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I commissioned @clionadraws (again) to draw a scene from my VLD Allurance fic, and here is the beautiful finished product!

Title: searching for sparkles
Series: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Allura/Lance
Word count: 4004
Summary: Allura just wants something sparkly. It’s not a date, Lance—but it’s exactly what she needed.
Notes: AO3 link. Also, I listened to a lot of Ellie Goulding while I wrote this, haha. 

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Jongin / Kyungsoo - Anosmia

Originally posted by intokai

  • Rating: M
  • Words: 9k+
  • Genre: Wolf Au
  • Pairing: Kaisoo
  • Description: A new pack has arrived to join with Kyungsoo’s except a certain Alpha triggers his heat and the whole village goes wild as their youngest Omega finally found his mate except no one knows what Alpha is responsible.
  • Notes: Wolgwang > Moonight / Ilgwang - Sunlight

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Heartbeat (Sashea)- Ortega

A/N: Hey! This is a silly little fic I came up with having completely fallen in love with Sashea. It’s technically part of MAPverse, but can completely be read standalone if you have never read Masquerading as Professionals before! (guess who can’t let go of things lol it’s me). Thank you so much to Dandee who checked the tricky part over for me, and of course my AQ Brits who give me life every waking moment of the day. This is a cis girl AU because I’m full of originality. Also, full disclosure- the line about the lobsters was stolen from The Thick Of It. 

Summary: Shea Coulee takes the empty position for a classroom assistant at Paul Visage Primary School only to please her cousin Bob. When the teacher she’s working for turns out to be cuter than she expected, Shea starts to come up with ways to make her job a little more bearable. Sasha Velour just wishes she didn’t blush so easily.

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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 28

<<Chapter 19 / Chapter 20 / Chapter 21 / Chapter 22 / Chapter 23/  Chapter 24 / Chapter 25 / Chapter 26 /  Chapter 27/ Chapter 29

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

In this chapter: Solutions. Lying to protect. The dark side of the truth.

Word count: 4137

A/N: Okay. If there’s no deadline I can’t be late right. So I’ll just say there’s no deadline, I will post when I can! This way I will have less pressure on me! SO here’s new chapter. Please don’t kill me. It will get better eventually I promise! It is a Stiles x Reader. But like I say each chapter, only further in the story :D Have a nice reading and thanks to @maddie110201 who checked it! Please please please let a feedback it makes me so happy and give me strenght to continue! (None of the gifs are mine credit to owners)

“He’s alive… ”

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anonymous asked:

Feyrhys and the AU “I was trying to take a sneeky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward”

A/N: ok i really love this AU.  And I kinda (by kinda i mean definitely) want to write more in this universe, so let me know what you all think! @rhysndtrash I did the thing! [Part 2!]

~ Rattled ~

Shooting a furtive glance toward her slumbering companion, Feyre bit her lip and tugged her cellphone from the pocket of her messenger bag.

I think I found my muse

There’s a delay in reply, which Feyre fills by scrolling through Tumblr and Instagram, grinning faintly at a few kind comments and tags on her latest piece, which is a misleading characterization unless one considers ‘latest’ to mean over six months.  Still, its good for her ego. 

She’s halfway through reading a ranting conspiracy theory, which managed to connect heelys and Roswell, when an alert drops down at the top of her screen from Mor.

Oo.  intriguing.  is he hot? 

Smirking despite herself, Feyre opens the message to respond.

I never said it was a he

I could be talking about a non-human for all you know

Three dots appear almost immediately and she settles back against the worn but pleasantly clean faux velvety seat, sipping at her fountain drink only to be met with a mouthful of watered down Sprite.  Gross.

pretty sure thats illegal

also that doesnt sound like a denial to me…

Rolling her eyes, Feyre answers back,

ew thanks for making that gross

and fine.  it’s a guy.  but this isn’t about hotness.  artists have muses that they remain platonic with

mhmmm.  so is this going to be a fling or are we talking long term life partners?

whats your stance on marriage as an institution?

Feyre lets out a snort at that, then quickly checks to be sure she hasn’t woken sleeping beauty.  Because he is…beautiful that is.  Purely from an artistic perspective.  This isn’t romantic attraction.  She definitely didn’t think about mouthing her way across his sharp jaw bone while his hands gripped-

i hate you

As if Mor had expected that answer, she fires back almost immediately

no u dont.  and send pics

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The Nest (M)

It’s the beginning of spring and Youngjae is trying really hard to keep you from having a productive day…

Lyly’s note: This man is my Ultimate Bias. With capital letters. STAN B.A.P, join the dark side and read my sickening feelings for Jae. Warning: This is so fluffy, I’m sorry. 😘

Protagonists: Yoo Youngjae & you

Word Count: 2.3k

Genre: Romance - Smut - Boyfriend


The early morning sun is shining, warming the sheets of the bed and slowly waking Youngjae from his dream. Keeping his eyelids shut, he stretches his arm, expecting his fingers to meet your soft skin but reaching the edge of the bed instead.  His eyes lazily open and scan your small studio apartment. Rays of light are drawing bright patterns on the walls and he can hear the birds outside the window. Just by that, he can tell it feels like early spring outside.

The birds are probably happily singing and going around, collecting their little tools in the hope of building the comfiest nest to breed. No doubt some of them are on the hunt for the best twigs to impress their lover, even if the ground isn’t completely thawed out. That thought makes him smile and he turns on his side to rest his head in his hand and observe you.  

You’re standing in the kitchen, going through the cabinets and refrigerator grabbing stuff in the quietest way possible. His eyes are following your movements from the bed, a couple of meters away, only separated by the tiny living room of the open studio. Your long thighs are disappearing under the hem of the oversize t-shirt you threw on and your hair is spread messily all over your shoulders. He’s lucky enough to get a glimpse at the curve of your ass, when you tiptoe to the highest cabinet and grab a glass bowl. Youngjae can’t help but chuckle at the sight and you glance at the bed.

“Morning!” You’re turning your back to him but he can hear your smile.

“Mornin’… Now comeback here…” He mumbles.

“I’m making you pancakes!” You laugh and turn around to point a wooden spoon his way.

The sheets are only partially covering him up to his hip bone and his torso is fully exposed. Dark black strays of his hair are pointing in all directions and even standing straight on top of his head. You always liked when he looks like a mess in the mornings. “You better keep telling the guys I’m the best girlfriend in the whole wide world.”

“… You’re okay, I guess” He teases. “You’d be the greatest if you’d just lay in bed with me all day.”

You let out a hiss through your teeth and go back to your cooking, trying to fight the urge to join him. You two have been dating for a while now and he is always boasting about how awesome you are to his friends. So much, it’s embarrassing. You have never been one to express much your feelings, but he is always loud and clear. He never shies away from expressing himself, usually with disarming honesty.

While you’re deep in thoughts, Youngjae walks over without a noise and encloses your waist in his arms. The impromptu back hug stops you in the middle of measuring the flour. He’s keeping you close, pressing your body against his in silence for almost a minute. You can feel his heartbeat through your shirt and yours quickens when he pulls your hair over your shoulders to rest his head. His fingertips graze the skin of your neck sending shivers down your spine.

“Come give me cuddles…” His voice is nothing but a murmur in your ear and just like that you know you can’t resist. Even if he has already won, you want to make him at least work a little harder for it.

Cuddles, unh? Isn’t that what you are doing anyway?” Your voice is slightly fading at the end, giving your desire away but you still try to bluff by grabbing the flour. His hand wraps around your right wrist and you feel his tongue slowly climb up the side of your neck until he’s gently sucking and nipping your earlobe. Concealing the moans that want to escape by biting your lips, you try to divert his attention.

“Y-Youngjae?”. A deep hum is the only response you get. “What do you want to do today?”

“You.” His answer makes you scoff and wiggle your way out of his embrace.

Do me?! Oh, how romantic!” He protests when you slip free and turn around to face him. Youngjae’s standing in front of you in only his briefs, a tension builds in your stomach. You gulp but arm yourself with a fake disapproving look, one he answers with a more puzzled one.

“Are you asking me for romance?” He playfully smiles. “’Because I’ll romance you…” His left-hand fingers start to massage your thigh and his lips are on your neck again nipping on your sweet spot.

You sigh and your breathing instantly gets heavier. You can’t help but wrap your arms around him and slide your fingertips in the waistband of his boxers, closing the gap between your bodies. Youngjae immediately responds by pressing his growing bulge against your hips and you moan, getting wetter as seconds go by.

“Jae, I’m not complaining, but how is this romancing me?” You’re just trying to annoy him a bit more, make him work for it. You feel his quiet laugh tickles your skin. His breath is hot on the wet spot his saliva left.

“Hummm… you smell so good jagiya…” He tried to use his most serious tone to sound romantic, but you laugh at his cheesy attempt. He pulls back semi-offended.

“Come here!” He orders, and walks you towards the bed. Without further ceremony, he pushes you on it and climbs over. You were expecting him to lower to kiss you, but instead he just starts to move all the sheets and pillows. He’s working in silence, stripping your mattress and gathering everything he can near your bodies.  When he wraps your duvet around you two, you put your hand on his chest and raise on one elbow.

“Stop. W-what are you doing?” You are confused but he pushes you back down and slowly leans in, until the tip of his nose is brushing yours. Then he gently kisses you, it’s so soft it barely tickles your lips but still leaves you breathless. When he backs off, his eyes are half-opened and filled with love. Youngjae’s just hovering over your body, his chest rising and falling peacefully. It takes a minute before he speaks but you stay silent, strangely caught up in the moment.

“Can’t you tell?” He pauses and gestures the duvet, sheets and pillows all around, circling you like a loving cocoon. “It’s spring, so I built our nest.” He uses his serious tone again, but this time, you don’t laugh.

“Our what?” You hesitate in disbelief. “Like a bird’s nest?” The idea seems silly, but it somehow makes your heart flutter.

