capitaine jack harkness


Doctor Who Challenge

Day 30: Scene/Moment that shock you  

↳ Jack Harkness is The Face of Boe

Used to be a poster boy when I was a kid living on the Boeshane Peninsula. Tiny little place. I was the first one ever to be signed up for the Time Agency. They were so proud of me. The Face of Boe, they called me. I’ll see you.


English :

Here is some of the first characters of an AU being created by me, it will mix the univers of undertale and doctor who ^^

The doctor (the gaster on the first drawing) will be able to travel between AU, timelines etc.. with the TARDIS (the mysterious machine in the house of sans and papyrus) and meet the different other characters , such as K9 embodied there by napstabot of the dogtale AU,( i change the original design for every characters), capitain Jack Harkness incarned by lust!sans , the cyberman incarned by mettatton, and many other that i will draw ! ^^

But i do not know how to name it…. Doctortale ? Underwho ? Whotale ? Underdoctor ? xD

Francais :

Voici quelque un des premier personnages d’un Au que j’ai crée, il mélange les univers d’undertale et doctor who

Le docteur, (le gaster du premier dessin) pourra voyager entre les AU, les timelines etc.. avec son TARDIS (la mystérieuse machine dans le maison de sans et papyrus) et pourra ainsi rencontrer d’autres personnages, par exemple, K9 incarneé ici par napstabot de l’AU dogtale, (je change le design original de tout les personnages) , le capitaine jack harkness incarné par lust!sans, un cyberman, inarné par mettaton, et encore plein d’autres que je dessinerai ! ^^

Mais je ne sais pas encore comment l’appeler x) Doctortale ? Underwho ? Whotale ? Underdoctor ? xD

The doctor (gaster) belong to ; me

Napstabot dogtale belong to: @kasas-art

Lust!sans belong to ; @nsfwshamecave

Mettaton belong to : toby fox