capital of fashion


think how great it would be though, being able to learn and do anything you’re physically and mentally capable of doing that you have a deep passion for, no societal restrictions, no monetary restrictions … we’d get so much done? If we had the means of production and equal access to education… 

this is just a trivial [for some] example, but a person with a body shape clothing shops never make for their body shape could just go learn how to make clothing to fit themselves comfortably, and to keep them warm, [as a lot of fat people just dont have clothes that fit to keep them warm so they freeze, it’s true] and they’d have access to the means of production to simply make clothes for themselves if they so desired/had a passion for fashion [lmao] And they could make clothes for other people with their body shapes if they wanted to and enjoyed it.

No restrictions on the means of production, no restrictions on access to education, means we could accomplish so much more … our society would be so much better? 

People would have access to education to cure illnesses they’re passionate about curing and the means of production to craft such cures… whereas under capitalism they cannot afford the education, or even if they can afford the education they can’t afford the tests and necessary equipment to craft cures.

The possibilities are limitless when you open up knowledge and ability to craft things to all who seek it. 


The Alex Ovechkin Aesthetic I: DENIM DISASTER.

Ovi has never met a pair of jeans he didn’t like ripped to shreds or unnecessarily combined with sweatpants. (The sweatjeans actually get their own special post.) Frankly, it’s a mystery. Does he like his thighs particularly well ventilated? Is it his subtle protest against having to wear pants at all? Does he train his dogs while wearing them? Is he making a tribute to Spenser’s Sonnet XXVI, where all good things must contain a contrasting negative factor to heighten the comparison of pleasure and pain?

Or is it just Ovi gonna Ovi?

(Bonus: the rare sighting of Ovechkin wearing a Canadian tuxedo.)


The Alex Ovechkin Aesthetic VI: I Don’t Even Know Man

So, to my knowledge, Ovi has been dressed up as on non-Halloween occasions as:

  • A wolf
  • A shark
  • A bunny
  • A dog

And this is just what I thought of off the top of my head; I’m pretty sure I’m leaving out at least two members of the animal kingdom he’s also impersonated. This trend is like a rollercoaster. But the thing is, the ridiculousness is the point. Think of the attitude and general good nature it takes to just completely abandon your dignify and look ridiculous for the entertainment of others, to be able to laugh at yourself and roll with being laughed at. There are professional athletes out there who never master that (hell, I want to burn the world down in embarrassment when people notice I have two slightly different colored socks on) and then there are people like Ovi who are so comfortable with themselves that they rock being ridiculous to the point where it’s magnificent. And usually they’re doing it for a good cause. That’s awesome.