capitalist dictatorship

The State

The state is, fundamentally, an organisation of force.

It exists because there are unequal social classes. It is used by the capitalist class to suppress workers, through protecting the means of production as the private property of capitalists.

The means of production are factories, plants, facilities, machines, and so on.

The state is used by working people to take ownership of the economy, so that the economy belongs to the people who operate it.

It does not mean persecuting workers who are self-employed.

Social ownership of production means that everyone in society has equal relations to property. This eliminates economic inequality and abolishes social class.

Without social class, there is no group to oppress, and so the state, without a function, does not function at all. The conditions that gave birth to the state would have been ended.

A stateless and classless society is referred to as ‘socialism’ or ‘communism’.