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what's wrong with hobby lobby ?

Oh boy.

Okay well most recently, when it became illegal in the US to not provide insurance for your employees if they work a certain amount of hours (aka the amount of hours that it would require a person getting minimum wage to be able to just barely scrape by) instead of getting over themselves and getting their employees insurance, they made it company policy that no one could work over the maximum amount of time where they are *not* required to pay insurance for. So now you cant make a living at Hobby Lobby and have to have at least two jobs and no insurance!

Also quite a few years ago there was a thing they were doing where they were finding sneaky ways to fire all their gay employees without outright saying “we’re firing you because you’re gay”

They’re a very conservative “christian” organization and they’re truely capitalist money grubbing bastards. (I can guarantee you that any large corporation that is “closed on sundays as a ”“courtesy”“ to their christian employees” is lying and trying to present a fake down home cutesey front to cover their true disgusting nature.)

And while most craft chains have a christian bias, the others aren’t nearly as bad. They provide insurance for their employees, they dont fire people because they’re gay (I know two out and proud lesbians and one bi girl who all work for JoAnn Fabrics for example and they love them there).

So like, as a gay socialist anti-capitalist, I just cant support an organization as evil as Hobby Lobby.

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insults I’ve heard from the types

*paraphrased slightly because I can’t remember shit*

  • INFP: Stop saying swag. You’re like an uncool dad.
  • ENFJ: he’s hot….but also a douchebag.
  • INFJ:  It was probably just an opinion thing. But they have the wrong opinion… )-:<
  • ENTP: I’m going to break into your house late at night and cover your entire staircase in legos. Don’t  fucking test me.
  • INTP: You’re almost as overrated as FROZEN.
  • ENTJ: Why are you so bad at everything?
  • INTJ: Fuck off.
  • ESFP: I’m a 3? I’M A 3? yOU’RE A 3! 
  • ESTP: Lol. The TV is your only friend.
  • ISTP: You can’t even fight….bro….
  • ESFJ: *threatens to beat someone w/ a club* 
  • ISFJ:  …I bet our geometry teacher was lying about his girlfriend…i bet he’s single as fuck…..and owns a pinterest…and cries….
  • ESTJ: Lol. U never know what you’re fucking talking about.
  • ISTJ: I hope you enjoy the minion movie.

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Walt Disney was a real piece of shit for real! He hated Communism because he thought it would to the construction of unions which would result in higher wages for his workers. And as if that wasn't enough he was an FBI informant who became close friends with J Edgar Hoover who went "undercover" and threw anybody under the bus who supposedly had Communist ideals

Oh definitely! I personally still have a soft spot for many of the films and characters and stuff, but Walt himself was a textbook reactionary capitalist bastard. The cult of personality around him is creepy as hell.