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Because you believe in communism, do you believe everyone should be paid the same? A doctor paid the same as a McDonald's worker? I'd love to hear your opinion on it.

What makes you honestly believe a McDonald’s worker doesn’t contribute to society in the same way as a doctor, or a lawyer, or anyone else, lol? People who work in McDonald’s put food in the belly of thousands and thousands of people, every single day. They make sure that the conditions in which your food is being made isn’t contaminated in any way so that you can’t get sick. They take so much care and effort to ensure that everyone who comes in through their doors gets the order that they want in a timely manner. Barring some exceptions for assholes of course, but are we really going to pretend like there aren’t doctors or anyone else who ~do more for the people~ who aren’t assholes, who don’t provide substandard care, and what’s worse, don’t even get held accountable for it?

I literally don’t get the way in which people (not you specifically anon) want to disparage fast food workers, lol. They literally feed you. They make the food you consume, and they make sure that you don’t get sick in the process. And these are the people ya’ll really want to dump on? Seriously? Like, some folks who keep bringing up this comparison are honestly so fucking ungrateful, it’s wild. I get that people loathe fast food companies like McDonalds who exploit the people who keep their company going, but you’re really going to take that out on the person who made your meal on a day that you couldn’t, for whatever reason? Really?

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These are fantastic points to tie into that last ask about division of labor and automation and post-capitalism.

It’s important to remember that there would likely be less work to do in a system that prioritized need over profit. If you cut out a hierarchal profit-driven market system and the accompanying jobs that only exist to maintain that setup (advertising, PR, sales people, etc.), you in turn cut down work to the extent that we recognize it as only economically-useful if it’s fulfilling the needs of people in society; all else ought to be removed from the economic realm and dealt with on a voluntary basis. As I’ve mentioned in a post a couple days ago, if you want to develop a device that flings cheetos into your mouth under socialism/communism, you should be able to pursue it, but it should be removed from a context where people must work positions like that for their daily sustenance. This logic applies double for genuinely artistic pursuits (I can’t foresee the cheeto-flinger being super popular or viable, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯; it was just a hyperbolic example). Art, leisure, social relationships – we ought to de-commodify these things as much as possible, taking them back from the Weberian bullshit of capitalist alienation.

If capitalism focuses on unceasing search for profit through any outlet it can find, thus creating superfluous jobs entirely meant to extract more profits for the competing capitalists, then socialism and communism should aim to take the opposite approach – figure out what people need in society to live comfortably, focus the economy fundamentally on meeting those needs, cut out work through automation or obsolescence wherever possible, divvy up the remaining work, and you wind up with a GREATER SUPPLY of the fetishized value of capitalist society (freedom). If freedom isn’t the ability to influence affairs that impact your life (democratic economy) or the ability to pursue your passions during abundant leisure time, then what the hell even is freedom?

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I understand for the most part what you guys are but what is your core basis? You guys are just in Europe?

At the moment we are operated from within western Europe.

But, we are not a Movement. 

We are preaching to be a lifestyle, a medium for a certain way of thinking. Our idea is to reshape/rewire the brain (and body) of anyone willing to follow in our path.

Nearly any Nationalist news-source is being really pessimistic about common day Europe. We on the other hand view this decline as an opportunity to strengthen ourselves and our people.

Pointing fingers and blaming others for our shortcomings and being defeatist about the whole situation is a sign of weakness, a weakness our ancestors would’ve overcome but we have become docile, only reacting vaguely to materialistic stimuli. For us to become stronger again we have to follow the way of our ancestors and really ask ourselves what we can do for Europe and how we can accomplish that.

We ask our followers: “What are YOU doing to make a change?” Pick up a book for example. Start reading works from people like Codreanu, Evola, or Mosley (there’s a lot of inspirational people to name). Try and learn about your roots and where your lineage originated from. Eat healthy, pay a little extra but try to support a local instead of buying in bulk at a supermarket. Start working out, start with 20 minutes (a day) and build up your stamina. Release yourself from any mind or mood-altering substances, and become the master of your own mind and body again.

Most Nationalists nowadays write something edgy on twitter or some other forum and at the same time sit on their ass while getting fat or are browsing the internet for crap which will give them a seconds laugh while at the same time not using the same tool(s) to learn.