“Yes, I built us a love nest.” Facing your silence, he hesitantly continues. “Well, it’s not the best nest and I know I’m away a lot, but it’ll keep you safe and war-” He’s interrupted when you crash your lips on his. Your fingers get wild in his hair; you had been wanting to play with it since earlier. Youngjae pushes his tongue in, deepening the kiss and exploring your mouth relentlessly. For a moment, you both forget you need air and when he ends the passionate kiss, he rests his forehead on yours while you catch your breaths.

“I have to admit that was kinda cute.” His eyes are close and he barely reacts when you peck his lips.

“Mmmm… I’m always cute, what’s new?” He brushes your noses together making you giggle.

“I Love you, Youngjae.” His eyes shoot open and he stands on his elbow to look at you in awe.

“God, what took you so long. I was dying over here!” A dumb smile is plastered on his face.

“Shut up!” You playfully slap his side to hide your embarrassment.

“Ouch! O.K, I can do tough love…” Instantly, your hips are pressed in the mattress and his lips are on yours again, fighting for dominance.

You grab onto his shoulders and slide your right hand down his back to his ass, his naked skin is burning hot under your fingers. He grunts and abandons your lips to pursue his earlier misdemeanors on your earlobe. He knows how much it turns you on. You raise your hips to grind yourself on his erection and his hand is immediately on one of your thighs. He wraps it on his waist and travels his fingers on your skin, deliberately taking forever to roll up your t-shirt. Youngjae lets out a lustful moan when he realizes you aren’t even wearing panties.

Really? The things you do to me…” He finally gets rid of your only piece of clothing and shoves it across the room. He stops to observe your fully naked body under him and must grab your hands when you try to cover up by modesty.

“Don’t.” Then his hands are roaming your body, exploring every inch even though he knows it by heart. He drops his head to take one of your nipple in his mouth, sucking on it until it’s erect and throbbing, then he attacks the other one. You’re still pressing your wetness against his constricted member, hoping to make him feel your arousal.

It must be working because it seems to capture his attention. His right-hand fingers dance smoothly down on the skin of your stomach. When he reaches your dampness, you instantly curve on your back, begging for his touch. You pull on his hair for him to kiss you and he happily obliges. Your needy sounds are covered by his mouth as he moves fingers up and down your slit.

He backs off slightly to study your reaction when he inserts a finger inside you. Your back curves again by reflex and you press yourself on him wanting more. Youngjae drops his forehead on your chest, breathing you in while he moves his finger, adding another one and curving them to pleasure you. His thumb repeatedly brush your bud of nerves sending waves of pure delight through your body.

Panting more and more, you dig your nails in his shoulders to hold unto reality longer. Tension is building in your stomach, but you don’t want release right now. No, just not yet.

“Jae…”  You push him until you gain access to his briefs, languidly lowering them while looking straight in his eyes. They are already stained by your juices and his pre-cum. When his length springs free, you gently rub his tip with your thumb. His hips jerk forward and you run your hand up and down his shaft at a deliberately slow pace. Youngjae’s trying to maintain a controlled expression, but he’s breathing heavily and letting out frustrated short grunts.

“W-what are yo-” The question dies in his throat when you begin to pump a little faster making his hips reflexively jerk. After only a few seconds, you stop everything. His jaw drops and he’s about to protest, but you bring your thumb to your mouth and lick his pre-cum. His brows furrows and his gaze gets darker.

“Okay, that’s it. I want you now.” You giggle and lay down in your nest under his scrutinizing stare. “Why do you always tease me like that?” Youngjae kisses you, tasting himself in your mouth, while he positions between your legs. He enters in one go and immediately starts to move. Your legs wrap around his waist and he raises your hips to reach deeper. Building speed with each of his thrust, he sucks on his usual spot on your neck again. To mark you as his.

Both of your voices fill the apartment: his saying nonsense and yours loudly moaning his name every time his hips hit yours. The friction between your bodies is making you crazy and your fingers are scratching his shoulders relentlessly, earning approving groans.

After a moment, Youngjae flips you over to watch you come in that position. As if nothing happened, you naturally ride him. You raise and drop mercilessly on his length, knowing both of your highs are approaching. He positions his right hand between your boobs, watching as they bounce in rhythms.  Your orgasm hits you and your walls clench around him. He instantly follows and comes inside you. You ride off your high by grinding a few more times before collapsing on his chest.

Still catching his breath, he brings a sheet over your shoulders and hugs you tightly against him. You feel his heart beating fast, following the rhythm of yours. After they both naturally slow down, you slip out of his embrace to go clean yourself. When you come out of the bathroom, Youngjae is dozing off, laying on his back and cutely hugging a pillow. You sit on the bed to look at him

“Are you sleeping again?” He grunts, still somehow responsive and you laugh. “Looks like we destroyed our nest.” The hint of sadness in your voice makes him smirk.

“Don’t worry. I’ll build it again while you go and make me those pancakes.” Triggered, you hit him hard with the closest pillow.

“OUCH!” He opens one eye to gauge your reaction and smiles to try to ease you. “I’m just saying, we can go again if I eat something.” You sigh and uncross your arms on your chest.

“Fine, but this is special treatment. Not all my boyfriends get to have breakfast in bed.” You walk to the tiny kitchen, but his eyes shoot open and he turns on his side.

“What Boyfriends?” His voice is full of fake cockiness.

“Don’t worry, you’re the only one getting pancakes. Because I love you.”

“YAH! Stop saying that, I might start to take it for granted!” He half-yells in the small studio and rests his chin in his hand to observe you with a bright smile. “I love you too.”

You smirk when you finally measure the right amount of flour. Looks like you might spend the whole day in bed after all.


That Piece Of Me (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Originally posted by enochianess

Summary: AU Soulmates. James loved that story about the soulmates when he was a child and he grew up very disappointed that he hasn’t one. The thing is that living so many years there was no chance of not having one. Good things happen when you least expect them.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: language oops, i said the word with d

Words: 1730

A/N: This one has the approval of the lovely @buckyyyy-barnes , thank you very much, girl!! You’re the best!!

That Piece Of Me

James used to like that story when he was a child. The one about the soulmates.

He loved that it was true. Of course not everyone has one, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t found love. But the people who have a soulmate writes something in a part of their bodies and the one who’s destined to them would feel a tingling and then they could see the message.

When his first-grade teacher teach him how to write, the first thing he and his friend Steve did was write a greeting in their arms. They draw a happy face next to the word and wait.

Steve’s arm was almost instantly covered with flowers draws, but Bucky’s arms stayed blank.

When James was 16, he wrote in his arm once every two months.

He had already dated a couple of girls and kissed a plenty more, but he’d never lost hope in finding his soulmate.

He used to write little love letters in the night and wash them in the morning. He used to write about his day, about his family, about the way he found out that his sister was Steve’s soulmate. About his friends. About his dreams.

A few years later, he wrote about the war. About the recruitment, about how Steve kept trying to get into the army with him. He wrote about the dances and about the city fairs.

Until one day he couldn’t write anymore.

He was captured by the Nazis and he thought that maybe he doesn’t have a chance to met his soulmate. Maybe he doesn’t have a soulmate at all. Or maybe his soulmate doesn’t  want to meet him. Maybe she was with someone else. At least he doesn’t wait in vain. He lived, he kissed, he danced, he has had sex, he had enjoyed his family and his friends.

If he died now, he wouldn’t die without living.

Fortunately, he didn’t die. Captain America rescued him and his fellows. 

In that moment, he swore to himself that he wouldn’t write anymore. He would live plenty, without wondering if he has a missing piece or not. It didn’t matter because he was completed by himself.

Several years later, when he didn’t he had lost every piece of control over his world, something changed.

He was in a middle of a mission when he felt it. A tingle in his thigh.

What was that?

The guy that he was sent to kill found him? Was he playing a trick on him? How was he doing that?

When he finished his job, he found a place to watch his leg. Was that a heart? Why does he have a heart drawn in his thigh? 

By an impulse, he drew other exactly like that and wait. A messy handwriting was shown in his leg. ‘Hi, I’m (Y/N) and I’m 6 years old’


How could a child write in his leg? He was very confused. He tried to find the reason in his mind, he tried with all his strengths until he did it. The soulmates.

He smiled for the first time in his life. In his new life. He started to remember little pieces of his old life. Not all of  them. But a couple of insignificant things.

He wrote with print and capital letters just like hers but a little more readable ‘My name’s Bucky’

He was cryo-frozen again a few times, his memory erased each of the times. But they never could erase his memories about her. Of course, he didn’t mention her to anyone and although he wasn’t constant, he could write to her a few times throw the years.

She didn’t understand his absences but she never questioned them with anger.

‘You’re gonna laugh’ she wrote him one day. She was 24 now.

He had decided two months ago when he started to get his memories back again that he wasn’t going back with Hydra. He realized that he was compelled to do horrible things. That his missions shouldn’t have been his targets, his targets should have been the people who used him as a weapon. Tortured. He was used and manipulated to kill innocent people; people who only wanted to make the world a better place.

He went to Steve for help. He needed to change. He needed to get his memories back. He needed to become a better man before he goes to find her. He has to be worthy or her. Of such a beautiful soul. And he needed to be it now.

‘Not gonna laugh at you, doll’

Her calligraphy has become a lot better than it was when she was a kid.

‘I’m joining the Avengers tomorrow.’

What? She was doing what?

His hand was quivering when he placed the pen in his skin to write a reply and he did his best to tried to control it.

‘This is not a joke, (Y/N). This is dangerous’

‘I know it’s dangerous, I’ve trained since I was ten to do this, so I’m doing it. Deal with it. Plus you never told me where do you work at or anything, don’t even know your age.’

‘27, doll. Well, if you’re so sure, I guess we’ll meet tomorrow then. Don’t be mad, I’m just worried’

‘Are we going to meet tomorrow? What?!’ She drew a super happy face and he smiled. He traced the letters on his knee hoping to God that he was enough for her.

Even if he wasn’t, he was definitely enough to protect her so he was determined to be her partner in the field. There was no way in hell he was going to let her get hurt.

The next day went in a blur. His anxiety building with every passing minute. And his nightmares didn’t help either.

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t know, Steve. What if she doesn’t like me? What if she’s afraid of me?”

