capitalism at a dead end

So a thought occurred to me about TT. Toons are brightly coloured animals in a brightly coloured world, that fight off the serious, boring cogs with a vast array of gags. They’re literally fighting with slapstick comedy, and their laughter destroys the cogs.

And they are all chronically depressed.

Think about it. The cogs basically represent things like capitalism, responsibility and dead end jobs, all negative soul-sucking things that gradually chip away at what really makes life worth living. And toons fight them with fun. Even the heals are things like funny dances, big kisses, juggling and pixie dust, to help their fellow toons keep a big ol’ smile on their face.

What happens when a toon loses to a cog? They get sad, they have all of their fun stuff taken away, and they are banished back to the playground of each area, unable to leave until they are happy again. Because apparently they’re incapable of doing anything when they’re sad.

But they’re not just “sad”, are they? Look at a defeated toon.

Slumped, downcast eyes, walking at snail’s pace, thinking about what he’s done. He’s not just sad. He’s depressed.

And look at the Laff-O-Meter of a defeated toon. What colour comes to mind for sadness? Blue, right? And you’d expect the smiley-faced meter to have a big sad face, wouldn’t you?


Green with X eyes and a tongue sticking out? That’s not sadness. That’s sickness.

So what we have here is a bunch of characters trying to manage their illness with wacky fun and frolics, because they know that laughter is the best medicine.