But what’s the point though. Nothing in this world is fair. No one can agree on wha fair even means. The rich get richer, the poor sink even further into poverty. No one can agree on where to spend money so it just ends up back with the rich people. And we idolize them. We were socialized to want that kind of life, the rich life with fast cars and big houses. So even though the rich get richer and we get poorer, we still buy the crap they sell, we still put our hard earned money into a pair of Jordans or Nikes, giving money to someone who pays their workers less than 60cents an hour. Because fucking capitalism. Welcome to America.

ok I get that there’s this entire “no ethical consumption under late capitalism” but do people seriously have the lack of foresight to not understand that if there were to be any hypothetical eschatological ‘Revolution’ (amongst other pseudo-religious fantasies) that there would need to be some sort of alternative methods already in place in order for mass starvation/thirst/death/whatever to take place?

Like, sure, you can’t buy your way to change, but let’s say the Revolution happened tomorrow. Does anyone have a decent plan for how to like… feed people? Esp. if part of the point of Revolution is no longer massively despoiling the environment, if we take away the agribusiness end of it… what’s the method? That’s not to support agribusiness, obviously, but like it might be worthwhile to maybe support and examine what our endgame looks like here.

That is to say, Revolution will only be possible (imo, a utopic fantasy, but maybe one worth thinking about) if we have something at least semi-real to offer as an alternative, rather than exclusively critiques of the current system. I think many (and maybe most of us) know that the current system is immoral and wrong, the problem is that without alternatives that have been built and supported as parallel structures, we have only uncertainty (which is easily preyed upon by capitalists for fear) or vague platitudes to offer.

Can we establish that it’s fucking weird that white people get so hot for misgendering trans women and then proceed to drop a fifty page set of style guidelines, meticulously elucidating the proper way to display the Apple logo. 

Apple Identity Guidelines. Seriously. 

Under late capitalism, corporations are more people than trans women. 

When you’re in a town like this all covered with smoke, you forget that there’s a world outside. Nothing amazing happens here. And you get used to that, used to a world where everything is ordinary.

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anonymous asked:

"Or just abolish capitalism?" Baby steps, you just right in and you end up as bad off as Venezuela among others. People can't be trusted to be looking out for others.

Anon, I’m not sure if you’re attempting to educate me on the implementation of communism, in which case your contribution is sweet but unnecessary, or asking a legitimate question (though I don’t see a question mark) about how basic income may lead to the gradual implementation of a communist state. (spoiler: it won’t.)

I believe the post you are referring to is my criticism of basic income- I will grant that it was not explained very well so allow me to go into a bit more detail.

I do, in fact, support the implementation of basic income at least partially in the place of the current welfare systems of most capitalist states, and here’s why I used to be a massive advocate for basic income before I wised up a bit :


Basic income can be interpreted as being fundamentally neoliberal, in that it is paid to each individual and does not, in any way, promote the collectivisation of resources.

It could also be used as a hollow excuse for ableism! If an equal wage paid to everybody replaces our welfare system, this does not take into account the fact that some people, in particular disabled people, simply need more money to live.

Bourgeois socialists like the idea of basic income so much because it seems like a good way to ‘fix’ everything wrong with capitalism, whilst still keeping the (oppressive)  capitalist system in place. It’s not even a ‘baby step’ towards communism unfortunately- while it would be a good patch for our welfare system, it’s like slapping a plaster over an open, bleeding wound and then pretending that the wound is no longer harmful.

Finally to your last sentence. ‘People can’t be trusted to look out for others’ is only true in a capitalist state, as greed and competition is artificially created as a result of bourgeois theft and manipulation. As long as basic income exists, the capitalist system will be maintained as by definition it requires capital. Nothing can really move forward at that point.

Basic income will not prevent the bourgeoisie from stealing the surplus value of the proletariat

Basic income will not prevent men from stealing the emotional and domestic labour of women from them without remorse or recompense

Basic income will not prevent imperialists from stealing and exploiting resources and people without limit.

Basic income cannot fix what is wrong with capitalism. The only thing which can fix what is wrong with capitalism is the total abolition of it.

why is someone who identifies as a capitalist following me????

this is worse or equal to creepy porn blogs following me

(this is a rhetorical question, but also: how can anyone identify as a capitalist in good conscience???)