“She will love you, I believe that she already does. You know that nothing of all that happened was your fault.”

“But I have to live with it. And she still has the right to be afraid”

The metallic sound of the arm moving pieces filling the room as he tensed and relaxed his arm unwittingly.

“Your presence is required in the conference room” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice sounded through the speakers.

Their meeting proved that Bucky had nothing to be nervous about. You were excited that you finally had the job that you wanted and you could be the happiest person in the city now that you met him. Your soulmate.

He was so intriguing and so readable at the same time that it was the most absurd contradiction. But you loved each other, that’s for sure. Everyone could see it. And they were happy for both of you.

“(Y/N)” Natasha whispered in your ear in one of Tony’s parties. Luckily it was an intimate one.

You watched the glimmering eyes of Wanda looking at both of you and the beginning of a smile appearing on her face. Nat completed her sentence after stealing a glance at Bucky, who was across the room chatting with the boys.

“Please let us draw your face”

You giggled a little.

“No dicks, please.”

They smirked as they get closer to you, marker in hand.

“I’m gonna take so many pictures tonight”

They hurried to draw a small triangle in your nose and a few lines faking whiskers in each cheek. Wanda wrote “I’m a cutie” by a little heart on the side of your chin.

Nat started shooting pictures at you and she ran to do the same with Buck until we heard a loud series of laughs.

“You’re the cutest assassin kitty in the world!”


“Me?” You looked at him innocently through your eyelashes. “I didn’t do anything, Buck. I was just having a few drinks with the girls"

“I can see” he responded rolling his eyes as you stood up and started walking to him. You saw that he was struggling to not start laughing and keep his rough façade. You hugged him, placing your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as he returned the hug involving you with his arms on your waist. He kissed the top of your head.

“I’m gonna clean your face.”

You smiled and hugged him tighter hiding your face on his chest. 

“I’m fine, thanks very much”

“It doesn’t matter, doll,” he said placing his hands on your thighs and lifting you up, taking you to his room.

“Girls, I want the photos!!” you screamed before being out of their sight.

Bucky opened the door with one hand as he took your weight with his other arm. He placed you carefully in his bed and went to his bathroom.

He returned with a wet little towel as you were scrolling the images on your cell phone.

“Don’t make a move! I have pictures!” You said as you showed them to him.

He bit his lower lip to not laugh and rolled his eyes as he started cleaning your face up, despite your failed tries to move from the cloth.

“They’ll never be going to let me forget this”

“Me neither” you stated with a goofy smile as he moved the fabric over your cheeks. The marker in his face disappearing as he did that.

“I love you, Bucky. You looked very cute.”

He smiled finishing removing the ink from your face.

“You’re the cutest here, love. And I love you too” he stated as he placed a kiss to your lips.

Part 2

So Many Stars (Ch. 8)

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Chaptered, English teachers in Japan AU
Word Count: 6,366 words
Warnings: Trigger warning for mentions of death, alcohol, drunkenness, some salty humor, and lots of sexual tension
Description: English speech contest practice and a very fun house party

Read Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7

A/N: omg i loved writing this chapter. chapter 9 next wednesday (jan. 28). please enjoy!


When Dan returned to the staff room after his third period class on Monday morning, he found Phil sat at his desk with his nose stuck in a colorful brochure. As Dan set his books down and slid into his chair, he bent his neck a little to one side so that he could get a closer look at the cover.

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Xiumin/You Wolf AU- Anon Request

Alt Title: You’ve Got 99 Problems and Park Chanyeol is All of Them

yay the second wolf au is done! back to the ‘you’ perspective. a you/minseok with a lot of you/chanyeol interaction (not connected to the previous wolf au)

scenario: Minseok appoints beta Chanyeol to keep an eye on things while he’s away. It goes just about as well as you’d expect. 

rating: pg-13 (swearing, cute/dumb chanyeol)

word count: ~3,992 


“Chanyeol Park!”

A crash echoes from the kitchen, a loud swear heard through the angry red hum that’s occupying most of your head at the moment.

His head peeks around the corner, one eye watery and blinking too fast. “Yes?”

“What the fuck is all of this?”


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Bad Blood - one shot. Phanfic

Summary: Two years ago, some idiot dumped radioactive waste in the water supply, affecting 70% of Britain. Celebrities could suddenly fly, Politicians could burst into flames and little kids could control solid objects with their minds.  People developed extraordinary powers and some used them for good, and then there were ones who wanted to rule the freakin’ world.  2018. Phil Lester is London’s most wanted for having the ability to control the earth beneath his feet, and he’s wanted by Dan. The new ruler of England.  Also one of rare individuals who can absorb a power.

Genre: supernatural

Modern AU

Trigger warnings: uh PJ cuts into his hand with a letter opener, but have you read the summary, yo.

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You only love once

Hi~ This is an original scenario of mine! I hope you will enjoy it! (4 542 words)

Jungkook fluff.

In this scenario there will have times I will propose you to listen to some music I linked you. Just click on the link if you want and read the words I wrote at the same time. I purposely wrote them so you could listen and read in a synchronized way.

For the second song, stop it when the song will be finished (there will be a part of another song at the very end).

In either way don’t repeat the songs, just play them once. And if you want to have the feels, listen to them with earphones ;)

I hope I made it clear if not, you will understand while reading!



“It cannot wait, I’m yours.”

Today was the day of your life. It may sound cheesy but it literally is.  

You rolled into the bed so you could face your fiancé who was still sleeping.

Your look was first sticking on his forehead that was uncovered on a side. Then your eyes shifted on his thick eyebrows and his long eyelashes that were covering his beautiful eyes you always like to dive in. His cute nose you would love to pinch right now and his nasolabial fold just above his so kissable lips.

You couldn’t help but started to stroke his silky black hair, your hand going down on is cheek you were now rubbing.

By staring at his cute sleepy face like that, the morning of your most beautiful day to go, you remember when you first met him. It was six years ago when you were sixteen, you were classmates and you clearly remember how it all went. You were standing at the back of the classroom next to your bestfriend who was doodling on her copybook. You were staring at this handsome boy who was sitting a row before you. He was joking around with his friends and you couldn’t help but listened to them and smiled to their lame jokes. But then their conversation was getting quite serious and your smile faded. His friends were teasing him about a girl by saying things like “When are you finally going to get that chick? It’s obvious you love her! Our little kookie is growing up!”

You were feeling so bad and so weak to see Jungkook smiling at the ground while blushing hard.
He obviously was in love and you had no chance to be ‘that chick’. You dived your eyes into your mathematics’ copybook full of formulas as the teacher entered the classroom.
She started her lessons and instead of having this ‘mathematical formulas headache’ your head was spinning because of the words his friends said to him. Who could it be?
You started to look at all your female classmates. Your look uncontrollably drifted on the one you were secretly in love with and you were searching for any hints in his behavior. Sneaky glances, what he was drawing on his copybook, could it be her name?

When the teacher turned her back to the class while writing on the blackboard, brouhaha went up in the room.

“I will confess to her at the end of the class.” Jungkook smiled at his friend before continuing his drawing.

Who could be this fortunate girl? You looked at your watch and saw there was still thirty minutes left.

“Why does the time fly so slowly?” You sighed to yourself as your bestfriend gave you a soft stroke on your elbow.
You lifted up your face and realized all of your classmates, including Jungkook, were staring at you. You blushed hard as the teacher repeated his question, but the only thing you were able to focus on was the copybook of this handsome boy. Your eyes popped out when you saw your name written with capital letters at the top of his page. Were you eventually the girl he had a crush on and was about to confess?

“(Y/N) do you want to go to detention?”

“Sorry sir…” You shrank on your seat as your heart was pounding hard against your chest.

Everyone turned around and you wanted to slap yourself for embarrassing you that way in front of Jungkook.

A bunch of questions went through your mind until the end of the lesson but you couldn’t answer a single one. When the ring belled, Jungkook gathered his things and so you did. You were about to leave the class when his voice shouted your name.
You turned around by the door threshold, a guy pushed you but the only thing you were able to see was this angel waving at you besides his friends.

“Wait, I have something to tell you!” He walked up to you.

“It won’t be long though.” He exited the door, exceeding you from some steps.

You caught him up as he stopped in the middle of the corridor to confess his love to your incredulous you.

“So basically, I’ve been loving you for a good month now. And when I say love I mean deep love; not just like a crush, I think I’m really in love with you.” He furiously blushed before showing you his bunny smile right after liking his lips.

Your name written on his copybook came back to your mind. It never really left but it was the only thing you could really see at this moment aside from his bright smile, you fell in love with a few months ago.

“I just wanted you to know it. You surely don’t feel the same but if you ever want to hang out with me I’d be glad.” He smiled at you warmly before leaving you but you caught his wrist.

“I actually like you.” Your sentence echoed in the corridor that was nearly empty now.

Your hand dropped his forearm as you felt his look in your back.

“I don’t just like you…. I love you.” You corrected yourself.

He made you turn around buy putting on his hands on your shoulders. You blushed even harder when his eyes stuck on your face. He tilted your chin to make you look straight at him.

“Should we go on a date this week end then? Let’s catch up on all the time we wasted by hiding our feelings.”

“It would be nice.” You softly grinned.

You exchanged your numbers so you could chat anytime of the day and decide the hour and the day your first date will be.

A year passed and you will forever remember your first anniversary. You were wandering with him in the streets after school when he suggested you to stay to the park for the rest of the afternoon so you could enjoy each other’s company in this special day.                                                                       You were lying on the grass holding his hand under the shade of the nearby trees. He suddenly sat up, took your hand and stared at you while smiling. He started to sing, for your biggest pleasure.

“Hundred and five is the number that comes to my head, when I think of all the years I wanna be with you. Wake up every morning with you in my bed; that’s precisely what I plan to do. And you know one of these days, when I get my money right. Buy you everything and show you all the finer things in life. We’ll forever be enough, so there ain’t no need to rush. But one day, I won’t be able to ask you loud enough. I’ll say will you marry me. I swear that I will mean it; I’ll say: Will you marry me.” Your heart literally dropped as you realized he was singing this song to you. You sat up to enjoy the song better; tears were already welling up in your sparkling eyes.

