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The executives at the helms of the 30 biggest oil, gas and coal companies in the United States took home a collective $6 billion in compensation over the past five years, a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies found.

That’s twice the money, just to drive the point home, that the U.S. pledged to help developing nations adapt to the impacts of climate change, by which they are expected to be disproportionately affected.

The CEOs of these companies, the report further found, are some of the most handsomely compensated executives in the country

Esta imagen del cuerpo de un niño sirio ahogado hoy en una playa de Turquía es emblemático del fracaso del mundo 

Como dice barbijaputa

Luego escuchas “ “¿Y quién les ha obligado a venir?” “¿Los vas a acoger tú en tu casa? Porque yo no”. “Aquí también estamos mal”.

“ La foto del bebé sirio ahogado deberíamos colgarla en todos los TL, en FB, en IG… no es herir sensibilidades, es sacarlas de donde estén.

In 1928, famed British economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that technology would advance so far in a hundred years – by 2028 – that it will replace all work, and no one will need to worry about making money.

“For the first time since his creation man will be faced with his real, his permanent problem – how to use his freedom from pressing economic cares, how to occupy the leisure, which science and compound interest will have won for him, to live wisely and agreeably and well.”

We still have thirteen years to go before we reach Keynes’ prophetic year, but we’re not exactly on the way to it. Americans are working harder than ever.

The former secretary of labor explains how we can tweak patent law so it benefits more than a privileged few

The Scandinavian Socialism Argument Debunked - The great liberal myth
Liberals love to point to Scandinavia as an example of the success of socialism. Scandinavian socialism is a myth. Watch as I debunk the great liberal myth.

really great article I found after doing some thinking about Bernie Sanders, and how his entire campaign is essentially the fact that “socialism works for scandinavian countries, so it will for us”. I really recommend you guys read this, it’ll help greatly in any discussions you find yourself in about that bastard.

The ideological and physical hold of American imperial power, buttressed by the utopian ideology of neoliberalism and global capitalism, is unraveling. Most, including many of those at the heart of the American empire, recognize that every promise made by the proponents of neoliberalism is a lie. Global wealth, rather than being spread equitably, as neoliberal proponents promised, has been funneled upward into the hands of a rapacious, oligarchic elite, creating vast economic inequality. The working poor, whose unions and rights have been taken from them and whose wages have stagnated or declined over the past 40 years, have been thrust into chronic poverty and underemployment, making their lives one long, stress-ridden emergency. The middle class is evaporating. Cities that once manufactured products and offered factory jobs are boarded up-wastelands. Prisons are overflowing. Corporations have orchestrated the destruction of trade barriers, allowing them to stash $2.1 trillion in profits in overseas banks to avoid paying taxes. And the neoliberal order, despite its promise to build and spread democracy, has hollowed out democratic systems to turn them into corporate leviathans.

Marco Rubio: Securing Energy for a New American Century  

The true path to an economically and environmentally secure future is not through regulation, it is through innovation.  And innovation comes from less government, not from more government.  It is private innovators, not government officials, who are best suited to discover cleaner and cheaper and more efficient ways to access our resources.  It is private innovators, not government officials, who are best suited to find affordable fuel alternatives or to continue to develop substitutes such as electric or battery powered vehicles. America’s energy future must be entrusted to our businesses and our scientists not to our bureaucrats.

Michael Hudson’s New Book: Wall Street Parasites Have Devoured Their Hosts -- Your Retirement Plan and the U.S. Economy
By Pam Martens: August 31, 2015

The riveting writer, Michael Hudson, has read our collective minds and the simmering anger in our hearts. Millions of American have long suspected that their inability to get financially ahead is an intentional construct of Wall Street’s central planners. Now Hudson, in an elegant but lethal indictment of the system, confirms that your ongoing struggle to make ends meet is not a reflection of your lack of talent or drive but the only possible outcome of having a blood-sucking financial leech affixed to your body, your retirement plan, and your economic future.

In his new book, “Killing the Host,” Hudson hones an exquisitely gripping journey from Wall Street’s original role as capital allocator to its present-day parasitism that has replaced U.S. capitalism as an entrenched, politically-enforced economic model across America.

This book is a must-read for anyone hoping to escape the most corrupt era in American history with a shirt still on his parasite-riddled back.

With its population made up of two categories of people, those who do business and those upon whom they prey, the city has only a painful life to offer the young person who goes there to learn and to study; for sooner or later anyone who lives there, whatever his constitution, becomes disturbed and is eventually deranged and destroyed by the city, often in the most deadly and insidious manner.
—  Thomas Bernhard, Gathering Evidence

domanda: persone che fuggono da guerre, persone che fuggono da paesi dove non possono vivere degnamente, se queste persone provengono da situazioni dove il caos e le condizioni di vita sono state causate da paesi occidentali (che si definiscono democratici), la colpa a monte di chi è?, di chi subisce violenza o di chi provoca violenza?, cari patrioti demo-capitalisti, è facile lanciare slogan razzisti e di propaganda, è conveniente attizzare poveri contro poveri…
(ps: e se molti italiani emigrano per cercare lavoro perché nel loro paese non c'è come li definite?, è colpa loro o di chi governa?, o meglio di chi governa e di chi sostiene il sistema democrazia-capitalismo?)

“[I]t is actually more expensive to be poor than not poor. If you can’t afford the first month’s rent and security deposit you need in order to rent an apartment, you may get stuck in an overpriced residential motel. If you don’t have a kitchen or even a refrigerator and microwave, you will find yourself falling back on convenience store food, which—in addition to its nutritional deficits—is also alarmingly overpriced. If you need a loan, as most poor people eventually do, you will end up paying an interest rate many times more than what a more affluent borrower would be charged. To be poor—especially with children to support and care for—is a perpetual high-wire act.” 

– It Is Expensive to Be Poor | The Atlantic