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you know I know it’s not fucking profitable for people to study certain degrees over others, but that doesn’t mean you should shit on people for studying what they love. 

Furthermore you shouldn’t talk down to little kids saying they want to be a graphic designer, or a film maker, or an actor, or a musician, or whatever else you deem useless to society, because it’s not profitable in our sociopolitical systems. They have interests, and it doesn’t matter whether or not they’ll succeed on a global scale, that’s irrelevant, they don’t have to be groundbreaking to do what they want to do.

Money is not the fucking point, the point is the kid wants to do something the kid enjoys and is proud and excited about. Encourage children in most anything they’re interested in, as a matter of fact encourage most everyone to do shit they love within basic moral reasoning.

If a person isn’t immediately good at mathematics, physics, or even graphic designing, that doesn’t fucking mean you should shit on them and tell them to give up.

Encourage passions, passions and joy keep people alive. Interests go beyond money, because you can’t really use money if you’re fucking dead due to you feeling like a failure and never did what you truly loved.

You have no idea how successful a child or an adult is going to be in what they’re trying to learn about and do, stop fucking betting against them and maybe they’ll be more confident to improve their lives and the lives of others around them. 

And again, people don’t have to be groundbreaking savants to do shit they like.

[and im literally actually a fucking poor person so don’t even act like I’m spouting some bourgeois propaganda tellin people to stay poor, i aint. i’m saying people should be allowed to enjoy things]

Yes communism was bad.

But that doesn’t make capitalism good.

Privatizing everything only allowed international western mega corporations to buy everything and force everyone in former communist countries or developing nations to pay for their ridiculous products.

OH YEAH, and the IMF and world bank only care about expanding their own markets and making themselves rich at the expense of other countries’ wellbeing.

So no, communism was corrupt and inefficient and horribly repressive.

But capitalism is the same way.

It’s a small group of rich people deciding who gets to live this month.


This site does glorify communism way too much, but don’t dismiss anyone who criticizes capitalism as a communist.

People cannot be trusted to take care of one another.

Especially not rich assholes.

These billionaires just need more billions to cement their egos and they don’t care who they need to exploit and whose lives they need to impoverish so long as they get to keep that penthouse in Beverly Hills, Manhattan, and Paris.

Herein lies another problem. When conversations are dominated by those who have obtained large followings, the creation and enforcement of hierarchy emerges. This hierarchy revolves around not just competition for followers, but for credibility among those followers. Activists with large online audiences are thought to already have established their credibility — especially among the newly politicized — by showcasing their intellect. All too often, however, this showcasing takes the form of shutting down and/or delegitimizing other users’ ideas and lived experiences. To admit one might potentially be wrong, or even inaccurate, is to lose credibility and access to followers (social currency).

Preventing this loss of currency can become incredibly vindictive. People start treating each other like ruthless transactions, carcasses to step over rather than human beings actively engaged in dialogue or disagreement. After a while it can feel like survival of the fittest. Sometimes it is. Just as billionaires have enormous resources at their disposal to manipulate the flow of power and preserve market dominance, social currency enables popular web-based activists to maintain dominance over online discourses. So while the visibility social media enables can be a valuable tool for the proliferation of alternative media, marginalized voices, and radical re-education, how that visibility is obtained and maintained can be painfully problematic.

[…] It is also important to note that living within these power systems… we are forced to carry our personal and generational trauma everywhere we go. In the arena of social media this carryover has a cannibalistic quality. Without time and space to suture our wounds the blood loss never stops. Heated disagreements between oppressed people take on the tone and feel of an attack, until finally, when all hope for reconciliation has evaporated, we devour one another. At such a point we have fallen back on dominant mechanisms of power, onto its value system, not only because of our own exhaustion, but also convenience and expedience. It may not be in our nature, but it certainly is second nature.

Capitalism is explicitly designed for private (top-down) ownership over the means of production and the subordination of labor to capital. The fact that there is ungodly wealth inequality, to the level where a mere seventy people control more wealth than half the world, is not “a flaw in the system”. As long as autocrats make all the major economic decisions, you’re going to wind up with a system with less equality and less freedom by default.