“How many girls in the world can make me feel like this? Baby, I don’t ever plan to find out. The more I look, the more I find the reasons why you’re the love of my life.” I exactly feel the same about those lines. I mean, I think he really is the love of my life. We’re still so young but look at him, I was made to love him and spend my entire, precious life with him. Though he will be travelling all around the world as a member of a boysband, meaning he will have a very busy schedule. Though he will have fangirls, though he will be gone for two long years for his military service; this is all worth the wait.

Jungkook stood up, smiling like crazy. Handing you out his soft hand so you stood up too after holding it as he continued to sing this song with all of his soul.

“And if I lost everything, in my heart it means nothing. Because I have you, girl I have you. To get right down on bended knee; nothing else would ever be better, better the day when I’ll say will you marry me.” He half shouted in the empty park as he was kneeling in front of you but you knelt down too. You didn’t want to offend him or whatever. Seeing him kneeling in front of you made you feel kind of guilty. As if he was the one who was meant to praise you in your relationship, as if you were just meant to accept his gifts. He says he wants to offer you everything he has ever dreamt of giving to the love of his life, like he was working and all the money he’ll earn would be for you? No way Jeon Jungkook, you’re working for yourself; don’t sacrifice.

These six years passed so fast. People always said a few things on your relationship; some bitter words and some sweet sentences. Your parents used to say you were too young to know about the future. And you always replied by “Can even the wisest people of the world know about the future?”
People always talk about “Loving like the first day” but hell! Tell me how is it possible? Your love can’t stay the same, simply because it’s a feeling and feelings always changes. Love can only grow wider or fall apart, there isn’t a stay still because you get attached to the one who caught your heart and you learn to know him through all of his sides you see and discover every single day.

Of course you have been through arguments with Jungkook, some trivial ones and some serious ones but in these cases you always needed to compromise to save your couple from an eventual crisis. Fortunately because you both understand each other’s feeling, you didn’t get that far and you were happy together most of the time.

Your thoughts stopped because Jungkook incautiously moved a little closer to you, still dived into a heavy sleep. You decreased the gap between your faces when you remembered the day he proposed to you. It was freezing in the house because the radiators were broken so you were cuddling together under some blankets, watching films, the night of Christmas Eve. At the end of the last film, about 1 am he stood up asking you “Do you remember when I sang you marry me by Jason Derulo on our first anniversary?”

“Of course I do, how could I forget?” You smiled, your sleepy eyes awakened at this thought.

“Then I’m asking you…” He knelt, pulling out a ring of his pocket. “Will you marry me?” He sang.

“Yes I do!” You jumped out of the couch, hugging and kissing him before he could slide this dearest ring of your life on your finger.

“This is definitely the best Christmas present ever Jungkook!” You couldn’t stop staring at the ring.

“You know what? You’re not only my Christmas gift; you’re my every single day gift.” He widely smiled before leaning on to kiss you again.

You played with his earrings as he was still sleeping and you were daydreaming about all of those beautiful moments.

“And after one year, this is the day when all of this will eventually be formalized.” You smiled before putting your warm lips on his.

“Good morning Jagiya!” He smiled before opening his brown twinkling eyes.

“Did I wake you up?” He put his hand on your back, forcing you to put your head on his chest.

“No you didn’t. I was already awake; I couldn’t sleep anymore, I’m way too excited!”

“I’m glad I didn’t!” You smiled.

“Why is your heart beating so fast? Are you sick or something?” You confusedly lifted your head up.

“I’m fine.” He put your head back on his chest.

“I’m just loving you like it isn’t allowed.”

You rested a few seconds on his chest, listening carefully to his heart beating, before sating up in the bed.

“What’s the matter Jagi…” He opened his eyes again.

“You should listen to my heartbeat too.”

“Then lie down in the bed and I will.” He took your hand and pulled it to him. You obeyed and lay down next to him.

“Come on, listen to it now.”

“I don’t need to; I already know how much you love me.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I do.” He put his head over your belly, wrapping his arms around your thighs.


“Ssh, don’t spoil that ideal morning.” He whines.

He got a point.

“I have to do some beauty-routines though.” You stroked his hair.

“What beauty-routines?” He giggled.

“It’s our wedding today and I need to be the most beautiful women I’ll ever be tonight!”  

“You’re already so beautiful, and I don’t say that because I will marry you in a few hours, I’m not even joking!” He lifted his head up, resting his chin on your tummy before continuing “You don’t need to waste your time in those things. Please stay with me in bed instead.”  

“Okay, there’s not much time left before we got to leave so you’re lucky!”
He kissed your tummy many times to thank you before tickling you.

“We didn’t agree on that!” You jumped out of the bed.

“You agreed to be my wife so yes you somehow did!” He laughed.

That’ how the morning basically went, the mood was exactly the same has it has been on ordinary days. You were thankful for that because Jungkook knew you were going to be stressed out today but he still did things to relax your mind and make you feel comfortable.
You went into the car with all your wedding items and clothes. You were both going to prepare yourselves into the rooms of the banquet hall. You haven’t seen the suit Jungkook will be wearing, and he didn’t see your wedding dress; not to mention it’s getting really hard for you right now. You were really craving to see him in his suit. Would he be wearing a tie or a cute bowtie? What color would it be? Your mind asked you dozens of question per seconds.

You went out of the car and walked into the building, giving each other one last hug and one last languid kiss.

You walked into two different rooms with all of your items and were received by a makeup artist and a hairdresser. Your mom and your dad will be visiting you a bit later, when all the work will be almost done.
You sat in front of a mirror, waiting for the hairdresser to fix your hair in a proper wedding pun. Then the makeup artist, put on a foundation all over your face. She also put some light eye shadow, adding a thin line of eyeliner, nearly unnoticeable and finally some mascara. She added some blush on your cheeks and the indispensable pink gloss on your full lips.

You were getting more and more nervous as the work of the artists was nearly done and the time was ticking away quickly.
A knock on the door was heard so the hairdresser opened the door as you recognized the voice of your parents.

“Oh my god my daughter is so stunning.” Tears threatened to fall down her cheeks.

“Don’t cry already mom, the wedding hasn’t started yet.” Tears also welled up in your eyes.

“But I’m so excited!” She cheered anyway.

“Look how gorgeous my little girl became.”

“She has always been.” Your mom admitted.

“I still remember when you were five and you were crying because you wanted to marry me.” They laughed.

“And then when you were fifteen you complained because your friends had boyfriends and I was the only male in your contacts.” His laugh faded away.

“But here I am, getting ready to lead you to your man.”

“Don’t say it in a sad way.” He made you feel guilty. “You’ll still be my daddy!” You smiled before hugging him tight in your arms. As you pulled away you swore you saw tears in his eyes.

“I will be waiting for you outside of the room honey. I assume you have girls’ advices to tell to your daughter right now.” He faked a smile and exited the room.

“Please mom, go and take care of dad.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” You softly smiled, feeling uneasy about your so emotional dad.

“Ah men… They all come so emotional when this happens and they still have to hide their feelings.” She ran out of the room, making your smile appear again on your dazzling lips.

Your phone vibrated on the table, next to the nail polishes.

“From: Love

I bet you’re stressed out… You shouldn’t be tough. Can you feel all the positives vibes I’m sending to you right now? No? Then receive my kisses and hugs. I’m so excited to see you!”

Your heart flutters rapidly whenever you see his contact name lightening up your phone screen but it’s about to explodes whenever he sends you this kind of fluffy messages.

“To: Love

How could you know me so well? I’m craving so bad to see you now~”

“From: Love

See you in a few minutes, my dear fiancée!”

You were looking one last time at your reflection in the mirror, being thankful to the artists that worked hard to make you look so pretty.
And here we go, the time to leave your room came and you were hiding in a corner of the hall so Jungkook could go to the next door’s church without seeing you.
You grabbed your bouquet when your dad appeared in front of you, giving you his arm for you to grab it and walk with him to the church like this.

“Please dad, always remember I’ll still be loving you.” You hugged him tight in front of the church’s door.

“I already know. Sorry for being so emotional.”

“I understand.” You warmly smiled before breathing deeply: “Should we enter the church now?”

Your dad nodded and you both walked in as the wedding music started to play. Every guest turned around to look at you but you were only able to see Jungkook who was next to the priest.
He stared at you without being able to hide his genuine smile; his little dimples showing up. You were blushing so hard while your heart was melting as the music made it shake even more.
Arriving at the end of the aisle, Jungkook walked down the little stairs as your dad give your hand to him.

“Thank you sir for giving me the opportunity to cherish your wonderful daughter for the rest of my life.” You both blushed and your dad whispered “I love you.” in your ear before going to sit next to your mom.

Jungkook helped you to walk up the stairs so you could stand in front of the priest.
You couldn’t believe he dared to slick back his hair so his forehead was completly uncover. So simple but so effective.

“You’re so stunning I’m falling head over heels for you right now.” He whispered and you smield at the ground.

“(Y/N) will you take Jeon Jungkook as your lawfully wedded husband?” The priest stared at you.

“I do.”

“Jeon Jungkook will you take (Y/N) as your lawfully wedded wife?” You felt your heart tightening.

“I do.” His smile beamed all over his handsome face as your heart dropped, making your whole body shiver.

You exchanged the wedding ring, your hands were so shaking as you prayed not to make the Jungkook’s one fall while bringing it to his annular.

“You can now kiss the bride.”

Jungkook faced you with a huge smirk on his lips. He took a step to close the gap between you as he wrapped his arms in your back, kissing you passionately. Fireworks exploding in your stomach, your knees becoming weak as you felt his hot smiling lips on yours. The guests’ loud cheers making your eardrums quake.

You walked up the aisle your arm intertwined with your husband’s one, people casting roses’ petals to you.  

You cried as you exited the church, some more guests cheering for you to show them another kiss.

“Jungkook, give another passionate kiss to your gorgeous wife!” One of his bestfriend’s yelled.

