Alles scheiße! Warum? Ich sag’s euch liebe Kinder.
Der Kapitalismus ist ein, in Jahrhunderten Arbeitskampf gefesseltes, Monster das Menschen frisst und Gold scheißt.
Seid einigen Jahren sprengen die Menschen, auf die das Gold geschissen wird, nun die Ketten des Monsters, damit es wieder mehr Menschen frisst und Gold scheißt und man kann nur hoffen das diese Leute von den herabfallenden Goldklumpen erschlagen werden
—  Das Känguru (Marc-Uwe Kling-Die Känguru Chroniken)

if u dont want to go vegan/vegetarian because “you dont care about the animals!!!! lolzor!!!” do it because if the meat inustry remains as big we will kill our planet in no time since it stands for 51% of all environmental damage…….. vegetarian/vegan ppl are so much better and smarter than people who are not byeeeeee

look, i really love make up - really love it - but it makes me sick when i think about how the foundation and lipstick i wear are putting harsh chemicals in my body and increasing my chances of getting cancer. you know we’re living in a hyper-capitalist patriarchy when corporations are willing to sell cancer through women’s insecurities to make a dollar.

FREE MARKET FUNDAMENTALISM—just as dangerous as the religious fundamentalism of our day… This illicit marriage of corporate and political elites-so blatant and flagrant in our time-not only undermines the trust of informed citizens in those those who rule over them, it also promotes the pervasive sleepwalking of the populace… This profit driven vision is sucking the democratic life out of American Society
—  Cornel West in Democracy Matter