capital dc


Fallout V/S reality, pictures collected but not taken by me. 

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Thousands of protesters have joined a Women’s March in London as part of an international campaign on the first full day of Donald Trump’s presidency.
The rally is among events in the UK and elsewhere planned in solidarity with a march in US capital Washington DC that is expected to draw 200,000 people.
Organisers aim to highlight women’s rights, which they perceive to be under threat from the new US administration.
Presenter Sandi Toksvig and Labour MP Yvette Cooper are to speak in London.
Demonstrators marched from the US embassy, in London’s Grosvenor Square, to Trafalgar Square, where a rally is taking place.
As the crowd made its way along Piccadilly, in central London, people chanted “build bridges not walls”.
Protests are also taking place in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol and Shipley.

I love this city!


This was me at Capital Pride last year. I was walking around dressed as Xena, posing for photos and giving hugs, when I noticed these religious zealots with their microphones and signs spewing their messages of hatred. I always ignore them, but I noticed they were making some people in the crowd visibly upset. A few people were even crying. I couldn’t stand by and let that happen. I hopped over his little chained off section and stood next to him. He immediately turned and began yelling at me and telling the crowd I was going to hell. So I just kept smiling and making funny faces. He eventually gave up yelling to me and about me and tried to go back to taunting people. But no one was taking him seriously with me standing there posing. I’m sure they will be there again this year….and so will I. :-)

if you ever want a good reason to read gotham academy, and “well-written teens solving mysteries and trying to go to school in gotham city, the weirdness capital of DC universe’s earth” isn’t enough for you, then maybe this will change your mind:

if a smiling, friendly killer croc happily telling stories to a bunch of kids doesn’t make you feel something, then you have no heart and you’re a monster.