He leaned on you, whispering in your ear “See I told you you were gorgeous enough to miss your beauty routine!” He grinned before kissing you even more passionately.

The afternoon was full filled with loving messages from your guests, from loving speech of your parents and step parents in law. It was filled with Jungkook’s radiant smile, his hands squeezing yours and sweets whispered words.

You were sitting at your wedding table beside Jungkook’s parents and he should have been sitting next to your parents but he excused himself and went to ‘fix something’. You were completely okay with it, he may was checking if the wedding cake was good enough to make it come and eat it in about ten minutes.
You waited for him, your hands on your knees as your ears drifted away from the conversation the parents were having. Your eyes were wandering in the room and the guests you had invited. Of course, all the members of BTS were present on a special table and were laughing while on the other side of the room people were chatting normally or staring at you.
Your eyes shifted on the white draped ceiling lightened by navy blue spotlights.

Some people were lightening up some candles that were placed from your table to the dance floor to make a sort of path.  It was so beautiful, but who planned it? You didn’t remember you’ve been planning it with Jungkook. Is it a part of the thing to fix? It must be. You smiled at yourself thinking of how your husband could be cute and dedicated.
The lights suddenly turned off; making the guest cheering as your heart stopped. The room was now filled with the dimmed gold light produced by the spotlights on the white walls and ceiling adding to the flames of all the little candles, that’s the moment when you saw your husband, back to the crowd, all alone on the dance floor.

“Jungkookie fighting!!” His bestfriends shouted before the music started and that made you slightly laughed.

When you heard the first guitar notes, a diaporama was shown behind Jungkook on the white wall.

“When your legs don’t work like they use to before, and I can’t sweep you off of your feet, will your mouth still remember the taste of my love? Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks? Darling I will be loving you till we’re seventy.” He made his way through the crowd to come to pick you next to your parents.

“And baby my heart could still fall as hard at twenty three.” Tears welled up in four sparkling eyes.

“I’m thinking about how people fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe just a touch of a hand? Me I fall in love with you every single day. I just wanna tell you I am. So honey now, take me into your loving arms.” He took your hand to stood you up.

“Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.” You both looked at the ceiling where stars were dancing on the ceiling.

“Place your head on my beating heart, thinking out loud. Maybe we find love right where we are.” He made you spin before placing your hand on his chest.
He took you to the center of the room walking in the candle lit path.

“When the crowds won’t remember my name”. You were watching the pictures that were defiling before your eyes and you couldn’t help the tears to stream down your face.

“I know you will still love me the same cause honey your soul could never grow old it’s evergreen.” He wiped your tears that were full of the love you had for him.

“Baby your smile’s forever in my mind, my memory.” He lifted up the corner of your lips with both of his hands as he smiled while continuing singing. He turned you around, back hugging you so you could watch the diaporama till the end. He placed his chin on your shoulder and crossed his arms over your stomach.

“I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes, hoping that you’ll understand.” When he finished this sentence, the selca he sent you after having your first argument was showed up. You widely smiled, tears still rolling down your cheeks. You undo his crossed fingers that were resting on your belly and turned to face him. He was smiling even more widely than you and you couldn’t stop your heart from pounding against your chest like it was the very first time you saw him.

“Maybe we find love right where we are.” He held on the last note. You gave him an Eskimo kiss before reaching his lips; you were both smiling like idiots, while everyone in the room cheered. He brightly smiled at the ground; his soft dimples making your heart melt even more. He looked up straight at you after licking his lips, still smilling.
He placed his hands on your waist, pulling you closer to him and kissed you lovingly.
Your heart was automatically set on fire as your tongues were playing together. Everyone applauded and cheered but they were fading away, it’s like Jungkook and you were the only one in the room. You could only remember the way he paced his weight from left to right while singing, the way he opened and closes his eyes to keep his mind focused into singing. You could only recall the way his chest rose and his neck’s vein became visible just under his mole when he hits a high note.

You can only think about his behavior and his skin, pressed under your fancy wedding clothes.

At the end of the ball, you lost yourself into dancing with Jungkook. When everyone was finally gone you gathered all of your items and went back to your apartment. After showering you were both cuddling in bed talking about what an achievement today was for your deep love. He rubbed your back, his forearm resting in the curve of your waist, dug buy the fact you were lying on the side.

“Baby jungkook became a man I remember when you were so shy you couldn’t even held my hand in public places!” You teased.

“Ya! Why do you have to bring this back tonight?” He looked offended.

“My kookie have come a long way!” You mock him before kissing his nose.

“Maybe I was shy to hold your hand back then but tonight I’ll make you scream my name.”

“Wow, have you ever heard about modesty!” You both laughed before he placed so many kisses all over your skin.

“Do you realize we are finally married?”

“I don’t, but all I know is I will never ever regret it.” He gently kissed you.



I hope you liked it, I spend a lot of times on this scenario, especially the part where I had to be synchronized with the songs. I hope it worked out well… Please let me know what you all think of this! Love you x

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AkaKuro/KuroAka: A doesn't want B to go outside of their house because he is afraid that B leaves him alone, he keeps him at home by any means possible. Only their friends are allowed to visit them. Probably a Vampire!AU.

I’m still alive… I think…

For A Lover

“Akashi-kun, kindly move aside, please. I need to go buy groceries.”

Aomine shuddered, recognizing the latent hint of threat in the soft human voice, and like any human or superhuman being with the tiniest bit of brain would have, he grabbed his belongings - alias, the gravure magazine he was lazily reading on the couch, and disappeared as fast as he could upstairs. Kise, who was climbing them down to go to the kitchen instead, complained for a moment before spotting the scene taking place in front of the entrance door of the Akashi Mansion.

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for muffinsquire- I really hope you enjoy it!

For @muffinsquire - I really hope you enjoy it!

“Happy Christmas, Hermione,“ said a groggy voice beside her. Hermione weakly opened her eyes to see Ron lying next to her on his back, his arms splayed above his head and his eyes shut. Hermione rolled over to snuggle closer into his warm body beside her. As she laid her head on his chest, she pressed her cold toes into his warm calves, and he jumped when they touched his skin.
       "Blimey, your toes are like ice!” Ron muttered.
       “Happy Christmas to you too,” Hermione said and pulled the covers over her to block out the rays of sunlight streaming in from the window. Ron’s hand absentmindedly dropped down to her head on his chest, trailing his fingers through her hair lightly. Hermione turned her face towards him and breathed deeply. She savored these blissful moments before they each had to drag themselves out of bed and off to work. No matter how long they’d been together, she didn’t think she’d ever get used to the scent of Ron. Fresh, like spearmint, and something clean. Maybe laundry soap.
       “Hermione, don’t you want to see what Father Christmas brought you?” Ron asked. His voice was still thick with sleep, and it gave Hermione a sort of ache in the back of her throat.
       “What, you mean you’re not my gift?” She teased.
       “Ha, ha.” He sniped back. “You know I got you something for Christmas. Just like I know there’ll be a gift waiting for me out there.”
       “Let’s just lay here for a few more minutes, please.” She begged. In lieu of an answer, Ron brought his arms down around her in a tight embrace. She basked in the warmth of him, and in the safety of his arms.

       A few minutes later, Ron gently crawled out from under her.
       “Hermione, please. The anticipation is killing me. Can we go open presents?”
       “Oh, all right.” She sat up slowly, pulling her bushy hair up into a bun. Secretly, she was excited to see what Ron had gotten her, too.
       It couldn’t be any worse than last year, their first Christmas. Of course, they had known each other since they were twelve, but nothing can really prepare you for your first holiday together, no matter how long it’s been. Hermione fretted for weeks over the perfect gift for Ron. Finally, she confided in Ginny, hoping as his sister she’d have a bit of an insight as to what to get him.
       But, when she told her, Ginny had laughed outright.
       “Hermione, honestly, my brother is head over heels for you! It doesn’t matter what you get him for a silly holiday! He’d love it if you gave him a lightbulb!”
       Logically, Hermione knew what Ginny told her was true. But that small part of her, that part that had always doubted her, the part that at Hogwarts had always told her she was going to fail, no matter how much she’d studied, couldn’t let it go.
       In the end, everything had turned out fine. Hermione had gone a little overboard with the gifts, but then so had Ron. Everything turned out perfect, even when it turned out Hermione had ordered the wrong size jumper for Ron and the sleeves had almost reached his elbows. They had laughed about it, and the syrup laced kisses they had shared after breakfast more than made up for it.