Question your own existence “Should i buy that new iPhone?” or “Do i want to spend more money on freemium games?”. No! By faithfully carrying on the flame of your people, your ancestors have ensured your birth. We do not have the right to stop that flame from being passed on from generation to generation.

Be the strength and change you’d wish for Europe!

We’d like to thank you for your interest and we hope this gives you some insight in our way of thinking and the goals we’d like to achieve with Scrofa Division.
From Anime News Network: Voltage Establishes Anime, IP Department

Its been a while since i had a chance to blog and i am using my precious coffee break to write this so mind me if the caffeine/ fangirl excitement /study fatigue affects this messy rojak post!

Quick Summery from the site:

‘The Japanese romance app game company Voltage Inc. announced on Thursday that it established a new “Anime and IP Division” on May 1. The company established the division to capitalize and expand on the company’s existing properties in terms of selling merchandise, creating stage play and anime adaptations, releasing publications (such as manga or novels), and hosting events.’


Yessss!!!! Voltage is gonna make me poorer than i already am for your otome trash merch joke!!!!

There are a lot of otome games being adapted into anime like utapri (probably the most successful i can think of and gosh the live shows looks so good!!!) to most recently Kenka Banchou otome so it makes sense for Voltage to capitalised on this trend.

Also it will be great since with games like Love Scramble and SCM, where they got some of the well known VAs to voice some of our beloved voltage characters to reprised their roles if any of this games get an adaptation. Heck if they adapt SITS and release character CDs + soundtrack i’ll be preorder ready!!!!

Either ways, hopefully this is a win-win situation for us as more content whether it be games/anime/drama cd/plush toys (i want a Yuriko plushy from TLSL lolll yah that dead game is not gonna happen) etc but also for voltage this branch out will benefit them business wise!!!

like honestly, i want to be sympathetic bc i can’t expect 16 yr olds to all have #nuanced understandings of colonialism / capitalism / transmisogyny /  gendered division of labor / etc., so i can kinda get why all these teenage twefs have such fucked-up views. misogyny sucks, and it’s easy to want to find an easy target (i.e. trans women) to blame for things like gender roles 

but on the other hand, when twefs literally team up with conservative politicians to limit access to healthcare/housing/bathrooms/schools/etc. for marginalized trans women, i start to run out of sympathy pretty fuckin quickly


It Takes A Village to Raise a Child, It Takes A Home To Create A Captain, A Series

Metropolitan Division (Not pictured: Carolina Hurricanes, currently without captain)

  • Click on photo for player and hometown caption

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Imagine If...(metro division)
  • Washington Capitals: Imagine If the washington capitals could chill for 2 secs
  • New York Rangers: Imagine if new york rangers fans had souls
  • New York Islanders: Imagine if the new york islanders had A FUCKING CENTERED JUMBOTRON
  • New Jersey Devils: imagine if the new jersey devils weren't super boring
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: imagine if the pittsburgh penguins weren't a massive disappointment every year
  • Philadelphia Flyers: imagine if the philadelphia flyers used a real color for their jerseys
  • Carolina Hurricanes: Imagine if the carolina hurricanes used a real goalie in net instead of putting sun glasses on cam ward and trying to convince us he's not dead.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: Imagine if their team wasn't just a cartoon

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Isn't the simplistic interpretation of societal factors just a feature of Tolkien's writing? All the Gondorians are noble EXCEPT Denethor, all the Rohirrim are brave EXCEPT Grima, etc. Maybe Eol's people were like that because that's who he surrounded himself with. If we're talking about Amanyar historians then we may as well talk about Bilbo who translated the Silm from Elvish in Rivendell. And what's "the inhumane no-emigration policy"? Nobody was held against their will in Aman except Melkor

Mmm, I don’t think so (though, if it were, that wouldn’t mean we couldn’t critique it.) There’s a lot of complex Gondor internal politics passing under the radar in Return of the King - remind me to write a post or two about Arvedui and the late relationship between Gondor and Arnor, the attitude in Gondor toward a reunited kingdom, and what we can infer about Gondor’s politics by the symbolic absent monarch thing. And another post or two about coastal/capital divisions and how remarkably lucky Gondor was to have Imrahil as Prince of Dol Amroth. And another post or two about how Aragorn would not easily have claimed the mantle of power if Denethor hadn’t been dead and Faramir hospitalized when the moment came. 

