capital disaster


From Gloria Rubac in Houston, Texas:

Took photos this afternoon around 4:00 from the Hogan bridge over I-45 just North of downtown and a couple of I-10 at Shepherd.

Didn’t think anything worse than Hurricane Allison would happen in my lifetime. My heart is breaking watching the physical and mental suffering people are dealing with.

Capitalist planning doesn’t include people’s needs. They can plan all their fucking wars but can’t plan for natural disasters.


You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the most violent and shocking film.
Probably because you lead such a dreary boring and uneventful life you uninteresting little worm.

Capitalism was born in disrepute, born of the rapes, massacres, occupations, genocides, colonialism and every despicable act humans are capable of inflicting. Capitalism was not responsible for some great, otherwise unimaginable leap in production, which—despite its contradictions—resulted in human progress and enlightenment. What capitalism did was to rip the vast majority of humanity out of the productive process—in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and what has come to be known as the Americas. The hundreds of millions dead due to the slave trade and slavery itself; the millions exterminated everywhere Europeans ventured—these are people whose hands were forever removed from a relationship with nature that would result in ‘production.’

Europeans achieved their national identity by way of this bloody process. This is not something that only happened a long time ago. The world’s peoples are suffering the consequences of capitalism’s emergence right now. Locked in colonies and the indirect rule of neocolonialism, restricted to lives characterized by brutality, ignorance and violence in the barrios of the Americas, in other internal colonies characterized as Indian reservations and black ghettos, kept under the paranoiac, nuclear-backed, armed-to-the-teeth watch of military forces born of a state power that has its origins in protecting the relationship between capitalism and its imperial pedestal, capitalism has been the absolute factor in restricting production and development. It has concentrated productive capacity in the hands of the world’s minority European population that sits atop the pedestal of our oppressive reality. Capitalism was not the good, “progressive” force that is the precursor to something better for “humanity.” Capitalism was a disaster that rescued Europe from a diseased feudal existence at the expense of the world.

—  Omali Yeshitela


Yes, today there is foremost, angry nature [Houston, Mumbai] and crazy men with nukes, but along with the ever present banal yet cruel indifference of chance, there is still this …

ALL CARTOONIST AND ILLUSTRATORS have a bag of standing metaphors from which they extract one that seems to fit with the assignment at hand. There is nothing wrong with this, because today’s troublemakers rarely do little more than repeat yesterday’s outrages.

But some artists take it to an extreme. An editorial cartoonist I knew had a drawing of a can of worms captioned “can of worms” and every couple of months he would drag it out, write a new label for the can, modify the figure pointing at and be done for the day. I shouldn’t be so harsh because—unlike real editorial cartoonists—as a mere illustrator, I rarely didn’t have a story to visualize metaphors from.

But I was never adverse to redrawing concepts; and the sketch above is such a concept drawn. The original thinking-it-up was in the ‘90s for a story about Trickle Down Theory. That thoroughly discredited postulation says that if the government taxes the capitalists less, they will invest all the profit they now get to keep in their companies. by buying new equipment and increasing wages for their employees. The whole economy will then grow and the taxes from the growth will offset the initial tax cuts.

Why would anyone think that would be the case? Money’s addictive, you know. What really happens is the capitalist simply keep the money for themselves. The only people who are in favor of TDT are those who benefit from such policies; the capitalists who get to keep more of their ill-gotten gains and their pet politicians who seemingly keep their equally ill-gotten jobs forever, too . I didn’t have to change on the image the inequality such policies exacerbate.

While several professional commentators made the same analogy in words, the clever and accurate concept never made it to ink on paper by me because I worked for a “family” newspaper at that time. Illustrating below-the-belt bodily functions were and probably still are a No-no there. I can’t remember what I drew … maybe a hot tub full of fat cats leaking water—trickling down—into soapy muddy puddles where the rest of us have to use.

The image has been updated. I have added are the graffiti and its vandal (one of the crazy men with nukes, BTW) to portray the adolescent narcissism of the current regime. I wonder should I have made the little pointing official a little less corporate acountant-ish and more police-state authoritarian? Time will tell. I may have to up date the drawing again.
Naomi Klein: how power profits from disaster
The long read: After a crisis, private contractors move in and suck up funding for work done badly, if at all – then those billions get cut from government budgets. Like Grenfell Tower, Hurricane Katrina revealed a disdain for the poor
By Naomi Klein

New Orleans is the disaster capitalism blueprint – designed by the current vice-president and by the Heritage Foundation, the hard-right think tank to which Trump has outsourced much of his administration’s budgeting. Ultimately, the response to Katrina sparked an approval ratings freefall for George W Bush, a plunge that eventually lost the Republicans the presidency in 2008. Nine years later, with Republicans now in control of Congress and the White House, it’s not hard to imagine this test case for privatised disaster response being adopted on a national scale.

The presence of highly militarised police and armed private soldiers in New Orleans came as a surprise to many. Since then, the phenomenon has expanded exponentially, with local police forces across the country outfitted to the gills with military-grade gear, including tanks and drones, and private security companies frequently providing training and support. Given the array of private military and security contractors occupying key positions in the Trump administration, we can expect all of this to expand further with each new shock.