       When Hermione finally made her way out to the small living room of their flat, Ron was waiting by the tree they had picked out and decorated themselves. He was practically bouncing on the balls of his feet in anticipation, peering at the pile of gifts. When he saw her approaching, he sat down on the floor, pulling her down with him.
       “You go first.” Hermione told him. He looked so eager, sitting there with his red hair mussed. He looked like a lanky, overexcited puppy. Especially with the way he was wiggling in place. Looking at him, still sleep soft and vulnerable, Hermione had a strange urge to reach over and pull him into her embrace. Looking at him like this filled her with a strange tinge of sadness she just couldn’t place.
       “Alright,” Ron agreed eagerly and pulled one of the boxes addressed to him from under the boughs of the tree. He peered at the label and then muttered brightly, “It’s from Mum!”
       Of course, it was a jumper. Dark blue this year with a capital letter ‘R’, Hermione exclaimed how nice the color looked with his hair, which made Ron blush pink and puff his chest proudly.
       “You next,” Ron told her. She reached for a small box with a bright red ribbon tied around it, when Ron shot out his hand and took it from her. “Um, better save that for last,” he muttered.
       Curious now, she just shrugged and grabbed a different package. They each unwrapped gifts from Harry and Ginny, George, Bill, Fleur, and Hermione received another Weasley sweater of her own, an olive green that looked marvelous with her dark skin.
       Finally, there were no more gifts under the tree. Ron appeared a little nervous and Hermione looked expectantly at him for the box he had taken earlier. She looked down in surprise as Ron took her hand in a freckled one of his own.
       “Well, erm, Hermione,” he began awkwardly.
       Oh, no. She looked up from their intertwined hands, suddenly feeling very warm in the face. Was he doing what she thought he was doing?
       “Would you, erm, that is, ah… I’m doing this all wrong. Her-Hermione, would y- oh fuck it.” He looked into her eyes, suddenly very serious. Letting go of her hand, Ron picked up the small box laying on the floor between them and opened it gingerly.
       Laying in the black velvet box was an exquisite engagement ring. It was beautiful, with one large diamond in the center and smaller ones encrusting the band. Next to the twinkling glow of the fairy lights, it glittered handsomely.
       “Hermione, would you marry me?”
       Hermione just looked at him in shock. Marry him? Well, of course, she knew this day would come eventually. In fact, she had been anxiously waiting for it. But now that the moment was here, well, she couldn’t do much more that sit dumbstruck with a look of what she assumed resembled horror plastered on her face.
       It wasn’t that she didn’t love Ron. No, it was quite the opposite. Hermione loved Ron, she loved him so much it hurt. They were both twenty now, plenty old enough to get engaged, and they had been living with each other ever since Hermione had come back from finishing her final year at Hogwarts, after its reconstruction. But none of this was the problem.
       Sometimes, Hermione wondered if she loved Ron too much. It terrified her, the way he wormed his way into her life so completely now. Before, when they had just been friends, it was different. It was even different when they had been long distance, she at Hogwarts and he in London. Now, she couldn’t imagine it without him. Anything without him. It made her wonder, sometimes, what she would do if she ever lost him.
       It seemed sort of ridiculous. Maybe it was silly, they had been friends all their lives. But now, if anything ever happened to Ron, she didn’t know if there would be enough for her to keep on living for. Sometimes, lately, when she imagine what might happen if something took him from her, she filled with this huge sense of dread. This mind numbing, blanketing feeling of self doubt that filled her entire body.
       It was the way he looked in the morning. The way he tied his shoes, right foot and then left. It was the way he combed his hair, the way he never made the bed without prompting, how he always lost the television remote. It was the way she couldn’t sleep without his breathing next to her, how the best cure for her anxiety was his heartbeat in her ears. His freckles, his hands, his comically large feet. It was the way he touched the tip of her nose and winked at her, and how even after so many years how every look send a jolt through her stomach and electricity humming through her brain. It was the way he smelled, the way he talked, the feel of his rough palm in her smooth one. It was him.
       She loved him. She gave all of herself to him. And she was terrified.
       Now, sitting across from her on the floor, Ron started to get a concerned expression on his face. “Hermione?” He questioned. “You know, this isn’t exactly the response I was hoping for…”
       Shaking her head a little, she beamed. Suddenly, she launched herself forward into his lap, wrapping her arms around Ron and squeezing him tightly.
       “Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Oh, you dunce, how could I say no? I can’t even go a day without speaking to you. Yes, yes, yes!” She enthused, peppering his face with kisses. She wanted to kiss every freckle, every single one of them.
       Ron laughed heartily, pulling her back. “Of course I knew you would say yes. I guess I was just nervous, why were you so quiet?” His face was serious despite his joking tone and Hermione knew she couldn’t just brush him off.
       She took a deep breath. She was dreading saying this out loud, of course it was ridiculous. But there was still that tiny voice in the back of her mind, what if, what if?
       “I’m scared.” She admitted. “Terrified. I can’t imagine what would happen if- if I lost you.” Her voice broke, and she took a second to regain her composure. Tears formed at the corner of her eyes and she briskly wiped them away. “I can’t even imagine it Ron, you’re my whole world and I, I don’t knew what I’d do-”
       “Stop. Stop right there.” Ron said firmly. “Hermione Jean. What on earth makes you think you’re going to loose me? We’re okay. We’re safe now. No one can take you from me, I won’t let them. And no one will take me from you either. Hermione, I love you. You’re my whole world, too. I wouldn’t be able to I’ve without you. Bloody hell, I wouldn’t even be able to find the television remote.” At this, she gave a watery laugh. “But there’s no way in hell you’re getting rid of me anytime soon.”
       Gently, he grabbed her hand in his own. Taking the ring out of the box, he slid it onto her finger, and they both looked down, admiring it for a moment. “Beautiful,” she breathed.
       Ron pressed his face close to hers, so they were nose to noise, eye to eye. “I love you,” Hermione whispered, and she could feel his breath on her face.
       “I love you too,” he whispered back. “Hermione Jane Weasley.”
       At that, a smile broke from her lips and she leaned forward to kiss him. Her fiancée. Gingerly, Ron leaned back so they were spread out on the floor and Hermione thought she heard the crunch of wrapping paper under him.
       “Mph. Ron,” Hermione muttered. “We’re going to be late for Christmas lunch at your Mum’s.”
       “Oh, they can stand to wait a while.” He replied. She relaxed against his chest and smiled.
       They had all the time in the world.

kpopgirlpink  asked:

Could you do a scenario were you and Mark have been friends since babies. And your both 17 and you got your first bf. Mark started getting jealous so he became distant. You visited his house and you both argued for a while. He hurt you by his words so you ran out and he chased you and confessed that he loved you and you love him too, thanks you ^.^

This is the lengthiest oneshot I’ve ever written. So sorry, sweetie Q n Q

Kinda cliche, but I hope you like it anyway :)


A two-year-old Mark, who had just learnt to run for a few months, held out his favorite teddy bear to the crying-baby you, who was only a month younger than him. Mr. and Mrs. Tuan brought him to their best friends’ house, a.k.a your parents’ house, which was only a block away from theirs. They had been friends since high school, even their weddings were held together, so it made sense when they let their precious babies play with each other. While your parents were chatting the living room, you and Mark were put in another one designated to be your playground. You two had played with each other many times before you even knew it, but this was the first time you had ever cried in front of him, for one good reason that one eye of Mr. Plushie of yours fell out while you were hugging him. Insisting that he had died, you laid him down on a cushion. Your vision became blurry with tears and your little sob brought Mark out of his comfort zone.

“Hm?”, Mark stared at you with widened eyes as you pointed at your stuffed toy, your lips pouted shakily before they curled downward, making Mark pout with you and scoot closer to you.

“Plu-plushie”. Mark continued to stare at you stuttering while he was hugging his all time favorite teddy bear. No one had ever broken them apart, not even his parents, but now he held it out to you, wiggling it in attempt to make you smile.

“Don’t… Don’t cry” was Mark’s first meaningful words after days of audible sound of “hm”. His mom had taught him to speak a lot, but rather than babbling like other kids, he just grinned at her. The fact that he opened up to you indeed proved that he didn’t want you to cry, that he wanted to protect you, your smile.

“For… me?”, your big brown eyes questioned as Mark hesitantly nodded. You wiped your tears with the back of your hand before hugging Mark’s teddy bear then leaning forward to give Mark a hug as well. Your first hug. “Tank you”.


“Y/N-ah, can I borrow your red crayon?”, Mark beamed as he turn around to face his best friend.

You glared at him. “You are not going to eat it like you ate my candy, right?”

“Yah! Who will eat a crayon?”, Mark burst out a soft laugh.

“Who knows? You eat a lot of things!”, you stated as he didn’t bother to reply and grabbed the red crayon from your crayon case.

Curiously, you stood up from your seat to peep at his work of art, but Mark was quicker to hide it from you, using his whole body as a shield. Your groan only made him giggle more before you gave up and back to your seat. After class, Mark folded the paper he drew and tucked it into your bag. He made you promise to only open it when you were home, then you two walked to your houses together.

In that paper was a big heart encircling words carefully picked out from the limited vocabulary of an eight-year-old boy, written in capital letters as if afraid you might not be able to read them. It said: “FOR MY CUTE Y/N”


Mark tossed another slice of potato chip into his mouth while attentively watching an episode of CSI Miami, his upper body leaned against the couch and his legs sprawled across the table.

“Wow, new episode?”, you asked as soon as you closed the door of Mark’s house and ran to him. You jumped over his legs then made yourself completely comfortable by plopping to an empty space next to him, not forgot to snatch the chip bag from him. Being his best friend and his parents’ favorite girl since baby, you didn’t feel awkward nor shy in his house anymore. His house was your house, his stuffs were also your stuffs and of course, vice versa!

“Mark, I told you to buy cheese flavor!”, you complained with your mouth stuffed with chips as Mark turned to raise a brow at you since the advertisement was on the screen.

“Don’t eat them then!”, Mark reached his hand out to take the chip bag back but you backed away and dipped your fingers in to take out another fistful.

“No! I’ll eat them all so you will have to buy cheese flavor!”

“Go buy it yourself!”, the boy shouted while laughing. He crawled his way to you, soon your lower half were trapped between his legs.

“What are you laughing at?”, you scrunched up your nose at him as he wiped the chip crumbs off your face, around your lips, your chin, your cheeks, your nose and even your forehead.

“Now give me back my chips! The movie is back!”. Before Mark got his chance to touch the bag, you had already escaped from his grip and ran away.

“Never!”, you voice was ringing in his ears as he stood up with hands on his hips. Alright, so the movie was back but somebody got to teach the naughty you a lesson. Without uttering another word, Mark came chasing you, causing you to gasp in surprise before running away for dear life. However, you noodle legs were no match for those legs of a sporty boy like Mark. Therefore, not long after running around the house with loud laughter, Mark caught your arm and pulled you back against his chest. In a split of a second having you stay in his embrace, Mark felt electricity flushed down his spines then ran back up as he pinned you to the wall, lightly enough not to hurt you.

“Too… slow”, Mark said between pants as he stared at you in the eyes. One of his hand sat on the wall next to your head while the other snatched the potato chip bag. The chips crumbled as Mark’s heartbeat accelerated. The handsome boy glanced at your lips and back to your eyes, then your lips again. This wasn’t any game and Mark didn’t intend to play any sort of it either. Sometimes, he just wanted to be selfish, for once, just for once, having you more than just best friends. However, before Mark let his insane instinct take over, your phone had suddenly rung. Zac was calling, your first boyfriend. To be honest, you had wanted your first would be Mark, but apparently from your point of view, he didn’t make any move so you accepted Zac. It wasn’t much to be called first love, he asked you out so you just said yes. No big deal.