…in short, I think Tolkien had fairly nuanced understandings of the politics happening within his fantasy kingdoms, and chose not to make it the emphasis of the story because it didn’t fit with his themes. He also chose to make his narrators Hobbits to whom these nuances would be hard to grasp (though even the Shire has its greedy sorts, its brusque-but-decent sorts, its remarkably charitable and open-minded types, harmless gossips and malicious gossips). 

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I often think of that study about stereotypes, wherein children are asked to draw a scientist, and they almost unilaterally draw a bearded white man.

I think if you asked most children to “Draw a Farmer,” you would by-and-large get the same result.

It’s odd, because globally, women are about half of the formal agricultural workforce, and we produce (and cook!) the majority of the world’s food.

I remember my grandmother had a vegetable garden that was about half an acre large. She produced, canned, and prepared the vegetables the family actually ate, whereas my grandfather farmed barley and wheat and took care of the animals. They were both doing intensive agricultural labour, but the difference is he had the chance and to earn money for his work. It’s more than a mere division of labour: it’s a division of capital and freedom that squarely favoured my grandfather. He was “the farmer,” and she was “the farmer’s wife.”

That historical barrier between informal and formal work–and the perceptions of the relative value of both–is a huge part of why women are lagging far behind in factors like property and equipment ownership.

General Overview of Gender Nihilist Thought

1. There is no prediscursive body. The body is constituted by and through power and discourse. Knowledge ascribes the body with meaning.

2. “Sex” is a set of discourses that creates meaning about the body into two naturalized categories that exist as, within, through, by power.

3. Patriarchy, a regime of which this power is represented, delineates ‘sex’ as ‘male/man’ and ‘female/woman’ and is naturalized through institutions which produce and are produced by knowledge (medical, psychiatric, legal, economic, political, etc). This process of ‘naturalization’ (itself a discourse) removes the social from critique.

4. ‘Sex’ as a category is not just discursive and ideological but also material. ‘Sex’ too describes the gender division of labor. ‘Sex’ therefore is also a relationship to production and the means in which that relationship is mediated.

5. The creation of the gender division of labor (and thus patriarchy and sex) through the creation of the family is linked to the development of private property and the state. Private property is passed through the family model. The family is the field of war in which gender is waged. The family provides an isolated capsule that allows the ideology of gender and its socialization to be passed through reproduction (or other means of achieving children). Reproduction is also reproduction of capitalism as a new class of workers are born. The family is also where divisions of labor exist at its most smallest scale, the socialization of children teaching them to reproduce the family model in relation to who labors. This serves the interests of the state and capital.

6. The gender division of labor includes the extraction of reproductive labor (emotional care, sex, domestic work, childbearing) from women by men - which places women within the home or doing underpaid labor while providing unpaid labor to men, causing an increase in the labor-time men can place towards the production of capital and a decrease in the costs of labor required.

7. The maintenance of ‘sex’ as a discourse and the relationship to production it produces is through (compulsory) heterosexuality. Heterosexuality, enforced by erasure and violence (thus compulsory), binds women to men through the family and therefore binds men to women’s reproductive labor. Other forms of sexuality (sexuality too, is discourse and power) are then constructed as ‘deviant’ to maintain this social ordering.

8. Gender is also colonial and is referred to by Lugones as the “colonial/modern gender system.” Colonization, slavery imperialism meant the subjugation of the colonized subject through ideologies and discourses of gender. This displaced alternative means of structuring social relations to production which included an absence of gender as a discourse.

9. It is for these reasons we must see gender as a violent ascription of meaning upon the body, to serve the interests of capital to place women into subordinate economic and sexual relations to men. Gender is inherently dangerous to women and cannot be reformed. We must see gender in its white supremacist forms and as trans womyn, we must oppose gender as we must oppose race and capital. It is from this realization that gender nihilism - the rejection of all knowledge of the body, the abolition of sex (gender) and the negation of the self must be the goal for liberation from the chains of gender.

I think people who bitch about the evils of capitalism,corporations, and the division of labour, but at the same time are doing so behind the handy keyboard of a microsoft running laptop or apple mac, are laughable. I think if you ever actually did achieve a primitive communist society, you’d be pretty fucking cold turkey pretty darn soon.