capital cycling

corporations fail to protect consumers -> government implements regulation to protect consumers -> corporations lobby against said regulations -> state serves corporations

repeat cycle. support capitalism.


Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2016 - 0231 by Franz-Michael S. Mellbin

We’re those people now

Brian has really been bitten by the biking bug. Last weekend was a holiday in Australia, so we honored the Queen’s Birthday with a 30 mile bike ride around the city.

We started off in Sandringham, a seaside community at the end of the train line and biked the bay trail all the way to St. Kilda, where we stopped for lunch at the beloved seafood dive, Claypots. Their menu consists of a chalkboard and a handwritten piece of paper, pricing out whatever servings of fish are freshest that day. We split an entire grilled calamari, body and tentacles and all, and then hit the trail back through Albert Park, picking up the West Capital City Loop in Southbank.

Having ridden the East Capital City Loop, we knew that the Western side was known for being less scenic and a bit grittier, much like the personality of the Western suburbs themselves. However, we took that a little too much to heart, and accidentally veered way off-course, biking past the Melbourne shipyard and almost into Footscray before realizing we had strayed far from the actual path. Returning to the trail, we found a much more pleasant riding experience that finished in idyllic Parkville and North Fitzroy, allowing us to fully complete the Capital City Loop. 

BLACK; Him. your enemy. a killer. your own damn father. His fists. the night swallowing His yells. they echo back to you. they come out in puffs of smoke and you can’t breathe. they say, “you were never good enough,“ and “this is all your fault,” and “you’ll never make it out of this house alive, kid.” Him Him Him Him Him and the stench of alcohol and the weight of despair.

RED; the bathroom with its tiled floors and florescent lights and shattered mirror that knows your cuts too well. you, trying to hold a paper towel to where He got you so that the blood doesn’t fall to the floor. after, standing in the shower. trying to remember a time when your body didn’t hurt.

WHITE; the acceptance letter. it comes a day late and your hands shake around the envelope. you open it in your room when you are sure everyone’s asleep and then you stare at it and you’re smiling and you can’t stop and you think, “i’ve made it i’ve made it i’ve made it,”.

ORANGE; the car. a camaro. you stop and you say, “i could help with that, if you want,”. your heart is beating fast and then he says okay and then it’s your car as well.

BLUE; that boy’s eyes. you aren’t allowed to call him your friend yet. he’s a stranger and he’s dangerous and he’s a monster and you can’t stop staring. one day he sits next to you and says, “can i copy your homework? i think i’m finally going to get expelled,” and then you laugh shakily and the pen he writes with is blue and it’s your favorite color.

BEIGE; home. you have four walls and a cardboard box and a mattress on the floor but they are yours. he sits beside you with his back to the wall and holds your hand and he keeps saying, “you’re home now,” and you believe him because in here you can breathe without breaking a rule. He can’t reach you here.

GREEN; the magic. you feel it in your bones. it’s a part of you and it’s strong and powerful and so are you. you’re here and you’re real and never has it felt more exhilarating to be alive.

—  cacophony of colors ;

The only way to “break the cycle of poverty” is to change the entire system and abolish capitalism.

I despise things that talk about “breaking the cycle of poverty” meaning “slightly increasing but not by much the chances a handful of poor people will be upwardly mobile while victim blaming the millions that aren’t.”

Denial of resources to the poor, lack of social mobility, class stratification, other systems of oppression, etc. are all subsumed under the idea that poor people and out communities just have a problem where poor people create “cycles” of poverty.  It’s about trying to set up bullshit rhetorical classes of “good poor” who are “upwardly mobile” and play by the rules vs “bad poor” who are in “poverty cycles” and misbehave.  It’s a fundamentally classist, capitalist, bigoted viewpoint that is behind this talking point.  Poverty cannot be eliminated by individual measures, all of capitalism relies on it in order to coerce the selling of labor power by the workers.  Fixing poverty means raising up all poor people.  All of us.  Not just the few rich people see as “more deserving” than the rest.

anonymous asked:

Do you feel comfortable knowing that Paul paced Gytis while Josi was filming? I know this isn't high school and that it's ok for people to hang out. But if someone made rape accusations about my friends I wouldn't really want to be around them.. Or maybe I'd confront them about it

99% of us here are to train, eat and get it fucking done. Yes there was some girls here just to create drama but they are all gone now. They promised me they will ‘never come back here again!’.