I remember some of the shit that happened to New Orleans, and I’ve been wondering just how badly Houston is going to suffer from this crap, too (and, you know, any other disaster-struck place as long as these awful people have any influence).

The recent spate of disasters has translated into such spectacular profits that many people around the world have come to the same conclusion: the rich and powerful must be deliberately causing the catastrophes so that they can exploit them. The truth is at once less sinister and more dangerous. An economic system that requires constant growth, while bucking almost any serious attempts at environmental regulation, generates a steady stream of disasters all on its own, whether military, ecological or financial. Our common addiction to dirty, nonrenewable energy sources keeps other kinds of emergencies coming: natural disasters (up 430 percent since 1975) and wars waged for control over scarce resources, which in turn create a terrorist blowback (a 2007 study calculated that the number of terrorist attacks since the start of the Iraq war had increased sevenfold).
—  Naomi Klein

People should stop asking themselves why politicians never agree on a solution regarding climate change and other environmental issues. It is obvious why there’s no solution: all these disasters (connected to, for example, climate change) are incredibly profitable. It’d be stupid for the rulers of our world to end this never ending flow of money.

Unnecessary Crossovers: The Twin Peaks Department of Parks and Recreation

“This is a complete list of every slogan Twin Peaks has ever had.  

  • Twin Peaks: The Paris of America.  
  • Twin Peaks: The Akron of Washington State.  
  • Twin Peaks: Welcome, Martian Invaders.  (After the War of the Worlds broadcast, our mayor kinda panicked.)  
  • Twin Peaks: The Logging Disaster Capital of America.  
  • Twin Peaks: Welcome, Grey Invaders.  
  • Twin Peaks: Engage with the Black Lodge.  (For a brief time in the seventies, our town was taken over by a cult.)
  • Twin Peaks: The Black Lodge is Dead.  Long Live the Black Lodge.
  • Twin Peaks: It’s Safe to Be Here Now.
  • Twin Peaks: Birthplace of David Bowie.  (That was a lie, he sued, and so we had to change it.)
  • Twin Peaks: Home of the World-Famous David Bowie Lawsuit.
  • Twin Peaks: Welcome, Reptillian Invaders.
  • And our current slogan- Twin Peaks: First in Friendship, Fourth in Demonic Possession.”

People are Stupid

Last night me and the hubby were driving around my hometown just outside Dallas, tx. It didn’t take long to notice that every single gas station on the road was packed, with lines going out into the street.

My hubby stopped and asked someone why…we were confused.

Because the only conclusion we could come to was that people were afraid because of the news talking about the oil rigs and refineries affected by Harvey. The person said that someone told them that a pipeline from Houston to Dallas was affected and Dallas would run out of gas soon!

People….there is no FUCKING pipeline from Houston to Dallas!! Gasoline is not transported via pipeline, only rail and tanker. You can take it from us, my husband designs and oversees construction on pipelines. It’s our life. Someone started a rumor and people foolishly believe it. It could have even been the gas station, it wouldn’t be the first time by any means someone capitalized on a natural disaster. It happens alot actually. Now the gas station, that was $3.16 a gallon in the morning, went up to $3.36 by the end of the day and now they are OUT of gas.

Fear, people. It is the top motivator. And you can make and manipulate people the most with.

Getting sick of the bad information and mindless conformity. This is madness!!

the fact that marauders fanfic writers have these self-contained stylistic devices is my favorite thing in the entire world.

pranks that always have Extremely Important and Impressive Titles With Excessive Capitalization. titles like ‘he disaster of 1977 that shall not be named’, or 'being an account of the events surrounding the explosion in the kitchens which had absolutely nothing to do with mssrs potter and black, who were busy elsewhere, stop looking at us like that professor mcgonagall.’ and they aren’t complete without a description that goes something like ’: in which James has a brilliant idea, Sirius gets stuck up a tree, Peter finds out something he didn’t want to know and Remus worries about the lot of them.' 

the word choice and sentence structures and Penchant For Capitalizations Everywhere For Emphasis isn’t something i’ve seen in fic anywhere else and i love it more than anything!!! we have developed this tiny microcosm of linguistic culture because we all read and write fic about these characters and that’s incredible to me


Happy Thanksgiving!  Looks like our criminal friends in the Climate Mafia aren’t getting the day off.  Poor saps.  The obolixes have been placed in the sun and the orgonites were recharged last night with water and intention.  Let’s see how long before their holiday chemtrails disappear.  It’s already unseasonably warm out, as they intend to bring us into the 80s today.  It should be in the 60s right now, but they need their global warming and crazy weather for carbon taxes and disaster capitalism.  After all, currency is far more important than a livable planet.

The relationship between capitalism and eco-disaster is neither coincidental nor accidental: capital’s “need for expanding markets”, its “growth fetish”, mean that capitalism is by its very nature opposed to any notion of sustainability.
—  Capitalist Realism - Mark Fisher

Turkey coal mine disaster…

Nearly 800 workers were inside the mine when the fire broke out after an explosion in Soma, Manisa. 

Over 230 dead, 80 injured, 363 rescued so far. Hopes fade for hundreds of trapped.  

I’m in deep sorrow (and anger). 

My heart is with everyone affected by this disease… 

(P.S. These photos do not belong to me)