capital fm summertime ball 2013

“I wanna be friends with Ed forever, and pretty much the only way to guarantee he’ll be in my life forever is to not date him.”

—  Capital FM Summertime Ball, June 2013 (x)

So Taylor said this in June. Ellie was there too. Ed has been friends (maybe more than friends) with Ellie for a long time before he met Taylor. He has always been closer with her than Taylor. Taylor is friends with her too and she might have suspected something was going on. At first I thought she was just being polite about saying this and isn’t interested in dating him. If you look at her face though compared to the rest of the interview she suddenly goes all serious. I think she really can’t bear to think what life would be like without him. Just think of all the things she could have said. It isn’t like that, we are just friends, more of a brother/ sister thing.

Since June he has dated Ellie and Claire. Then we have had “Tenerife Sea”, then the random “Hold On” tweet. Then “Sweeran” tweet pretty much the same time he seems to have broken up with Claire.

Then in NZ and Aus we get different “All Too Well” speaches. She says “I secretly love you”, “You make me happier than anyone in the world and I love everything about you and I haven’t told you before”, “You are my best friend and I never want to lose you”. She might not have been talking about him but she might have been.

Then we get the Grammy’s. Lego House, I See Fire. They look so different together now. She definatley doesn’t look at him like she used to. I have never seen her so self confident and happy.

The thing is if they are dating I am convinced Ed would lie and he would make her lie and keep it private. He has done this all his life. The only real clue as to wheather anything is going on is guesswork on bodylanguage, smiles, eye sex etc. There is no way we would find out anything about them in an interview.

In June they were definatley 100% friends. Now I am not saying they are dating but they certainly don’t look at each other or act the same way around each other as they did in June.

To be honest I just enjoy watching the Sweeraning and if they are happy just being friends I’m not going to be sad about it. I have never met them, I will never know them as people. They know best but seriously have you ever seen anyone make Taylor that happy. I know a lot of Sheerios don’t ship Sweeran and didn’t want him to go on tour with her etc but you have to admit he knows her better than almost anyone and always says how amazing she is. At the end of the day you have to respect their decisions because we will never truely know them or what they think.

Ed is pretty straight forward but has always admitted he lies about things. Taylor is basically a brand, like a caricature of herself. She is very theatrical and an entertainer which to be honest I think that is why a lot of people don’t get her. She is a very good actress, she is good at faking smiles but she isn’t that good. You can just see around Ed she smiles with all her heart. I just don’t think if it was purely platonic that they would blush so much around each other or smile at each other like they do.

And to all non-sweeran shippers we are not weird stalker type people. We ship them for fun because it makes us happy. Us shipping sweeran isn’t going to make any difference if they date or not and you hating on them isn’t going to make any difference too.