“Hey Zac, what’s up?”, you said to the receiver, your mouth forming a ‘sorry’ to Mark before getting out of his grip to laugh at a joke Zac made.

Mark heaved a sigh, running his fingers through his hair before leaving you some personal space. After a while or so, you hung up the phone and made your way to the living room. Figuring Mark had gone to his room since he was nowhere in sight, you walked to the door and found a chip bag of cheese flavor placed on top of your beanie at the table.

“Thanks Mark!”

You heard him shut the door. Grumpily.


Gosh, how to say this, you missed Mark, you really did. The more you hung out with Zac, the more distant your best friend became. You could feel it. Like hello, it was obvious right in front of your eyes. Mark had never let you go home without him, nor had he ever had lunch at the cafeteria and not the rooftop with you. Sometimes, he even skipped some of the classes you two had together, which meant no more sneaking food in boring history classes, no more dozing off his literature classes nor playing tic-tac-toe in Geography classes. And your golden unbreakable seventeen years of friendship had reached its worst broken peak when Mark decided to plug two earphones in his ears instead of taking them off like usual when you told him everything. Come to think of it, everything now turned into things around Zac and you. Deep down, you knew what it was all about, but all you did was blaming your late puberty.

You startled at yourself when you found her knocking on Mark’s house’s door. You’d never knocked, you even had your own key to open it yourself. What on Earth did you just do? Why did you feel so awkward at the moment? Had Mark and you drifted that far?

Mark knew you came but he let his mom open the door while he was burying his head into his pillow, your pillow actually since you had left it here for years. He didn’t bother to go downstairs to say hi. He didn’t want to. Mostly because whenever he saw you, his heart clutched. It might not be too obvious but ever since you two were kids, Mark had already had a crush on you. He just found himself subconsciously being drawn in you, with no escape. From the moment when he voluntarily gave you his favorite teddy bears, to all the elementary school years, junior high, now high school, he felt bubbly and his stomach tickled with butterflies whenever you smiled at him, or hugged him, held his hand, even glared at him. However, the more he grew up, the deeper he hid those feelings inside, too deep that you were nearly clueless to figure, too deep that another boy took you away from him. Mark hated Zac, but he hated himself more.

“Mark, can I come in?”

Mark shifted uncomfortable in bed. He wanted to keep himself away from you, afraid that as long as he was still close to you, he couldn’t control himself. He tried to act distant in front of you, just to feel much more painful when you walked away with heavy footsteps. Nevertheless, like it or not, your heart had settled with someone else.

“Mark!”, your voice sounded more like a plea than an order, but before he could make his way to the door, you had already stormed in. “Hey! Didn’t you hear me?”

“You would go in anyway, with or without my permission”, Mark replied reluctantly. “What are you doing here?”

“Hang out with you, duh~”, you plopped yourself on Mark’s bed as he moved to his sofa. You carefully hid a decorated box behind your back so that Mark couldn’t find out just yet. Today was your friendship’s 17th anniversary.

“Shouldn’t you be with Zac?”

“No, I miss my best friend”, you grinned.

“I don’t. Just go with him already. He might call you any minute now.”

“Okay Mark, we really need to talk about this. What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with us? Because apparently you become so distant, like you don’t even want to talk to me!”

“Me? What’s wrong with me? Why din’t you ask yourself that question?” the boy glanced at the calendar as he remembered your anniversary, but there was no way you two could celebrate it, not today. “All you’ve talked about these days is Zac. Zac this, Zac that. How cool he is or what you two said on your date blah blah blah. Do you know how irritating it sounds? Have you ever thought of me or how I feel? No, never! I’m sick of it! It’s all about you and your beautiful love story! I swear, Y/N, you’re so selfish and childish sometimes!”

“Excuse me? Selfish? Childish? You’re the one ignoring me first!”, you huffed as Mark rolled his eyes at you, his eyes looked sad, but his sharp-as-a-knife words kept stabbing into your aching heart. Okay, you definitely didn’t like how this-supposed-to-be-consultation turned out to be.

“Oh please Y/N! You’re talking as if you care so much about me, or this stupid friendship. In fact, whenever we’re together or playing video games, you just continuously bring that jackass up, or he brings himself up with constant phone calls. I thought you would be different from the drama queens you hate so much in those chick flick, but you’re not. Guess what the world doesn’t just spin around you. Neither do I!”

“I hate you, jerk!”, you threw the box at Mark and darted out of his house. You couldn’t stand any minute in here any longer. How could he? How could he say that to you? Of all people, shouldn’t he be your one and only support? Well, maybe you let your hope too high.

Mark stared at the object inside the small decorated box dumbfoundedly. It was the pendant you two had designed together when you were seven. You’d made a promise that ten years from that day, you would make the real version of it for him. Looking at it now made Mark’s heart clenched.

“Shit, what the hell did I say to her?”, Mark cursed under his breath as he ran after you. His head kept repeating your sweet message in the box. “Happy our friendship’s 17th anniversary!!! Whoa, I can’t believe I’ve been stuck with you for that long. But I’m glad I did. You’re the best thing that ever happens to me, buddy! I love you ♥”

“Best thing that ever happens… No, no Mark! What did you do?”, Mark ruffled his hair in frustration while searching for you and he’d never been happier to finally see you. You were sitting on the sidewalk, hugging your knees against your chest, your lips pouted shakily before they curled downward. From this far, the boy could hear your little sob that crushed his heart terribly. This image of you was exactly like fifteen years ago. But unlike last time, Mark didn’t have his teddy bear to sooth you.

“Hey… I’m sorry…”. As soon as you felt Mark’s hand rest on your back, you pushed him away. Standing up on your feet, you started walking again as he followed. “Please, Y/N, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that to you. I’m so sorry…”

“Go away, Mark! I hate you!”, you shrieked between sobs. “I hate you! Our friendship is over! Stupid, I can’t believe you said our friendship is stupid…”, you mumbled under your throat but Mark was able to listen. He really screwed up this time.

“Please listen to me…”

“You’re right! Maybe I should be like those drama queens. I shouldn’t have cared about you at all. That way, I won’t feel so hurt right now, and guilty, and worried. But I still do, Mark. I can’t stop thinking about you. Why? You’re my best friend, my everything”. I’ve always liked you since first grade, idiot. But you never ask me out. What am I supposed to do? Waiting? Till when? The actual speech from the bottom of your heart choked at your throat before it managed to break free. You stared into his dark orbs filled with regret. “Anyone can say shit about me, Mark, I don’t care! But not you! Now let go of me!”, you jerked your wrist away from him just to get being squeeze into his embrace.

“Please hear me out”. The harder you wiggled, the tighter he held you. “I love you, Y/N!”. His words stilled you right away as you remained silent. His arms loosen a bit for you to breathe, then one of his hand reached up to stroke your hair. When he noticed you’d finally given in, he carried on his explaining. “I’m sorry but I really love you, Y/N-ah. I really do love you. Not just as a friend, but a girl, my one and only special girl. I acted distant because I was jealous. I avoided you because I’m scared I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t listen to you because my heart would ache if I did, knowing that it wasn’t me who shared all those moments with you. I’ve always loved you, Y/N-ah, every since we were just kids. I’ve always thought it was because our friendship is so close that I might mistaken. The truth is I can’t lose you, Y/N. You’re so precious to me. I’m sorry I hurt you. Please, please don’t say our friendship is over. At least I can still have you around me.”

You were not so sure that you heard everything clearly but you didn’t have the gut to ask him to repeat. Did your best friend just confess to you? And did your heart just skip a beat at his sincere I love you? You were supposed to be mad at him, but you couldn’t help feeling your heart fluttering. Mark leaned closer to you, bringing his hands up to cup your face and wipe your tears off with his thumbs.

“Wh-what do you mean y-you couldn’t control yourself?”. Hell, where did that question come from? I should have asked something more important like…

Before your brain finished its thoughts, Mark had removed the small remaining gap between you two with a kiss. Right, action spoke louder than words. This handsome boy had always wanted to kiss you, nibbling your lips, placing a hand on your neck while the other one pulling you even closer to him. His sweet gentle kisses soon escalated into a more heated and needy ones, bringing you to pure ecstasy that you almost forgot everything.

“But Mark”, you broke the kiss, your grip on his shirt stayed still. “I… Zac… We shouldn’t…”

“Forget about him. Just you and me”, Mark whispered before attaching his lips to yours again. Before you realized it, you had already been kissing him back. To say that you had mutual feelings for him would be an understatement, you went crazy for him. Sure you were dating Zac, but that didn’t mean your feelings for Mark would die down. You’d never thought Mark felt the same way. You’d never thought you two meant the world to each other. Gosh, why was it so hard to just admit it?

“I… love… you… too, Mark”, you managed to say between kisses and you could feel Mark beaming. He ran his fingers through your hair as his tongue licked your bottom lip asking for entrance. You flinched, causing Mark to chuckle before grazed your bottom lip lightly for a second chance, and you let him in this time. The charming gladly explored your mouth, twirling with your small inexperienced tongue as you tried to tasted him. You pressed your body against him, wrapping your arm around his neck as he slowly replaced the chaste kiss with pecks all over your face, kissing away your sadness.

“I love you, Y/N-ah”, Mark repeated himself. “Please forgive me, okay?”

You nodded, tiptoeing to peck his lips once more. Then you took his hand into yours. “Let’s go home. I want to watch CSI Miami with my cheese flavor potato chips and my Mark!”

While you were walking, you glanced down at your entwined fingers and then looked up at Mark with a big grin on both of your faces. For all along, you’d known you two were perfect for each other. That your fingers would fit perfectly among his, your body in his embrace, your lips on his and the most important, your destinies had bonded, even since you were born.


Request -- Could you write a fanfiction in with Becky convinced you somehow to read the supernatural books and the reader ends up being caught by Sam and Dean reading supernatural sam/dean x reader fanfiction

(For oncer-captainswan-forever. Hope you like it!)

You just wondered how the hell Becky had managed to rope you into all of this.