And yes, that applies to both “corporatism” and “true capitalism” – either way you slice it you still have economic authority and ownership concentrated in the hands of a minority class of elites. This minority class controls the workplaces we labor in and the housing we live in, and they reap the rewards produced by us because of their ownership. Capitalism may be a different economic mode from feudalism, but you still fundamentally have a majority class of laborers generating all the goods that keeps society functioning while a parasitic ruling class accrues the bulk of the utilities. These are class relationships; “power-over” relationships.

They fuel hierarchy in other areas of life – sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and imperialism. Social problems are overwhelmingly traceable back to the roots of social organization: the economic system. The elite owning class would prefer a divided population so that common interests aren’t recognized, and so the system benefits some people proportionately more than others. This is where privilege comes in – and yet, the conversation is incomplete if one leaves out the material basis for which patriarchy, white supremacy, ableism, and cisheteronormativity operate. We can’t expect hierarchical bigotry to dissolve as long as we have a class-based economic system.

Economic democracy is the way forward. A new system focused on meeting human needs through direct democracy rather than on accruing profits for capitalists through concentrated decision-making. If capitalism creates huge wealth chasms AND deprives people of the ability to influence decisions that affect them, then socialism should aim to do the opposite – genuine social equality (a lack of “power-over” relationships and equality of access to social utilities) achieved through democratic organizational structures (horizontal workplaces, communal housing, common land returned to the commons) where individuals actually get to have a voice in the decisions that affect them.

“There’s a summer palace in Ios outside the capital. My mother designed the gardens there. They say it’s built on Artesian foundations.” He thought of the meandering walks, the delicate, flowering southern orchids, the sprays of orange blossom. “It’s cool in summer, and there are fountains, and tracks for riding.”

“When all this is over… we could take horses and stay a week in the palace.” After a moment, Laurent said, softly,

“I’d like that” (Pacat, Kings Rising,  pg. 243-244).


This sketch/painting was based on the imagery from the end of chapter 14. The background nearly killed me, but overall, I really enjoyed doing this.

Ahhh sweet, sweet bbies<333I think the next time I draw them, I’ll do chibis~
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snk fic: ROMANCE NOVELS [17/19-ish]

disclaimer: in my possession is manga, merch, and an unhealthy obsession. that’s about it.
pairing: ereri YES (ex-boyfriend jean), side of jeanmarco
ratings/warnings: T+/M. so aro/grayro levi is like one of my favorite headcanons in snk. you know the drill. sex and swearing and all the good stuff. tw: parent death (it’s carla tho, like?)
a/n: happy day designed by capitalism to exploit loneliness and heteronormative romance nah jk HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! ♡♡♡ it’s a long one, guys, i’m so sorry crying; song pairings – these brittle bones | instinct, haux | caves, bryde | wait

Levi knew he’d never have what other people had, and it made him happy. // Thursday, February 18th. Ten to seven in the morning and 45° out. Mostly cloudy. // “Stop! Wait! I want a picture!” Hanji cried, waving her hand around excitedly. // “All that stuff … ” Eren’s eyes swerved back, burned into him so tragically hopeful and careful at the same time. “You’re going to Europe with me?” // Paper hearts littered the apartment floor like fallen leaves — stepped on, wrinkled. Tossed by footsteps under a bar stool, under the couch. // Wouldn’t Carla give him that look, that sisterly look, say, ‘Well, dumbass, you shouldn’t have forced yourself.’ // “What the fuck should I be grateful for? Forced, fake romantic gestures? I don’t want that from you. It’s not you. We’re not supposed to do that stuff!” // Levi shrugged limply, held Eren’s gaze with the ghost of a smile. “Maybe you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he conceded. // In fact, Eren wasn’t sure he’d ever been in love at all before.

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a very clever, well-designed and enjoyable video!
Braden Holtby on his ‘You Can Play’ mask and support of LGBTQ rights
Capitals' goalie will wear the custom mask during Friday's game.

At Thursday’s practice, Capitals goalie Braden Holtby debuted the equality-themed mask that he will wear during Friday’s game against the Oilers, as part of the Capitals’ celebration of Hockey is for Everyone Night. Holtby, a longtime champion of LGBTQ rights who led the Capitals in last year’s Pride Parade, is the Capitals’ designated You Can Play ambassador, a role that requires him to serve as “a leader in the locker room and in the community on diversity, equality, and inclusion.”

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