^I wish that was something that horrified more people


Four Horsemen

FOUR HORSEMEN is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works.

As we will never return to ‘business as usual’ 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society.

FOUR HORSEMEN is free from mainstream media propaganda – the film doesn’t bash bankers, criticise politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world which would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions.

What is my job? Some thoughts

Sometimes, when I am out in the world, strangers, as they are wont to do, ask me things like, “What do you do?” I hate this question for semi-bogus political reasons, but increasingly I hate it for practical reasons, because I never know what to say. Some answers, considered:

This is definitely my job, since I make all my money from writing things, but this answer is seldom satisfying for either party. When I tell someone that I am a writer, there are generally two reactions. The more pleasant reaction is that the other party finds my job novel and exotic, and while this is sort of awkward, it is ultimately okay because occasionally it makes me seem sexy or cool. 

The more common reaction is that the conversation partner expends a great deal of energy trying to unveil THE TRUTH. Do my parents pay my bills? Am I paid for my writing? Where does this alleged-writing appear? The people need answers!! Because I am young and maybe also because I am a woman, people often associate writing with hobby. I am not hugely bothered by this, but it tends to generate more self-centered conversation than I enjoy sustaining. Both lines of questioning inevitably lead to, “What do you write?” 

Some further specifications: 

I’m cool with the title blogger, but it isn’t that accurate. I frequently write for blogs, but I tend to think of blogging as a specific shorter form of fast-paced commentary or news aggregation, which isn’t really what I do. Blogging, due to its associations with millennial-ness and gossipy-ness, is sort of regarded as an annoying trash job. I don’t think that is a fair categorization, but I am also not eager to associate my career with those connotations if I don’t have to. 

“Humor Writer”
My writing is funny! It often takes the form of the kind of short, joke-filled essays that are referred to as “humor essays.” I am arguably a humor writer, but I also write serious things sometimes, so I am not sure if this is my ideal top-level career designation. Also, saying “humor writer” sometimes misleads people into thinking you write TV. The worst outcome of using this title in conversation is that people ask you to tell them a joke. I don’t know any jokes.  

This is the truest categorization of my career so far and the one that I would use if it didn’t make me sound like an asshole. 

“Humorist” and/or “Cultural Critic”
These are not job titles. These are compliments that other people use to describe your work or career. It is my belief that nobody should self-identify as either of these things, at least not before age 50. 


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July 25 2015 -  Haiti marked the 100th anniversary of the first U.S. invasion of the country with protests in Port-au-Prince under the slogans of “Enough” and “No More Occupations”. 

One hundred years ago, U.S. corporations turned Haiti into a source of cheap labor and 400,000 workers were forced to go to other parts of the Caribbean and work in U.S. enterprises. The anti-imperialist protesters demanded the withdrawal of U.N. forces and reparations for historical losses inflicted on Haiti. 

As one protester said “The goal of this march is to say: Death to the dictatorship. Death to the occupation. Long live Haiti and the Haitian people. The USA are terrorists”. [video]

  • Poor People:It's difficult to afford food.
  • Tired Argument #1:Just make everything from scratch
  • Person #1:I would love to, but I can't afford food in general, period, notwithstanding the fact that it's more expensive for me to make things from scratch, especially since I live no where near a source that sells the basic ingredients I would need to cook with.
  • Person #2:I'm disabled, I can't physically make everything from scratch, not only is it incredibly dangerous for me to attempt such a thing, but it's physically exhausting and emotionally draining.
  • Person #3:I work too many jobs, and am too busy I do not have enough time in the day to make everything from scratch by myself. My work hours barely allow for me to sleep.
  • Person #4:lmao, my EBT card doesn't cover basic ingredients, because the politicians in my state thought vegetables were too luxurious for me.
  • Tired Argument #2:You just aren't putting enough effort into it, make long trips, spend more time researching food prices, find the cheapest source. Do extreme couponing, like in that show. You just need to put your time and effort in.
  • Person's #1-4:Did you even read what we wrote?
  • Tired Argument #3:You just want to eat unhealthy
  • Person's #1-4:What the fuck are you talking about
  • And Repeat back to Tired Argument #1:Make everything from scratch.