my life cheated on you. Where did you even hear that? I am so in love with you, Tom. It honestly breaks my heart that you could think I would do something like that.”

He laughed again, “I saw you with him, y/n! At that restaurant down on 5th, I saw you kiss him.” He ran his fingers through his hair, sitting on the bed, “Don’t you think it breaks my heart that I have to do this? I love you so much but I won’t be with someone like that. I can’t.”

“Tom, that was just a friend. You met him that very night. Are you really that oblivious? Tom, he’s gay.”  You sighed. “You’re not wrong, I did kiss him, but it was just a joke. He had just broken up with his boyfriend and jokingly kissed me. God, Tom, if that’s been bothering you for so long why didn’t you say anything. Is this why you’ve been ignoring my calls?”

You heard Tom sniffle, “I just, I thought you found someone better. Fuck, I don’t know, y/n. I just, i saw you kiss him and thought you didn’t love me.”

“Thomas Wilson, I love you more than anything in this world. I love you so damn much I think it’s sort of insane. I should have told you about that kiss, but I just didn’t think about it. Do you forgive me?” He nodded, hugging you tightly.

“Don’t leave me, y/n.” He whispered. 

“I would never leave you. Not in a million years.”You kissed the top of his head. “So you’ll stay tonight?”

He laughed, looking up at you, “Yes, I’ll stay.” He paused, just starring into your eyes. “I’m really sorry. I’m just so terrified of losing you. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. I know I was being immature about this, I should have just asked, ti would have saved a lot of heartache.” He laughed, kissing you softly, “Now lets go make some dinner. 

So Hiveswap is coming out sometime next month and I am going to get it because I have internet friends who worked on it, and I like to support the things my friends work on when I can…

Here’s literally all I know about Homestuck:

  • It kind of looks like a Homestar Runner sprite comic
  • Almost NONE of the fan art looks even remotely like the source material.
  • Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is part of that universe. I barely believe it’s part of OUR universe.
  • It’s the only reason leet-speak hasn’t disappeared into the darkest corners of internet history.
  • Some of it’s fans are capital-t Thirsty.
  • It’s the reason Undertale exists.
  • There’s some vibrating puppet at some point?
  • It started as one thing and ended as a VASTLY different thing.
  • Candy corn plays a big part of the comic, aesthetically.
  • It is approximately one hundred thousand pages long.

I’m excited to partake in some part of the experience.

“Many things struck me during the hearing but the serenity of his malevolence was most astounding

Although he maintained a downward gaze for the prospective jurors, I noticed he laughed at all the judge’s jokes and yucked it up with his defense team and guards between sessions. Clearly, this is all fun and games to him. I’m not a fan of capital punishment but I couldn’t help imagining that smug smile fading as he one day drifts into oblivion.

At one point, between jury pools coming and going, he stared me down as I was drawing him, as if to say,Ha, you have to draw me.” I debated whether to show him the drawings. I opted not to, as I felt it would only feed into his sick narrative. It was very creepy indeed.

I will never forget that face. It was not the first time I’ve had to confront evil directly. And it probably will not the last. What was most fascinating and disturbing was his seemingly gentle demeanor, uncharacteristic of our idea of evil.

I’ve noticed evil rarely appears as ugly as it is. It can look and sound reasonable, even pleasant. But when it acts, detached from the consequences of its actions, it is devastating. This dissociation from reality is not only hard to depict in pastel but hard to combat in our society.”

 Rob Maniscalco - Courtroom sketches artist about Dylann Roof 

Date with Andre Burakovsky (Requested)

Six months with Andre, it was crazy to think that you could be so head over heels in love with a boy even only after dating him for such a short amount of time. Six months felt long to you, but you knew in the grand scheme of things, it was minuscule. Andre had asked if you wanted to go out to a fancy dinner tonight in honor of your six months and you happily agreed. 

In the beginning of your relationship you were always nervous about dates, they felt so official to you. But after six months the nerves went away and it was just fun to be with him, it’s all you ever really wanted. Andre however still got nerves. He was the sweetest and most loving boy you had ever met, but he was always nervous before dates. 

You heard a knock on the door, Andre stood outside holding a bouquet of roses. “Oh, y/n, you look gorgeous.” He stuttered out, blushing. “You’re breathtaking.” 

You leaned forward and kissed him, “Thank you, baby, you look damn hot yourself.” He handed you the roses, “These are gorgeous, Andre, thank you.”

“Of course, anything for you.” 

You blushed, he always had way to make you blush. “Let me go put these in some water, okay? Come in really quick, it’ll only be like five minutes.” The two of you walked in the kitchen, you working straight away on getting the roses in a vase as soon as possible. “These really are beautiful, Andre.”

“Just like you.”

“You’re too good to me, baby.”

“I only want the best for you.” He kissed you, grabbing you from behind. You could feel the nervousness in his voice, his palms slightly damp. 

“You don’t have to be nervous, Andre. I love you, okay?”

He swallowed, blushing, “I know and I love you too. I just-” He paused again, “I just love you so much, I don’t want to mess anything up.”

“You’re not going to mess anything up, Andre. I love everything about you. I love your smile and life, your jokes and accent, I love the way you walk and the way you talk. I love everything about you, okay and nothing is going to change that. Ever. Do you understand me?”

He blushed, kissing you passionately. You could feel his nerves slip away from him as the kiss continued. “I understand, y/n.” He kissed you again, softer this time, like you were a glass doll. “Now let’s go get some food.” You could feel the smile on his lips as he kissed you again.

The car ride to the restaurant went smoothly. No stuttering or blushing, pure love and joy the two of you exchanged. Once you got to the restaurant and you had ordered your food, you saw that Andre was getting nervous again. 

“Is everything okay?” You asked, reaching out to comfort him.

“Yeah.” He rubbed your hand, “Just nervous again. I have something for you.” 

“Don’t be nervous, baby. I have something for you too.” You reached into your bag and pulled out a box. He reached into his coat pocket and grabbed a smaller box. 

“Here.” He handed you the box as he grabbed the one from you. “Let’s open it at the same time.” You nodded. “One.” You put your fingers on the corner of the paper. “Two.” You gave Andre a sincere smile, he flashed you one back. “Three.”

The two of you delicately opened the boxes. He was first, he pulled out a pair of red white and blue boxers, his favourite movie and beautiful silver watch. “Y/N. I love it. All of them. That watch is beautiful.” He put it on immediately. “Hey, finish opening yours.” He laughed.  

You smiled and opened the small blue box. You opened it to reveal a beautiful chain necklace, a locket attached at the bottom. You opened the locket to expose a photo of the two of you and a small quote ‘Kärlek är för evigt’ on the opposite side. He saw you reading it and said “It means love is forever in Swedish.” He smiled, blushing. 

“I love you baby.” You kissed him softly. “There was no need to be nervous about giving me that. I absolutely loved it.”