Come and enjoy CM. Ive made it vegan cycling capital of the universe. Watch my vids the next few weeks. Im uploading about 100+ on my main channel that will help your lifestyle here. 

if, as Deleuze and Guattari argue, schizophrenia is the condition that marks the outer edges of capitalism, then bi-polar disorder is the mental illness proper to the ‘interior’ of capitalism. With its ceaseless boom and bust cycles, capitalism is itself fundamentally and irreducibly bi-polar, periodically lurching between hyped-up mania (the irrational exuberance of ‘bubble thinking’) and depressive come-down. (The term ‘economic depression’ is no accident, of course). To a degree unprecedented in any other social system, capitalism both feeds on and reproduces the moods of populations. Without delirium and confidence, capital could not function.
—  Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism

Oh Communism and Socialism have been tried, several times in fact, but how many failures and subsequent re-branding as “state capitalism” cycles do we need to go through? How many more millions need to be killed by collectivist ideologies before we finally see it for what it truly is, an ideology so thoroughly Utopian and murderous that it puts Monarchism to shame? 

On urban revival

So I just met a guy. Very nice guy, very good guy. Suddenly the conversation turned to politics. Being the extremely left wing socialist I am I just sit back and listen. not wanting to risk ostracization.

So the guys a conservative. No biggy, I know plenty, this is the United States of America after all. Then he starts talking about how he believes corporate taxes have ruined America’s cities. I stay quiet and listen. Fast forward ahead to now. I’m thinking back to it, and I start thinking. 

The year is 1975. You are a young child living in an American city. Your dad works at the local IndustrialCorp factory, just like everybody’s. Ignoring the rampant wage slavery and other side effects of capitalism, life it pretty good. Meanwhile halfway around the world Deng Xiaoping has come into power. “So what?” young you asks yourself, “I don’t care” you triumphantly state. However, little did you know that this would destroy you, your family, your friends, and everyone and everything else around you. Deng Xiaoping decides to revert China into a capitalist society. Your not-so-friendly local manufacturing company takes note. They are a company. No Mitt Romney, they are not people. They are a machine of the bourgeoisie with one purpose and one purpose only: to maximize their profits at any cost.

So this is where the capitalist shit hits the capitalist fan. To maximize profit IndustrialCorp relocates all of their factories to China. They can say “wages are cheaper” and one might think that is a valuable excuse. However, to the corporations the people are nothing but tools used to achieve their goal of profit maximization. It would be illogical to use a tool if the tool needs insurance to save the life of their sickly child. It would be illogical to use a tool that needs to work in a safe environment.

Now that IndustrialCorp has earned enough for their CEO to buy an eighth jet, lets look at how your typical life in urban America is faring. Your local school loses a massive part of its funding, after all the tax payer dollars aren’t there. Stay in the public system and you will end up going to a downright shit university and end up at a dead-end job. Your only other option would be to splurge dozens of thousands of dollars at a private school, where all of this is nothing but a backdrop. Your family can’t do that though, after all, when they had a job it was just the measly $2.10 of minimum wage, and now there is no job or income. So how the fuck are you supposed to make money? Many of the locals can’t find a substitution job, and as a result, are all broke and depressed. Some of them have turned to using drugs which they are willing to fork over their remaining cash for. And the sellers of the drugs are always parading around the streets with fresh bling, and a pimped new ride. So why not? It’s an eat or be eaten system, just like capitalism. Nothing too different. So now that you’ve entered this realm, surprise surprise, you can’t leave. Try and your body will end up in the street. Now I won’t even bother going down this path, after all you all know the ins and outs of urban America.

So much so that you can tell your friends “high corporate taxes ruined urban America”, even though it is blatantly obvious that capitalism has ruined urban America. Still don’t believe me? You should. Capitalism is a cycle of oppression. Corporations will flock to whichever country is willing to oppress their people the most, and nothing can be done to stop them. Except for ridding the world of capitalism itself.