Sinking lower and lower in the rickety chair that you were sitting in, you scrolled through Tumblr, a website that had previously been foreign to you, and continued looking through the “supernatural fanfiction” tag with only an ounce or two of embarrassment. Much to your obliviousness, Sam and Dean were both looking at you with bewilderment, watching different emotions leap across your face as you eyes scrambled over the words that you were reading.

The blonde fangirl had practically shoved the first Supernatural book right into your face the last time that you had seen her, and had commanded that you read “the most beautiful thing in existence” so that you could be “enlightened”. Of course, you didn’t have a single plan to do that; there was no way you were going to read some poorly-written novel by a prophet about the boys. The thought of doing that had actually made you shudder, and you had shoved it into the very bottom of your bag and covered it with your clothes. She had called you the next day while you were working on a case with Sam and Dean, though (how she even got you number had completely eluded you), and under the stress of the hunt and the amount of grief that she was giving you when you told ear her that there was no way in hell that you would read it, you gave in and she somehow sneakily made you promise to call her when you finished so you could basically give her a full book report.

So, you did what she asked, and read it when you returned to the motel that you and the boys were staying at that night. You had to be clever in hiding it from them, though, and had stayed up while they slept, using your phone screen as a flashlight so you could actually see the words. It was scary how much you had enjoyed it, and you had finished it only two hours later; you had to admit that it was also quite nice knowing about where the boys came from and why they did what they did, because you didn’t know that much about their past. At one point you even mumbled how good of a television show their lives would make.

After closing the first novel in astonishment, you had slipped out of the room and into the nighttime air, not caring how late it was when you dialed her number. Both of you had screamed and freaked out together when she finally answered after moments of excited suspense on your end, and that point had been the one of no return for you. Every time that you went to a different city with the brothers, you made sure to pick up at least one or two of the next books in the series so you could read them behind your laptop screen or nestle it inside of a lore book so that you could pretend that you were researching. It had been too soon when you reached the final book that Chuck had published, and it felt like there was a hole in your heart, even though you knew what had happened next because you had lived it. You missed the writing so much, and when it got to the time when even rereading the books didn’t give you any satisfaction whatsoever, you had resorted to and Tumblr, where you found yourself immersed in reader insert writing by other fans. Even though there wasn’t much at all because the Supernatural series still wasn’t very popular, you read as much as you could and fangirled quietly whenever a knew work was posted.

You gasped softly and put a hand over your mouth when you finished a Dean and Reader one shot that had quite a sorrowful ending, hiding your face with your hair so that the boys wouldn’t see the tears in your eyes as you stood up rapidly. They looked up, startled, when your chair scraped across the floor with a loud squeak.

“Y/N?!” Sam’s voice was alarmed, and he was poised to stand up and walk over to you; you waved him off, though, and turned around.

“I’m just going to go to the vending machines,” you told the Winchesters, pleased that you could keep your voice steady. “I need something to drink.”

“We have beer in the fridge,” Dean stated, but you started to walk out the door anyway.

“Well, maybe I want a soda!” you called, and he threw his hands up in the air in surrender.

“Alright, alright!”

You didn’t see him shrug at his brother before you shut the door, reaching into your pocket and pulling out a few loose quarters, enough for a somewhat caffeinated drink from one of the machines. Sniffing, you wiped your eyes with one hand while the other inserted the money, and you jabbed at the button that would give you a Coke. You silently laughed at yourself for your overreaction, reminding yourself that it was just fiction while the achingly-slow machine processed your money and took its sweet time getting your beverage. Grabbing it from the opening at the bottom when it fell with a clang, you popped the tab open and took a sip when you opened the door, only to see Sam and Dean at your laptop and laughing quite loudly at what they saw on your screen. You spit out the soda at the sight, and barely managed to set it on a table without knocking it over before sprinting over to them.

“What are you doing?!” you yelled, trying to swipe your laptop, but Sam held it over his head and out of your reach.

“I think the question is, what are you doing?” Sam chuckled as your attempts to retrieve your computer failed, and continued to scroll through it without any worries of you grabbing it from him.

“Man, that Dean x Reader post really hit me in the heart,” Dean teased, unabashed when you glared at him.

“According to her, like a train wreck,” His younger brother corrected, reading what you typed when you reblogged it. “And then, it’s followed by a string of random, capitalized letters.”

Dean gave you a lazy, devil-may-care grin. “Didn’t know that you were so into me, Y/N. Should’ve told me earlier.”

You punched him in the arm, only a little irritated; you admitted to yourself that the situation was a bit funny. “In your dreams, Winchester.”

“Look at this!” Sam exclaimed, and his brother immediately rushed over to him. “It looks like Y/N has a bit of smut on her blog!”

At first, you were about to get more flustered than furious over his discovery, but then slyly smiled at the boys when you realized exactly what they were reading. It was a slash fic of the two of them, but you didn’t say anything to warn them. Instead, you just bit your lip and kept quiet as the color drained out of their faces and they stepped away from each other in embarrassment.

“Oh, my God,” Sam mumbled, looking utterly uncomfortable where he stood.

“I need to wash my eyes out with bleach,” Dean muttered, rubbing them. “And then, my brain.”

Sighing in complete satisfaction, you calmly walked over to Sam and easily snagged your laptop out of his hands, which were frozen in shock from what he had just read. Picking up your soda, you took a long, congratulatory sip before returning to what you had been doing.

“And that’s why you don’t look through my laptop, boys!” you crowed.

Return, Rewind, Rewrite 5/16

Continuation of haberdashing’s fic!

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Part Eleven / Part Twelve / Part Thirteen / Part Fourteen / Part Fifteen / Part Sixteen

on AO3

“So, how do you get to just take us places? Don’t you have, like, a job?” Belle asked, as they crossed the parking lot to Alice’s battered, mud-spattered Jeep.

Alice just smiled. “Please. Besides, you guys are like the only guests we’ve got right now.”

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, haven’t you noticed?” She swung her massive black bag down from her shoulder, and began to fish through it. “Most people go to one of the big chain hotels outside the town limits – they’re a little more expensive, but they’re nicer, and besides, nobody really wants to stay inside the rainbow wall anyway.” With a jangle, she pulled her keys free of the bag. “Aha!”

“Why wouldn’t anybody want to stay inside the wall?” Dipper asked, looking around the parking lot. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought he’d caught a glimpse of someone ducking behind a parked car. And all right, maybe Belle was right and he was just a paranoid pants, but there was something about the way that everyone seemed to be watching them that had really put him on edge. “And what’s with the wall anyway? I thought the Transcendence destroyed the barrier that was keeping magic confined here.”

“Oh, it did,” Alice said, and swung the door open. “All aboard for the grand Gravity Falls sightseeing tour!”

Keep reading

{hi guys! its meredith💕so I am quite new, and I need a weeeeee bit of help! so anything would work at all tbh. but to get started, here is my first imagine just cause}
{this imagine is sorta stupid and random, but I promise these will get much better as requests go on, and a warning, I never use capital letters so don’t hurt me}
{another warning, this is sad and won’t have a happy ending Kay?}
you weren’t ready for this. you knew it was coming, but you weren’t ready. you weren’t ready to see shawn kiss another girl. yeah, you pretty much knew that shawn was cheating, but you hoped and hoped that this wasn’t true. you saw shawn’s lips collide with a girl you had only seen twice at a party or some get together. you waited for the tears to flow, and it didn’t happen. you had been preparing for this for the longest time, so most of the crying was done. you just stood there at the parking meter in the rain as shawn and this “rachel” girl stood under an awning and kissed. he kissed her much more passionately than he had ever kissed you. you loved shawn more than anyone could have ever imagined… but ever since shawn started his tour he has been distant..
he started going out at random times when he was home for a while, and when you came with him on tour and whatnot he became all jumpy. your best friend, Lucas, told you he was cheating. you didn’t want to believe it, but it was true. You felt the tears start running down your pale cheeks. you let out a loud sob and shawn’s head snaps up. He sees you in your wet sweater and jeans standing in the rain.
“y/n!” he runs to you leaving rachel under the awning. his clothes are getting wet and he doesn’t seem to care. he takes off his jacket and hands it to you. you simply slap the jacket out of his hand and into the wet concrete.
“don’t even try.” you snap. his eyes looked sad. you weren’t sure if he was sad about being caught, or loosing you.
“y/n I’m so sorry… it’s just you’ve been so far away and rachel was here and..” his voice trails off. your hair started sticking to the back of your neck due to all of the water.
“my god shawn I don’t care. I have been here for you since before you were famous. and you just throw me away… because I wasn’t close enough?” you feel the tears flowing again. or was it rain? you really didn’t know. his eyes start to water.
“I love you so much, y/n and I can’t loose you. please….” his eyes were cold and you could see the sadness.
“you weren’t close either. you weren’t there. there were plenty of other guys near me and I didn’t go out kissing every one of them.” you sob. he tries you hug you but you push him away.
“don’t touch me.” he takes a step back.
“please y/n…” you don’t respond.
“have a great time with rachel.. you both deserve one another.” you choke back the sob you were about to let out and you turn your back. you start to walk away, your black converse sloshing in the rain. you didn’t look back at shawn, because if you did you may not be able to leave.
showiee it is so sad and bad😂so yah I know no one is gonna like/reblog or anything so.
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For the Kleptocat!verse: that one time Griddy gave Blaine a thong (Kurt's thong, duh!) as a "meaw welcome home I think I like you you're nice and your ass is comfy purr purrrr" gift. Because of reasons, of course. *grins*

I just laughed so hard oh my god

Set a year after this nugget

Kurt is not obsessive about his clothes.

… Alright, maybe he is a little, but what he means is that he doesn’t count them or make sure that they are folded a certain way.

That being said, he does know that he owns more than 3 miserable thongs for those unforgiving pants—and it’s thong or going commando, and thank you very much, but he doesn’t trust his flies, not one bit—but there is no more in his drawers.

What the Hell.

“Hm, Kurt?”

“Yes honey,” he replies distractedly, actually one hair away from taking his drawer and just upturning it to make sure that the missing thongs didn’t get stuck in the board.

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